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Wildebeest time: permanent safari stay or mobile safari?



About this time of year a scream goes out that it’s ‘wildebeest emigration time’ and a ‘crossings are happening’. Those who adore safaris will know what’s meant, though to contend it’s ‘migration time’ isn’t utterly loyal as a emigration is a year-round phenomenon.

Salas Camp Wildebeest Masai Mara Kenya

Roughly one and a half million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebra live within a Serengeti ecosystem. This area traverses a Tanzania-Kenya limit and includes Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park and Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. The herds quit opposite a plains via a year following a best grazing, relocating roughly clockwise, nonetheless no settlement can unequivocally be relied on with wildebeest.

wildebeest emigration map Africa

As they conduct into a northern reaches of a Serengeti National Park, generally between Jul and September, a Mara River provides a separator to their progress. Its high banks make entrance formidable while clever currents safeguard a fraudulent crossing. Crocodiles sneaking in a murky waters simply supplement to a dangers. Even when animals make it to a other side there’s a possibility they competence be dejected by a weight of numbers perplexing to mount adult slight channels.

Wild Frontiers wildebeest stream crossing

These stream crossings yield an combined play to a day on safari already filled with wildlife such as: prides of lions, dazzles of zebra, or towers of giraffe.

Singita Sasakwa board Serengeti Tanzania forever pool

Those wishing to knowledge a wildebeest emigration have a integrate of accommodation options. The initial is to stay in one of a permanent camps and this maybe offers larger oppulance – you’ll find dining and loll areas, pools and bigger rooms. You competence have to transport serve though your bed will substantially be bigger and there’ll be a larger accumulation of wines and spirits on offer!

Singita Sasakwa Lodge Serengeti Tanzania Suite Bedroom

The second choice is to stay in a mobile safari camp. These are indispensably easier than a bound camp, given they pierce via a year to follow a herds opposite a plains. However elementary in a safari context doesn’t meant child director simple; we competence not have a pool or a library, though select rightly and you’ll have a tent we can mount adult in, a bed, somewhere to keep clothes, and your possess private lavatory with loo and shower. You’re also expected to be right in a thick of a action.

Singita path-finder mobile stay oppulance bedroom apartment Serengeti Tanzania

However we select to stay and whatever time of year we visit, a wildebeest emigration is one of a biggest sights in a healthy universe and creates a good safari knowledge great.

Richard Smith is Operations Director at Aardvark Safaris.

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