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Which Maldives island is right for you?



We’ve customarily got behind from a whistle-stop debate of a Maldives, visiting no reduction than 9 opposite island resorts. When we select a holiday in a Maldives, you’re expected to be going for a talcum white sands and transparent clear waters found roughly nowhere else in a world. Whilst there’s no denying that all resorts do broach extraordinary beaches, any island offers a opposite knowledge and all have their possess pros and cons.  So how do we confirm that one is right for you? We’ve put a heads together to give we a lowdown formed on a new trip…

Komandoo Island Resort – best for couples looking for a still holiday

The bedrooms are gentle and good kept. There’s a ease atmosphere via a review – substantially due to a miss of children – it’s particularly adults only. There’s a residence embankment on both sides of a island, with an startling volume of sea life and coral (and easy to float to from a beach). The morning side is calmer (better for snorkelling), since a zephyr on a windier nightfall side is unequivocally acquire when a object is hot. If you’re looking for a small, relaxing, regretful resort, Komandoo is tough to beat!


Kuredu Island Resort – best for people that wish to do some-more than sunbathe

You get a lot of crash for your sire during Kuredu. It’s incomparable and livelier than some of a other resorts, with party each dusk including a famous White Party on Fridays. There’s also a golf course, scuba diving lessons and a nominal nightfall journey (where, if you’re lucky, you’ll see dolphins). Worth observant a kids bar is customarily open during a Easter, Halloween and Christmas holidays. There’s a residence embankment on one side of a island for snorkelling (you’re in risk of being swept divided with a stream if we float on a other side!). Not a best residence embankment in a Maldives, though flattering good – generally if you’re not a snorkelling aficionado! We’d suggest staying in a Beach Villas upwards, as a Bungalows are utterly basic.


Palm Beach Resort – best for Europeans

There’s a unequivocally Italian feel to this resort. There’s Italian food, a lot of a dusk party is in Italian, and a lot of a staff are Italian. So if you’re looking for a tiny square of Italy in a Maldives, it’s perfect!

Palm Beach

Atmosphere Kanifushi – best for all thorough options

We unequivocally favourite Atmosphere Kanifushi. We felt unequivocally acquire from a impulse we arrived. There’s copiousness going on (with a DJ personification 6 nights a week), though it still has a relaxed, easy-going vibe. It manages to interest to both couples (there’s an adults customarily pool) as good as families, and they happily co-exist here. The customarily downside is that a residence embankment requires a vessel outing to get to, though this is nominal and operates twice a day. The all thorough package is one of a best in a Maldives, with your mini bar replenished twice a day (with full distance bottles of wine, no less!) and reward brands too. It also has a longest beach… an extraordinary 2km of celestial talcum soothing sand.

Atmosphere Kanifushi


Oblu by Atmosphere during Helengeli – best 4 star resort

We were tender with a accommodation and comforts during this 4* resort. It’s flattering small, though that means all is within easy reach. Great for snorkelling and diving since it’s got a unequivocally good residence reef, jacket a whole island. We favourite a open atmosphere bathrooms during Oblu – we didn’t feel during all unprotected though it was extraordinary to showering underneath a stars! Around a island it really felt some-more pretty labelled (reflecting a 4* rating) though we felt a accommodation and use was roughly on a standard with some of a 5* resorts we visited.


Centara Ras Fushi – best residence reef

The residence embankment stretches all a approach around a island, and is simply permitted from a beach (with giveaway snorkelling apparatus provided). The bedrooms are uninformed and modern. The whole review is adult only, so it’s renouned with honeymooners. Whilst it’s customarily a no brainer to go all thorough in a Maldives (it’s not like we can leave a island to sup elsewhere…) a splash prices are unequivocally reasonable for non all thorough guests.

Centara Ras Fushi


Centara Grand Island – best for families, generally teens

Newly refurbished, a bedrooms are good and airy. The kids and teenagers clubs are excellent, with a dedicated teen loll featuring pool table, list tennis and mocktails.  There’s a residence embankment all a approach around a island, with entrance from a beach – and snorkelling apparatus is complimentary. It’s a good choice for a oppulance family holiday. That said, we also met lots of honeymooners during a revisit who (without exception) were all vehemence about it too! There’s a plague offshore for scuba enthusiasts. It’s value upgrading to a Island Club package, since we get roughly all enclosed (including a scuba diving trip, a sauna diagnosis and vessel trips).

Centara Grand Island


Paradise Island – best for ‘low budget’

The beach was positively fantastic, though let’s face it, it’s roughly unfit to have a ‘bad beach’ in a Maldives! If we’re being honest, we felt like this review could do with updating. That said, a sauna area is poetic with lots of sensuous foliage and relaxing H2O features. Plus, it’s customarily 15 mins divided from Male, so accessible for a airport.

Paradise Island


Jumeirah Vittavelli – best for luxury

This was a favourite of all a islands we visited (also a many expensive, and ‘you get what we compensate for’ is positively loyal when it comes to Maldives resorts!). The knowledge starts with a oppulance speedboat transfer. One of a many noted moments was a fish feeding, where embankment sharks and manta rays came right adult to a seaside in droves. There are boutiques for picking adult essentials, giveaway bikes we can steal to get around a island and a pleasing residence reef. Incredible underwater scenes are within an easy float from a beach. There’s a giveaway kids bar for ages 3 – 13, and a wealthy sauna for grown-ups. As you’d design from an Arabian hotel chain, a use goes above and beyond. There are lots of tiny touches that make all a difference, like anticipating a cooler filled with ice cold H2O bottles around a pool, or a nominal bottle of Prosecco in your room.

Jumeirah Vittaveli

Have we visited a Maldives? Let us know how we found it in a comments below.

Spencer Groves is Commercial Director during letsgo2.

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