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Top tips for Tanzanian safari and beach holidays for families

As extraordinary as a safari is, it can also be utterly a overpowering experience, quite with a early morning wake-ups to make certain we have a best possibility of spotting wildlife in a cooler hours when animals are some-more active. That, along with a typically prolonged days of a safari, mostly leaves people requiring a holiday to redeem from their holiday – and this is where a beach partial of a safari-and-beach outing comes in!

There are a good series of safari-and-beach holidays that people can enjoy. However, creation a preference can be some-more of a plea for families – they wish to keep a kids entertained, so caring unequivocally does have to be taken when picking a place to go!

Northern Tanzania and Zanzibar

Tanzania offers a far-reaching array of options for families looking to go on safari – from brave tented-style safari camps to lush comprehensive lodges, there unequivocally is something for everyone. For families visiting Northern Tanzania, a multiple of Lake Manyara National Park, a Ngorongoro and a Serengeti provides a extensive safari experience!

In a Manyara/Crater area, staying during Plantation Lodge for dual nights while visiting these parks creates for an glorious start to any safari. Combining these dual parks with a Serengeti usually brings a bit of farrago to a safari, while Plantation Lodge has smashing family bedrooms and a swimming pool for relaxing and cooling off!

From here it is a brief moody into a Serengeti, where Lemala have a series of five-star camps and lodges opposite a bill operation in several areas of a park. This company, with their Lemala Cubs programme, caters good for immature families – and children can extract in a series of specialised activities, from brief walking safaris around stay to training how to chuck a (blunted) normal Maasai spear!

Besides Lemala, families could demeanour during Nomad Tanzania’s Mkombe’s House in a Northern Serengeti for a some-more private family experience. Accommodating adult to 8 people, Mkombe’s House epitomises a suggestion of an authentic safari while creation it probable for people staying here to arrange their game-viewing activities in a demeanour that suits them best. In this way, it is ideal for younger families who are maybe not looking to take a youngsters on a full-day diversion drive. The fact that Nomad offer child rates for anyone underneath a age of 21 creates them a unequivocally appealing proposition!

Mkombe House

For those in hunt of a some-more oppulance option, Singita is tough to beat, quite for their Faru Faru residence in Grumeti. As with Lemala, Singita offer a far-reaching accumulation of activities for children, such as brief inlet walks or training how to use a normal bow-and-arrow on a sharpened range.

Faru Faru

Following 5 or 6 days on safari, it is afterwards time for a bit of rest and decrease on Zanzibar. Zanzibar can be a calamity to book in that there are so many hotels, lodges and resorts on offer – though not many yield a altogether peculiarity of knowledge that many families seek!

Pongwe Beach Hotel is one of a best-value properties on Zanzibar – mix that with a fact that it has a possess private beach and glorious standards of food and service, and it unexpected becomes a unequivocally appealing choice indeed! A stay here is typically on a bed-and-breakfast basement or on half board. That way, families can still go out and take advantage of many of a activities that Zanzibar has to offer though carrying to skip out on anything that has been paid for.

Matlai Boutique Hotel would work fantastically good in multiple with Mkombe’s House! Currently it has usually 4 rooms, with another four-room residence being built so that families can book a whole skill for their stay there, once again ensuring both remoteness and coherence in what they do and when.

For a some-more up-market experience, Baraza Resort and Spa is a place to go. With outrageous villas, a immeasurable swimming pool and a stirring watersports centre, a stay during Baraza will never be boring, generally not for kids wanting to be active!

Barazza Beach Resort

Southern Tanzania, Mafia and Pemba

Southern Tanzania offers a vastly opposite knowledge to a north of a country. The dual categorical parks here – a Selous Game Reserve and Ruaha National Park – are both immeasurable areas that are many reduction frequently visited than a some-more famous parks in Northern Tanzania. As such, visitors can conclude a many quieter, calmer safari experience. The Selous is also famous for a shining boating safaris, that make for a gratifying change of gait from a customary diversion drives. For people visiting this partial of a country, a multiple of these dual parks creates for an extraordinary adventure!

The Selous offers a far-reaching accumulation of accommodation, and during entrance turn Lake Manze Tented Camp is an glorious choice. The boating safaris are consistently glorious here, while those aged 12 years or comparison can also extract in walking safaris.

As in a Serengeti, Nomad Tanzania have a private residence here – Kiba Point, where families have many some-more coherence in decisions about diversion viewing. Its plcae on a banks of a strong Rufiji River also creates it a ideal place for those who suffer fishing, while a camp’s vessel safaris are fantastically sundry – from a customary 2-hour vessel safari to a whole afternoon out on a H2O when boating down to a rather overwhelming Stiegler’s Gorge!

Kiba Point

For those looking for a rather some-more up-market experience, Beho Beho is a good choice. With a immeasurable open-fronted bedrooms and a fantastic perspective over a timberland and plains below, Beho Beho is unequivocally rather singular in a Selous in that it is not situated along a water. Walking safaris are truly initial rate here – and in Bailey’s Banda they also have a private residence that caters for younger families.

From a Selous it is a brief moody into Ruaha, where, as with a Selous, there are a good series of options opposite a bill spectrum. Mdonya Old River Camp, sister skill of Lake Manze, is an well-developed entry-level choice – and mixing these dual properties also provides a event to utilize a long-stay special!

Whilst Ruaha doesn’t typically have any private houses such as we find in a Serengeti and a Selous, there are still super smaller camps that safeguard a likewise private and, many importantly, authentic safari experience. Kigelia Ruaha, with usually 5 tents and a family unit, falls into this difficulty ideally and works quite good in multiple with Kiba Point.

Finally, for those looking for something some-more of an up-market experience, Jongomero Camp is good value considering. With a overwhelming bedrooms set along a banks of a anniversary Jongomero River, this stay provides oppulance and journey in one.


From Ruaha, there are a series of options accessible for a beach partial of a holiday – with of march Zanzibar being one! However, a lot of people don’t mostly demeanour during Mafia and Pemba, that make adult a partial of a Zanzibar Archipelago. Both islands offer something opposite to Zanzibar in that they are not as bustling as their bigger hermit – as such, a quieter and some-more private knowledge can be savoured here.

Mafia Island is many famous for a glorious Marine Park and a scuba diving and snorkelling on offer. There are a series of properties on Mafia, though a standout residence is Pole Pole, due to a implausible standards of food and service. Pole Pole stands conduct and shoulders above many of a other options – with a difference of Chole Mjini! This is positively not a residence for everybody and there unequivocally has to be some clever care before engagement this property. Primarily an eco-lodge, it caters best for families with a healthy clarity of adventure. A stay here would be noted to contend a least!

Alternatively, families anticipating for some time on a beach following their safari can also demeanour towards Pemba. This is a splendidly exhausted small island that is best famous for a prolongation of cloves, as good as a integrate of rather fanciful lodges. Fundu Lagoon is one of a dual tip properties here – and with a far-reaching accumulation of activities, it creates for an glorious beach getaway! Alternatively, travellers can also demeanour during The Manta Resort, that is usually as good an choice to finish a safari-and-beach holiday.

Fundu Lagoon

Julian Carter-Manning is a Co-founder and MD during Yellow Zebra Safaris.

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