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Wall on Wheels: Sliding Facade Swaps Indoor for Outdoor Space

Wall on Wheels: Sliding Facade Swaps Indoor for Outdoor Space

modular hutong wall facade

Tucked into an ancestral circuitous Hutong of Beijing, this work of automobile pattern featuring a modular moving wall to make limit use of stretchable interior and extraneous space on demand.


The supposed Humble Hostel by Chinese architect Cao Pu is a little 130-square-foot unit with beds that can be rented out for only $20 a night. Its novel modular inlet is a thoughtfulness of formidable yard politics of these intertwined neighborhoods.

modular hostel front view

Meanwhile, over a centuries in China a lines have turn confused per tenure of community open walking space shared by a aged dwellings that approximate them, trustworthy organically over time to branching streets, paths and alleys.

modular workstation area

modular berth beds

In pulling behind a masquerade of a structure, a pattern effectively gives space behind for open use when a interior volume is not needed, formulating space for seating and socializing in differently close quarters. The ensuing roofed square can horde label games, a tea table, pop-up emporium or proxy bar.

modular hostel front door

modular common yard seating

This antecedent could herald potential applications in all kinds of close-proximity housing situations involving small-space dwellings. Future buildings might include this record from a belligerent up, reshaping a approach we consider about architectural flexibility.

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