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World Food Tourism Summit Recognizes a Power of Gastronomy

Anticipating continued clever expansion in food tourism, a initial World Food Tourism Summit final week drew hundreds of attendees from 26 countries, including a United States and Canada, to Lisbon where attention experts focused on how gastronomy, by providing an effective proceed to deliver unfamiliar visitors to internal enlightenment and traditions, spurs tourism in general.

Organized by a Portuguese Culinary and Economic Tourism Association (APTECE), a Summit, hold Apr 8-10 during a Estoril Congress Center, fielding 425 registrations, took batch of a burgeoning food tourism marketplace with an eye toward formulating a tellurian fondness of producers, restaurants, chefs, hotels, end selling organizations, debate operators and other transport use providers, tourism boards, and metropolitan sponsors.

Said APTECE President José Borralho, “We’re looking to share practice between countries where people can sell ideas and teach any other.”

The Summit was orderly shortly after APTECE pennyless divided from a World Food Travel Association in Jan over differences over how to rise a market. Borralho pronounced a Summit was designed to stress a unsentimental proceed to food tourism.

Kenny Dunn, handling executive of Philadelphia-based Eating Europe, that expects to move 25,000 North American travelers to Europe this year, pronounced a stand-alone assembly focused on food tourism, in contrariety to a ubiquitous transport discussion that might embody a event on a topic, reflects a industry’s fast growth.

“Food is a good leveler and brings people together,” he said. “People’s attribute with food is changing and is assisting them learn other countries in some-more depth. They wish to dive deep.”

Dunn pronounced 15 percent of his company’s clients report themselves as “foodies” and a identical share are first-time travelers.

Kathy Dragon, executive executive of Whole Journeys, formed in Boulder, Colo., that focuses on tiny tours adult to 16 people, suggested that food tourism—also called culinary tourism and gastrotourism, and tangible as a office and delight of unique, remarkable food and splash experiences—is staid to grow a proceed journey transport expanded, which, according to a George Washington University study, increasing 65 percent annually from 2009 by 2013.

She added, “This form of discussion offers something totally opposite from attention tradeshows. By holding pre-meeting tours, participants got to knowledge a product before a Summit,” while Dunn remarkable that a Summit let him build approval for his four-year-old association and enhance his veteran network.

Food Tourism Is Traditional Tourism that Dives Deeper

“Food is a story, not a sidebar to a incomparable story, and has turn a informative banking of a twenty-first century,” pronounced Matt Goulding, co-author of a New York Times bestselling array Eat This, Not That. “Food is a magnifying potion to enlightenment and a people who make food.”

Since tourists generally eat dual or 3 times a day, they rivet in culinary tourism even if they might not consider of it that way, Summit attendees were told.

They also spend: 35 percent of their transport bill on food and drink, a share that, many Summit presenters suggested, is expected to grow in entrance years, generally as end selling organizations increasingly support to traveler s’ seductiveness in food. To underscore a point, a University of Florida investigate reported that food use was a tip difficulty of transport spending in 2012.

Dragon, whose association will lead about dual dozen tours this year, pronounced intergenerational travel, where opposite generations within a family will transport together, will also expected assistance expostulate expansion in food tourism.

Portugal as a Vacation and Food Destination

Tourism to Portugal grew 12 percent in 2014—faster than a rest of Europe— with a gait projected to continue in 2015, according to João Cotrim Figueiredo, boss of Tourism Portugal.

As important, he said, 40 percent of general travelers to Portugal contend cuisine is a pivotal reason for their visit, since food and booze “has an flawlessness that reflects a impression of a Portuguese people, fuses mixed cultures, and provides an ideal context for removing people together.”

But, Carlos Coelho, CEO of Ivity Brand Corp., that includes SATA airlines among a clients, said, “Portugal has not branded itself sufficiently. The food products and a nation is not famous that good internationally, even yet it creates world-class olive oil, wine, brandy, and Port.”

That rings generally loyal for U.S. travelers. While 9.4 million general visitors disembarked in Portugal in 2014 (nearly equal to a country’s race of 10.4 million), usually 360,000, or reduction than 4 percent, came from a U.S. Figueiredo pronounced Portugal is actively seeking to attract some-more U.S. tourists, recognizing, he said, that it is mostly a matter of educating a American traveler.

“Portugal offers a really rival value and is intensely safe. We suffer one of a top compensation rates among travelers worldwide, that means people entrance to Portugal have a really high possibility of a carrying a positive, remarkable visit, “he said. “Food and booze is a vital partial of it, with 81 percent of general visitors observant they are really confident with a gastronomy. When we supplement in a good climate, and a fact we won’t friendlier people anywhere else, visiting Portugal is a no brainer.”

Noting that a U.S. marketplace is stoical of several auxiliary markets—including surfers who have detected that Portugal offers a best surfing in Europe—Figueiredo pronounced his classification will be ramping adult a overdo efforts, regulating amicable media in sold to lift approval of Portugal as a primary vacation destination.

Portuguese gastronomy dates behind 1,000 years and reflects European, North African, Eastern influences that grew out of piquancy trade in a 16th Century. More recently, a fast flourishing booze industry, formed on some-more than 250 varieties of grapes, that has won general approval for excellence.

Portuguese cuisine is also healthy in that it incorporates a elemental facilities of a supposed Mediterranean diet—fruits, vegetables, fish, olive oil, and assuage booze and beef consumption—that, along with earthy activity, has been compared with reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases.

Because a nation is tiny relations to France, Spain, Italy, and Germany, an importance on quality, not quantity, drives a proceed to gastronomy. Indeed, Portugal now boasts 17 Michelin stars, one of a top series for countries outward France.

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