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Top 3 oppulance hotels in Trancoso, Brazil



Trancoso is maybe a coolest beach end in Brazil. It’s where inhabitant and general celebrities conduct to super stylish hotels and private villas to live it adult in luxury. Jay-Z and Beyoncé are regulars here along with Matthew McConaughey though a encampment still maintains a tiny city feel, notwithstanding a hype.

Situated on a southern Bahia seashore a city was a tiny famous encampment some 10 years ago though now is a place to be seen. The rich from Rio and Sao Paulo come here for a beach mangle and it is filled with engineer boutiques and restaurants charity a excellent food outward of these dual cities.

The city is centred on a ancestral Quadrado, a vast grassy block and a city still retains an insinuate attract and offers a accumulation of accommodation. The poetic tiny pastel phony buildings offer good shopping, even divided from a engineer boutiques and there are pleasing beaches such as a Praia dos Nativos or a Praia do Trancoso. Aside from fanciful accommodation options a city is subsequent to one of a best golf courses in Brazil, a Terravista bar with a glorious 17th hole and is a severe course.

Trancoso provides a ideal shun for those seeking privacy, an outlandish plcae and some of a best beaches on a holiday to Brazil. It’s ideal for a oppulance holiday to Brazil and ideal for honeymooners.

Below are a tip 3 suggestions if we are looking for hotel accommodation in a encampment while there are also some implausible villas accessible too.


UXUA Casa is a special place to stay. Situated subsequent to a famous Quadrado and with usually 9 disdainful residences, any with their possess singular design, this unequivocally is a place to be seen on holiday in Trancoso.

UXUA Casa, that translates as ‘Marvellous House’, is a origination of eminent engineer Wilbert Das (formerly of a Diesel conform label), and is a really special approach to knowledge Trancoso.

Ideally situated adjoining a Trancoso Quadrado, UXUA Casa offers a choice from 9 disdainful residences any singly themed and delicately styled with art and antiques from a Trancoso area, set in overwhelming healthy vicinity we are supposing with a pleasing home in Trancoso while enjoying all a services and additional amenities of a oppulance hotel.

Each of a 9 accommodations embody vast peaceful beds, in-door and out-door vital areas, air-conditioning, flatscreen TV and Wi-Fi.

The pool during a UXUA Casa was designed to have lake-like quality, built incorporating pleasing immature aventurine stone, that Bahia locals widely trust to have healing power, relaxing a mind and shortening stress. A far-reaching operation of complicated health and beauty comforts are accessible to guests.

Food and drinks can be served to we on a beach during a hotel’s fallen vessel beach bar where a seafood skewers are quite delicious, generally when cleared down with a passion fruit caipirinha! UXUA Casa’s bar and grill offer specialities prepared from a excellent internal furnish and all a staff are recruited locally and taught English, that is singular to find in Brazil.

Villas de Trancoso

Villas De Trancoso is a unreal bliss set on one of a many overwhelming beaches in Bahia. Located 1.5 km from a Trancoso Quadrado, a Villas de Trancoso offer a choice from 11 oppulance beach villas and suites.

The glorious accommodation is suitable for both couples or a family to suffer a regretful holiday in a many artistic and private of environments. The villas are splendidly designed incorporating internal Brazilian furnishings and pleasing Brazilian woods. White linen backdrops, desirable rugs, palm embellished fabrics and select internal art accoutre any one of a guesthouses. Each Villa includes air-conditioning, excellent linen draped beds, atmospheric bathrooms (with rapids showers hairdryers), a furnished veranda, flat-screen TV, I-pod docks, Wi-Fi (also accessible on beach), secure storage, and a mini-bar.

Villas De Trancoso is a ideal beach escape, ideal for a honeymoon or even a wedding! The hotel staff are happy to safeguard your any wish as we ramble among brilliantly manicured gardens, suffer a superb white marble pool, and maybe provide and modernise yourself with a cocktail during a sunk-in pool bar. The seashore during Villas De Trancoso offers primitive golden sands, dotted with palm trees and fluctuating over a mile should we wish to take a monumental travel by a ocean. The remoteness offering and peculiarity of decrease couldn’t be better. At night a gardens during Villas De Trancoso turn a enchanting nightscape with an endowment winning lighting display.

Villas De Trancoso really boasts a eminent 5-star restaurant. Breakfast is served from 8am and we can suffer a special Brazilian breakfast including excellent uninformed coffee, anniversary fruits, baked breads, cheeses and pastries. Omelettes can also be done for we in whichever character we like. The categorical grill opens for lunch during 12 portion Brazilian favourites and an general selection. Delicious specialities (including a speciality of a day) can be served to we by candlelight, and we can take dishes by a pool or even on a beach. Villas De Trancoso entirely embraces a passion Brazil has for food. You are offering all kinds of meats, slow-cooked over intense coals, and a far-reaching seafood selection.

All a sparkling recreational activities in Trancoso (such as universe category golf, kayaking and horse-riding) can be accessed from a hotel, and Villas De Trancoso gives we even some-more with a guided treetop tour route only 30 mins away. Spa and massage facilities, tennis courts, guided towering bike outings, and a health, beauty and aptness centre are accessible to all guests. Massage, manicures and pedicures can be supposing around a hotel cabana and pool, or we can select to suffer these services in your possess guesthouse. You could have a peaceful examination in a shade on a beach, or maybe pleasure in a diversion of frisbee on a pleasing soothing sands by a sea.

Pousada Brisas do Espelho

The Pousada Brisas do Espelho is located in one of a many desirable corners of Southern Bahia. It’s a pleasant tiny pousada set in a recorded area median between a villages of Trancoso and Caraiva.

Getting to a pousada is a tour of 1 hour and 40 mins by automobile from Porto Seguro airfield (or 15 mins by light aircraft) and afterwards a 5-minute wander from your room brings we to transparent clear waters lapping 3 of Brazil’s many pleasing white silt beaches; Outeiro, Espelho and Amores.

The skill has a sum of 19 bedrooms (12 Contemporary 6 Vila of 30 block metres each, and 1 Master Vila of 60 block metres) and all have 400-thread sheets, atmosphere conditioning, internet LED TV and minibar.

There are 6 Contemporary bedrooms with a patio unaware a garden, while a other 6 on a belligerent building lead directly to a pool and a sensuous lawn. The décor of a pousada mixes antique seat with pieces from Bahian artisans and a contemporary pattern in an superb brew of past and present. The loll and grill – with high ceilings, lots of timber and a white thesis continued – offer breakfast, lunch and cooking and a pleasing pool is set in a pleasant garden with a bar-lounge where lunches are served. On a tip floor, pampering massages are accessible with sea views.

The menu – combined by a French cook Marc Le Dantec, a same as Figo Restaurant in São Paulo that also belongs to a owners of a pousada – facilities internal cuisine with a apt hold of sophistication. The mixture used are from a segment and change with a seasons, and a chef, who lived for 10 years in Bahia, interprets and transforms internal flavours into a singular experience. Brisas do Espelho is located in a vast recorded condominium area not far, though set apart, from a discord of Espelho. The closest beach is overwhelming forlorn Outeiro, a brief travel divided and a pousada guest also have a use of a bar there with a swimming pool, drinks and snacks only yards from a beach. When guest are not relaxing, activities embody a operation of smashing beach walks, Stand Up Paddle and kayaking, golf, fishing or diving among coral reefs.

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