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Top 5 reasons to revisit Bora Bora



There are many reasons Bora Bora is such a favorite honeymoon and anniversary end with my clients – who wouldn’t wish to arise adult to surreal bluish water, snorkel and dive with manta rays, and suffer a remoteness of your unequivocally possess overwater bungalow?

In box your other half or family still needs to be persuaded, here are my tip 5 reasons to revisit Bora Bora:

1. Enjoy overwhelming views

Bora Bora’s firth comforts some of a many extraordinary colored bluish H2O you’ll see anywhere, interjection to being unequivocally easeful from a sea, and unequivocally shoal in many places. In fact, we can mostly see implausible tone variations between a bluish shoal and low blue deeper water.

If during all possible, also haven a bungalow or villa with an unrestricted perspective of Mount Otemanu, that rises majestically from Bora Bora’s categorical island. But even if your perspective is of a firth and beach with moving palm trees, count yourself propitious – a pleasant colors are so vivid, it’s a bit like in a strange Wizard of Oz movie, when a opening method in black and white gives approach to technicolor in a land of Oz.

2. Stay in an overwater bungalow

Some resorts do have some accommodations on a beach, though if you’re going all a approach to Bora Bora, stay in a many iconic accommodation, an overwater bungalow or villa. This is a good reason to go as a integrate on honeymoon or to applaud an anniversary, as a best overwater bungalows have Polynesian flair, though are also luxuriously allocated and unequivocally private.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bora Bora-Overwater Bungalow

If we do revisit Bora Bora as a family, as we did, wait until your children are aged adequate to know not to go in a H2O unless you’re with them, for apparent reserve reasons.

3. Go snorkeling and diving

The views from your overwater villa are usually half a story – wait until we see a underwater world! Bora Bora has some of a largest manta rays I’ve seen, and it also has many eagle rays, stingrays, tiny embankment sharks (they indeed tend to be bashful of humans), moray eels, and many kinds of pleasant fish. we quite suggest Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery for snorkeling, and Dive N’Smile for scuba diving. Both had unequivocally friendly, veteran guides who support to unequivocally tiny groups and cared about a experience.

4. Stay during a Four Seasons Bora Bora

Where we stay matters, and my tip review recommendation for Bora Bora is Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora, both for couples and families. From a airfield decoration nod with a grin and gentle journey to a review in a tradition yacht to a white silt beach, beautifully allocated villas, accessible staff, and many nominal extras (complimentary sauna comforts – thrust pool, sauna, knowledge shower, decrease room; nominal kids’ club; nominal tennis; nominal Polynesian dance uncover and cooking demonstration), a review differentiates itself.

5. Savor French-inflected cuisine

Some critics have forked out that there isn’t as most accumulation in cuisine as they’d hoped for. Well, let’s be picturesque – Bora Bora is remote, with most of a food alien and flown in–it’s not London or NYC, so we can’t only cocktail around a dilemma for Chinese low sum or Spanish tapas.

That said, we privately unequivocally enjoyed a meals, quite a uninformed seafood and a illusory pastries, desserts and homemade ice creams and sorbets. Bora Bora’s uninformed seafood of march gets credit, though so do French methods of credentials and courtesy to presentation, as good as taste. But don’t feel that we need to sup during your resort’s excellent dining grill to suffer good cuisine; during slightest during a Four Seasons Bora Bora and InterContinental Bora Bora Resort Thalasso Spa, we also enjoyed tasty dishes in a comfort of a overwater bungalow.

Hilary Stockton is a CEO at TravelSort.

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