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Top 5 oppulance mobile safaris in Africa

By Rose Hipwood on Feb 18, 2015 in Accommodation, Adventure Travel, Africa, Botswana, Camping, Kenya, Regions, Speciality Travel, Tanzania, Zambia   – Read 12901 times

Mobile safaris in Africa are a best approach to see a brush if we wish a totally private guide, stay and staff all to yourself. Often these mobile camps will be set adult in a many remote and off a beaten lane locations one could presumably imagine, and we will be in areas where diversion is abounding and people are not – this is a comprehensive dream for many people and this is because oppulance mobile safaris are so popular. They work brilliantly in and with a board or permanent stay and give families, groups or couples a possibility to get off a beaten lane alone. Here are Africa’s tip 5 oppulance mobile safaris:

Uncharted Africa Mobile Expeditions, Botswana

This extraordinary operation employs some of a world’s best safari guides, and takes we into areas of a Okavango Delta or Kalahari Desert that one can usually suppose – zero can review to a grandure of this safari – each oppulance mobile tent is flashy via with antique debate seat and a food is gourmet, baked in a baking tin over a fire. The staff here unequivocally make this once in a lifetime with their hearten creation for a smashing stay atmosphere. Nights spent underneath a stars, vessel safaris and swimming in a Delta are only some of a things we have to demeanour brazen to on this oppulance safari.


Sanctuary Mobile Expeditions, Kenya

The Sanctuary Retreats mobile safaris are really lush though are somewhat some-more understated than a Uncharted operation. They work tough to get people into remote tools of a Masai Mara – here we will have your private stay and staff and will suffer complete remoteness via a area your stay is in. Tents are unusually gentle and splendidly romantic, with illusory food and guides.


Singita Serengeti Explore, Tanzania

This is another ultra lush mobile stay that moves around a immeasurable and private Grumeti Reserves in Northern Tanzania. This outrageous area has countless charge projects using and has smashing game, as good sundry topography from plains to rivers and thicker bush. Here we will have this outrageous area to yourself (apart from a other Singita camps and lodges, that are tiny and exclusive) and will suffer being definitely spoilt with Michelin star customary food and a splendidly regretful and aged fashioned nonetheless lush mobile camp.

Singita Explore

Robin Pope’s Mobile Walking Safari, Zambia

Taking a mobile safari is mostly about removing into a many remote un-trodden tools of Africa – suppose doing this with a walking focus, this is a dream for many people and we can literally suppose accurately what it was like for a initial good explorers who ventured low into a brush in Africa. Robin Pope has some of a best walking guides in all of Africa and their mobile walking safari section will uncover we some of a best diversion observation anywhere in a world.

Robin Pope

Safaris Unlimited Mobile Riding Safari, Kenya

Gordie and Felicia Church run an disdainful roving safari operation that operates especially from a Mara, though can be tailor done to your wishes. Their tip peculiarity horses go palm in palm with their mobile camp, that is gentle and wild. The staff are some of a many charismatic and accessible you’ll accommodate and we positively feel as if we have your possess small square of Africa. Riding safaris take we by some of a many pleasing tools of a famous Mara, where diversion is abounding and people infrequent, detached from normal Masai tribesmen. Riding with a Wildebeest Migration is also a highlight.

Safaris Unlimited

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