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Top 7 oppulance yachts sailing in a Galapagos Islands

It’s easy to see because a Galapagos Islands are on many savvy travelers’ “bucket-lists.” With a archipelago being one of a world’s biggest healthy wonders, zero can ready we for a revisit to this outlandish masterpiece of Mother Nature.

Intro photo

Some travelers cite to knowledge this once-in-a-lifetime knowledge on a land-based “land-hopping” debate – eating, sleeping and resting in a hotel on plain earth.

Others will cite to try a Galapagos Islands on a water-based cruise, where we will eat, nap and rest on house a oppulance yacht, a catamaran, a sailboat or a incomparable journey ship.

Still, no one comes to a Galapagos usually to distortion out on rug all day. Luxury cruises portion a Galapagos Islands offer daily land excursions that embody hiking ancient lava fields where we will confront antiquated reptiles such as a iconic hulk Galapagos tortoise, autochthonous land and sea iguanas. On this landings, we can also declare a courtship dance of blue-footed boobies, and declare a horde of Galapagos penguins, Flightless cormorants and vast Waved albatross – usually to name a few of a laughable sea birds found here.

While marveling during a farrago of a land and sea life found in these paradisiacal islands, we can also suffer a limit in comfort, style, use and reserve on house a oppulance ship.

We have comparison 7 of these top-end “floating boutique hotels” that exaggerate all from Jacuzzis to private balconies, as good as atmospheric cabins and all a big-city amenities.

1. Ocean Spray

One of a newest oppulance vessels of a form handling in a Galapagos Islands, a Galapagos Ocean Spray is described as a “mega” catamaran; and — given it is versed with vast staterooms and a outrageous sundeck with a Jacuzzi — it’s not tough to see why!


The unequaled expanse of a vessel’s design, also seen in a cabins and all other guest areas, is complemented by a equally unmatched fortitude and speed that usually catamarans can provide. Indeed, her speed, comfort and fortitude make a Galapagos Ocean Spray a ideal choice for your Galapagos Islands journey adventure.


Built in 2011, a ultra-modern 16-passenger yacht has 3 newcomer decks with a sum of 9 (9) elegantly allocated and atmospheric double cabins, all with private comforts – including balconies. Each cabin boasts particular meridian controls, private bathrooms and copiousness space for storing luggage. The Ocean Spray boasts some of a largest cabins on any little yacht in a Galapagos, with her double cabins measuring during slightest 284 block feet.

A friendly, gifted crew, a tip nick menu of Ecuadorian and general cuisine, and pristine character all make a Galapagos Ocean Spray a good journey vessel for your Galapagos trip.

Galapagos Ocean Spray catamaran is versed with dual bars, a atmospheric object deck, a Jacuzzi, a gentle lounge, and indoor and al fresco dining. This means that guest will find it formidable not to relax and suffer a disdainful atmosphere of this luxury-class catamaran.

The organisation is done adult of 10 members and a approved naturalist beam who delivers a tip standards of peculiarity use to a guests, and in a accessible and veteran manner.

The Ocean Spray has a many modernized navigation and reserve equipment, that lift a guests’ comfort and security. She entirely complies with a tip inhabitant and general reserve standards and regulations for newcomer vessels.

Galapagos Ocean Spray is a luxury-class catamaran charity a best opening and comfort in cruising a Galapagos Islands. Ideal for little groups, families or couples.

Insider tip: a Ocean Spray is good for couples as good as organisation charters.

2. La Pinta

One of a many present vessels for oppulance cruising in a Galapagos Islands, La Pinta has an glorious repute for good use while charity a accumulation of activities for all levels of outward enthusiasts.

With a ability for 48 guests, this 209-foot (63-meter) yacht provides higher accommodations and is really renouned with family groups all year round.


La Pinta has 20 gentle double or twin-bedded staterooms, and 4 (4) triple cabins (the third chairman contingency be underneath 12), all with sea views, private bathrooms, personal safes, and away tranquil air-conditioning.

Indeed, a yacht’s cabins are among a largest of any Galapagos cruising vessel, with floor-to-ceiling windows in all staterooms. In further to a customary staterooms, La Pinta has 4 extra-large joining suites, that are really useful when roving as families.


Spacious open areas in a vessel rug embody a vast regard loll and bar, that can be used for outward dining; a smaller outward “Sky Bar” towards a stern, front and abaft regard decks, an practice room, a Jacuzzi and a well-stocked healthy story library-conference room.

Through breathtaking windows, a amicable areas yield roughly permanent visible hit with a islands, while a outward rug areas are also glorious havens for relaxation, including an regard rug for dolphin, shark and whale watching.

On a categorical rug is a window-lined dining room with open seating (though there are no grave dress requirements), a accepting area, a boutique and a doctor’s office.

To get a many out of such enriching wildlife encounters, we will be accompanied by consultant guides on La Pinta, that is complemented by a ship’s unblemished service, tasty cuisine and copiousness of comfort on board.

Its staff embraces a suggestion of adventure, while ensuring comfort and reserve during all times during your Galapagos Islands vacation.

3. Integrity

Taking a journey on this lush 16-passenger Galapagos Islands cruiser is a bit like staying in a fanciful boutique hotel, yet with ever-changing fantastic view and hypnotizing animals appearing usually off a deck.

The 141-foot oppulance Integrity yacht — built in a United States in 2005 — was designed with perfected courtesy to fact and has been spotlessly maintained. Indeed, it has warranted a repute as one of a glorious ships sailing a Galapagos Islands.

The Integrity Motor Vessel is customized to lift 16 adventurers in comfort, reserve and character – something it has been doing in a waters of a Galapagos Islands given April, 2005.

With a many gentle staterooms and apartment of any “enchanted islands” vessel – vast vessel or little – your stay on house a Integrity cruising vessel will be one of ideal delight. The taste is pleasing and simple, featuring hardwood that a owners palm harvested, milled and marinated for this special yacht.

Each stateroom is a double accommodation cabin with gentle seating, lots of storage, and vast pattern windows (no little portholes!). Cabin temperatures are away controlled, and you’ll have mini-refrigerator stocked with H2O and snacks in your room. Bathroom comforts are en apartment with a full-sized shower, lavatory, toilet and storage cabinet.

The friendly lounge/salon is a ideal place for observation your day’s Galapagos Islands photos on a wide-screen in this media center, as good as for reading or listening to a daily natural-history lecture from a on-board naturalist.

In a large, well-equipped galley, a cook and his cooking group essay to satisfy. Menus are varied, delicately executed and really healthy. Breakfast is smorgasboard character with cereals, juices, uninformed fruit, toast, muffins, prohibited apparatus and eggs baked to order. Fresh brewed coffee, a preference of teas, divert and cocoa are also served. Lunch and cooking are served in several, elegantly plated courses and mostly start with a soup, followed by safe-to-eat-salads and a categorical march of fish, chicken, beef or seafood. And there’s always dessert, coffee and tea. Special diets are straightforwardly accommodated; and there are copiousness of kid-friendly dishes.

As for a vessel itself, a Integrity’s state-of-the-art fortitude and anti-vibration systems pledge “smooth sailing” all a way. The interior pattern of a engine vessel is impeccable, while a amicable areas are atmospheric and a services are some of a best to be found.

Insider tip: a Integrity is famous for a generally glorious itineraries

4. Origin

The Origin engine vessel, named for Charles Darwin’s judicious work The Origin of a Species, will make a coming in a Galapagos Islands early this year (2016). At that time, a vessel promises to be a newest, many environmentally fit and a many gentle 20-passenger yacht sailing in a waters of a archipelago.

Origin -- ext

Though possessing 10 opposite glorious double staterooms to select from – dual of that means to accommodate adult to 3 people. Measuring approximately 140 block feet, any cabin is packed with amenities, that embody nightstands, an copiousness sectional closet, a sitting area, complicated décor with internal art work, glorious linens and towels, meridian controls, satellite TV/DVD, iPod advancing station, a protected deposition box and a private bathroom. Each lavatory includes prohibited water, full facilities, and comforts such as hair-dryers, slippers and robes, as good as soap and shampoo that are both bio-degradable. Your atmospheric cabin will be located on a categorical “Beagle” deck, with a breathtaking window so we can arise adult and tumble defunct to a overwhelming views of a sea and a archipelago. As an additional note: all cabins are spotless twice daily and washing use is available.

Throughout a yacht we will find good extras such as a aptness room versed with cardio machines, atmospheric amicable areas, satellite TV, and a atmospheric object rug versed with a entirely stocked open wet-bar, BBQ, lounges and hammocks. On tip of all this, we can suffer a accessible kayaks, paddle boards, soppy suits and snorkeling apparatus for your possess use when permitted. Masseuse are accessible on charters (only) for an additional charge.

In addition, a vessel possesses semi-private nooks for we to shun to and relax on a boat, or we can use one of a Origin’s 3 loll areas, a library, mechanism hire or a amicable area with satellite TV.

The yacht will run dual simple 8-day itineraries, a southern/central track and a western/northern route. During these times, any need of a guest will be catered to support to by a ship’s dual consultant naturalist guides, a concierge, a well-trained gifted organisation and a well-qualified captain. The naturalist guides and captain are hand-picked to yield we with an educational week and well-developed use while we are furloughed any island.


Origin will mix complicated sophistication and a high turn of comfort and service, with indoor and al-fresco epicurean dining practice (including Ecuadorian and Peruvian specialties), sparkling earthy activities and a sip of egghead scholarship providing guest a life enriching experience.

5. Petrel

One of a newest ships sailing a Galapagos Islands, a 16-passenger Petrel Luxury Galapagos Catamaran offers a luxury-class approach to revisit this enchanting archipelago.


This oppulance journey vessel is one of a best ways to see a Galapagos Islands.

Named after a sea bird common to a Galapagos, a “Petrel” is like a namesake: elegant, quick and wordless during sea. Guests will transport in comfort to a opposite islands, where they can have up-close encounters with Blue-footed boobies, iguanas, hulk tortoises, sea lions and more.

A motorized catamaran, a Petrel is designed for comfort and fortitude and is given with atmospheric cabins with private balconies, a gentle loll and copiousness decrease areas.

The outrageous sundeck comforts a Jacuzzi, a ideal mark for dolphin- and whale-watching, or for simply unwinding and shower adult a object between island excursions. In a evenings there is no improved place for star gazing.

Enjoy dining in a ship’s superb restaurant, or sup al fresco on a rug while holding in a views over a islands. Order a splash during a bar in time for sunset.

On a Petrel, importance is placed on a conspicuous healthy story of a Galapagos Islands, selecting naturalist land-tour guides who are associating about biology and ecology, in further to carrying glorious denunciation skills and customer reviews.

Galapagos Frigatebird

Insider tip: The insinuate Petrel is provides extraordinary comfort for couples and little groups.

6. Stella Maris

Touting itself as a “only oppulance yacht formed in a Galapagos Islands,” a M/Y Stella Maris has a comforts in place for portion a many perfectionist and perceptive clientele.

Stella Maris - ext

Accommodating adult to 14 guest in ultimate of style, a vessel is accessible for private licence groups, charity entirely customized charters, complemented by finish pre-established 8-day journey itineraries in that we and your celebration will entirely try a Galapagos from end-to-end.

Traveler photographing

Her interior boasts a purify and mouth-watering contemporary décor, a well-appointed breathtaking windows permitting for healthy light. Luxurious accommodations, a likes of that have never been seen in a Galapagos Islands, set a tinge for a M/Y Stella Maris. This intemperate engine yacht comforts a sum of 7 (7) suites: 4 (4) expanded suites on a aft/lower deck, dual (2) suites on a front categorical deck, as good as one (1) master apartment on a second abaft deck, with a master apartment featuring a possess private entrance to an outward lounge. All suites are entirely atmosphere conditioned and offer private en-suite facilities. Note: Each of these atmospheric suites has a possess private balcony.

On a categorical deck, a Stella Maris engine yacht comforts a pleasing executive staircase that provides subdivision from a lush grave dining room and a copiousness vital room with TV entertainment.

These grand appointments and an courteous organisation are critical aspects contributing to a altogether knowledge aboard a yacht; however, a delicious cuisine accessible is a crowning jewel. The M/Y Stella Maris’ food and wine use is accessible 24 hours a day, and a vessel comforts a full batch of glorious peculiarity wines and spirits. Among a organisation some of a many competent internal chefs.

Insider tip: a Stella Maris is usually for charters.

7. Silver Galapagos

For those looking for a incomparable luxury-class journey vessel with an glorious operation of comforts and personal service, a Silver Galapagos will not destroy to delight.

Silver Galapagos

One of a largest and many lush ships sailing a Galapagos, a Silver Galapagos has a ability for 132 passengers, yet due to a National Park regulations, it usually carries 100 passengers. Refurbished in 2014, a vessel has 50 atmospheric air-conditioned outward cabins — all with fantastic sea views, their possess private bathrooms, and little sitting areas.

The Silver Galapagos offers an considerable list of amenities and amicable areas, including a Jacuzzi, a first-class griddle and grill, a atmospheric dining room, an electronic elevator, a Explorer Lounge, a piano bar, a aptness core and massage room, a beauty salon, a boutique, a snorkel area, a library and a vast briefing/conference room. In fact, that lecture room is used by a vessel’s 6 (6) naturalist guides, who lead daily seaside excursions and offer nightly presentations and briefings to entirely ready passengers for a islands to be visited a following day.


In addition, Silver Galapagos offers karaoke, star gazing, massage therapy, Spanish lessons and even cocktail-making classes. Indeed, you’ll be marred by all a choices.

And on tip of all a pampering, this vessel also has power. Navigating a Galapagos Islands during a cruising speed of 17 knots, a Silver Galapagos enables passengers to see some-more of a Galapagos archipelago in reduction time.

Insider tip: a Silver Galapagos is best matched for those wanting copiousness of space, quite families.

With whichever yacht we choose, it’s not odd for a Galapagos journey vessel to be sole out 6 of 9 months in allege – quite for holiday durations like Christmas and New Year’s.

This means that if we have a specific vacation date in mind, we and your debate user will have to book your outing good in allege to safeguard a accessibility of your journey ship.

Alfonso Tandazo is President and CEO during Surtrek Tour Operator.

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