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Top 5 reasons to learn South Tyrol

Where is this place we might ask? And not an easy doubt to answer! On a map we are in Italy though to a locals we are in Tyrol that is an Austrian region. The central denunciation is German though a chapter is a many spoken. So, we are international? Or maybe mislaid in this spiral on a Austro-Italian border. Of one thing we can be certain and that is that we are perched in a midst of a pretentious Dolomites, surrounded by emerald immature valleys and china peaks in summer and glossy white sleet in Winter. These pleasing plateau are a Unesco World Heritage Site and are partial of a world’s top coral embankment shaped 250 million years ago.

South Tyrol intro


The area is speckled by pretentious towering lakes, and like a rest of this probably different valley, a Braies Lake is utterly breathtaking. Peaks, Pinnacles and towers arise out of a earth, a many famous of that are a Three Peaks of Lavaredo. Soft immature meadows in Summer and expanses of white sleet in Winter, not to blink Autumn with a golden colours or Spring with a carpets of flowers.

South Tyrol nature


In Winter a ski slopes are ideally confirmed and offer possibilities for all levels of skin or snowboarding. It is Italy’s series one end for cross-country skiing with over 200km of marks with fantastic views of a Dolomites.

South Tyrol sport

In Summer a many valleys and peaks offer a accumulation of activities, from walking and movement paths for each level, as good as towering bike, horseback roving and stone climbing options. Every step we take leaves we mesmerised by a stately beauty that surrounds you.


Fashionable boutiques with all a best Italy has to offer are found in all a towns. Antique markets make a rounds all summer and offer a accumulation of antique and selected objects. The hollow is famous for a internal humanities and crafts trimming from timber carving, leather work or a many famous shawl builder in Italy. Surprisingly, both red and white wines of a top peculiarity are constructed right here.

South Tyrol shopping

Culinary delights

The South Tyrol is a segment in Italy with a many Michelin-starred restaurants so a best dining is always on hand. But for internal food a towering huts are not to be missed, offering good food and good towering hospitality.

South Tyrol culinary delights

A contingency when visiting a plateau is a crater of prohibited chocolate with churned cream or a cut of homemade apple strudel.


Named a “Green Valley” for it’s many meadows and woods, inlet and wellness turn one for both physique and spirit. The healthy resources like pristine uninformed air, uninformed H2O and furious spices and flowers mix ideally to show wellbeing and peace. The high alpine meridian produces certain effects on a whole body. Aromatic spices and flowers are used to furnish lush essential oils.

South Tyrol wellness

In this loyal valuables in a heart of a Dolomites, where inlet reigns in each season, it is probable to live a new journey everyday, be it summer or winter. And a best part: it is still a tip to a general traveller!

Anna Moggia is Owner of Boutique Hotel Zenana.

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