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Top 3 Pantanal lodges in Brazil



The Brazilian Pantanal is a wildlife breakwater and one of a best places in Latin America for birds and mammals. The largest inundate plain in a world, it spans 53 thousand hectares charity an sparkling array of wildlife and birds and overwhelming views. The star of a wildlife is but doubt a jaguar. ThePpantanal is a best place in a universe to see jaguars and while sightings in a furious are never guaranteed, a chances are high, quite if staying during one of these lodges, a 3 best lodges in a Pantanal that are good for jaguar spotting.

Caiman Ecological Refuge

The Caiman Ecological Refuge offers genuine oppulance within a Pantanal with dual overwhelming properties amidst an implausible environment by a floodplains that provides a good brew of comfort and fanciful wildlife observation opportunities. It’s a place to stay in a Pantanal.


Caiman Ecological Refuge is located on a 53 thousand hectare plantation in a southern Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul and is a smashing destination.

The skill has dual lodges, a Baiazinha Lodge and a Cordilheira Lodge that are widespread 22kms apart. The lodges are accessed by highway or light aircraft from Campo Grande. The dual lodges duty exclusively as they are remote from any other, are self-contained and have their possess restaurant, pool, guides, vehicles and excursions.


A jaguar tracking safari is enclosed in both lodges in a high deteriorate and many discretionary jaguar safaris are accessible all year.

The Baiazinha Lodge is a bird-shaped house, located on a shores of a lake, with 6 customary bedrooms flashy in normal plantation style.

The Cordilheira Lodge has 5 double suites, flashy in contemporary style. Each of these has a apart bedroom and vital room, bathroom, powder room and balcony. There is also a pool on a deck, surrounded by a immeasurable area of a Pantanal landscape.

Caiman Ecological Refuge also runs an critical charge programme (including 2 successful projects focusing on jaguars and hyacinth macaws, that guest can get concerned in).

This unequivocally is a special place to stay if we wish to get adult tighten to Brazilian wildlife and hopefully mark a jaguar.

Barranco Alto

The Pantanal during Fazenda Barranco Alto is a singular ecosystem of overwhelming waterways, immeasurable floodplains, water-lily and reed lagoons, tainted ponds, untrustworthy timberland glades and abounding savannah grasslands. The fazenda is a normal cattle plantation still housed in a strange building with 4 gentle en-suite guest bedrooms finish with air-conditioning and private verandas.


The retirement of a plcae and a singular series of bedrooms make for a truly insinuate Pantanal experience. In sequence to see a many wildlife guest arise early in a mornings before a object breaks over a horizon. Each day’s track is different, noted by a Pantanal’s ever-changing scenery of sights and sounds. Bursting with life, a brush invariably shifts and transforms as we pass by a plains possibly on foot, open-vehicle, dug-out or on horseback.


On Barranco Alto Farm we will have a singular event to declare a morning fishing of a hulk otter family as emergence breaks, observe a protocol of alligator mating and, with fitness and patience, to mark a jaguar.

The hotel can be accessed by automobile or, some-more simply by light aircraft; an hour’s moody from Campo Grande.

Barra Mansa

Barra Mansa Lodge is strategically positioned by a Rio Negro (Negro River), eminent as one of a many appealing tools of a Pantanal. Accessed many simply by light aircraft due to a remote location, it offers an authentic and halcyon knowledge and one of a best locations in a Pantanal for spotting jaguars.


The board has 6 apartments all screened and versed with atmosphere conditioning, fan and prohibited showers. In addition, a board also offers restaurant, bar, washing service, hammocks in a open, satellite TV, write service, internet wireless, library, orchard, commemoration shop, tiny aircraft alighting frame and fishing apparatus for rental.


Delicious standard dishes are prepared with uninformed organic mixture on a timber stove. Barra Mansa Lodge offers a calm atmosphere in an removed and absolved location, charity a best for a many finish knowledge in a Pantanal.

A far-reaching operation of tours and activities are accessible to try a good accumulation of habitats and areas of a property, possibly by boats and canoes on a superb Negro River, or by horseback and walking trails by extraordinary forests, lagoons and scenic landscapes.

The send to a Lodge takes around one hour from Campo Grande, a categorical city in a Southern Pantanal.

Simon Williams is Director of Bespoke Brazil.

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