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Travel News

Travel Links We Like for 12/12

We don’t like to consider that collecting links to stories we favourite this week is idle blogging, we like to consider it helps clear all a online reading we did while we were meant to be operative on something else. We also like to consider it will assistance we learn something you’ll like too.

So here’s a soon-to-be weekly roundup of Travel Links We Like.

Notable Travel Books of 2014, by Andrew McCarthy
McCarthy starts his roundup with a acknowledgment that transport essay is difficult these days: “in a Google Maps world, even once exhausted places like bad Provence have turn old and played out.” He still manages to find 5 titles — 3 titles about exploring a universe and dual compilations of stories — to recommend. There are some informed names in a roundup, including Gadling writer Pico Iyer and former facilities editor Don George, who wrote and edited, respectively, dual of the titles. Head down to your favorite eccentric bookstore and things your desired ones’ stockings with them.

Quantum of a Seas: The First Cruise Ship Built Specifically for Selfies, by Paul Brady
For a two-day journey to nowhere, a Quantum of a Seas sailing out of New York in mid-November constructed a startling volume of good stories. From Scott Mayerowitz’ puzzled demeanour during his prospects for anticipating fun on a mega-ship to a Verge’s video shred about a boat’s tech perks, this wasn’t your standard vessel packaged with freeloading hacks. Into a good pool jumps CNT’s Brady, who looks during a vessel in context of a amicable media pity trend that Royal Caribbean hopes a boat’s endless tech will inspire among a passengers.


An #cockpitview picture uploaded to Instagram.

Have romantic support animals left too far?, by Heather Poole
Everyone’s favorite literary moody attendant (with a difference of some grumpy avgeeks) has some totalled thoughts about a many fraudulent romantic support animals airlines are being forced to understanding with with a rising frequency. She tells tales (sorry) of roosters, pot-bellied pigs, and 5 first-class Spuds MacKenzies, as good as allergic passengers and tiny ponies. Short story: Flying is a zoo these days.

By a way, a answer to a doubt acted in a pretension is many positively “Yes.”

The pilots of Instagram: pleasing views from a cockpit, violating manners of a air, by David Yanofsky
Quartz alerts us to a problem we didn’t know we had: Pilots that like Instagram as most as we do. The site monitored pilot-friendly hashtags on a amicable media network for 6 months to prominence a visit gnawing and uploading of cinema from cockpits, finished mostly when pilots are not available to snap pictures. The manners pilots work underneath seem to be anachronistic during times — cameras are OK, though cameraphones in aeroplane mode are not — so there does seem to be a constrained reason to get some updated manners out there that can cut out distractions.


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