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Trinidad & Tobago Launches Travel Agent Specialist Program

Trinidad Tobago Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) is gratified to announce a launch of a Trinidad Tobago Travel Agent Specialist Program. The vital try includes a extensive educational height that will not usually foster recognition and prominence of Trinidad Tobago’s product to transport trade professionals, though also capacitate transport trade professionals to turn an prolongation of Trinidad Tobago’s offered group in offered a destination

The module is designed to identify, rivet and teach transport trade professionals by covering pivotal components of Trinidad Tobago’s end form – including accommodations, culture, festivals, cuisine and eco journey – as good as critical niche markets.

“We are intensely gratified to exercise this module and partner with transport agents to lift a form of a destination, while during a same time pushing approach sales. The Trinidad Tobago Travel Agent Specialist Program is a pivotal vital beginning of a Tourism Development Company for positioning Trinidad Tobago as a top-of-mind vacation end in a primary source transport market” remarkable Warren Solomon, General Manager of Marketing during a Trinidad Tobago Tourism Development Company.

All website activity will be monitored in genuine time, and a agents securing a many bookings to Trinidad Tobago per month and per entertain via a year-long module will be authorised to accept a accumulation of rewards, from present cards to FAM trips. Qualifying agents will also accept a personalized full color, printable certificate and accreditation for participating in a program, selecting to accept possibly 4 (4) stability preparation credits from The Travel Institute or twelve (12) credits from a Association of Canadian Travel Agencies (ACTA).

Trinidad Tobago,

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