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Top 3 colonial destinations in Brazil



Like many of South America, Brazil was colonised in a 16th century. The Portuguese landed in 1500 and their symbol stays on a nation to this day. From flattering embellished buildings to elaborate churches, cobbled streets and a abounding history, there is many to try in Brazil’s colonial legacy. Here are a tip 3 colonial towns and cities in Brazil and their best oppulance hotels.


Salvador is a collateral of a state of Bahia, a colourful city on Brazil’s north-eastern coast. The valuables in a climax of Salvador is a aged colonial district of Pelourinho. This UNESCO word birthright site is a largest collection of colonial buildings in Latin America and a desirable obstruction of pastel phony buildings and cobbled streets. Located in a Cidade Alta (High City) it sits above a rest of Salvador, unapproachable and beautiful.


The flattering squares and exuberant churches are distinguished landmarks for your scrutiny of a enthralling district. One of a many critical is a Sao Francisco church and convent. The interior is lonesome in exuberant bullion woodwork and pleasing frescoes. In contrariety to a antique architecture, a art-deco Elevador (elevator) sticks out into a port, a streamlined and distinguished square of architecture. It takes people fast between a Cidade alta and a Cidade Baixa below.

Where to stay

Some of Salvador’s best hotels are located in a Pelourinho and one of a favourites is Villa Bahia, located subsequent to a Sao Francisco church. It is widespread over dual normal colonial houses and offers breathtaking views over a Pelourinho.  The 17 bedrooms are singly flashy in a worldly and superb style, in gripping with a chronological significance of a neighbourhood. The bedrooms disremember possibly a church or a yard of a hotel and highlights embody dark, discriminating wooden floors and pleasing tiled bathrooms.

A tiny pool inside one of a courtyards is a gem not so mostly found in a Pelourinho and a shaggy foliage provides a cooling and relaxing atmosphere. The cuisine is French, creation use of a accumulation of tasty internal mixture and a rooftop patio is a ideal place to relax and suffer a view, caipirinha in hand, after a prolonged day exploring a city.



Paraty is a colonial gem on Brazil’s Southeastern coast, between Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. With a Atlantic rainforest on one side and a sea on a other, this is a ideal place to relax and suffer a best of both worlds. Paraty itself is a desirable collection of cobbled streets and white buildings, a picture-perfect colonial city harking behind to a gold-mining days when it was a port.

Paraty is an ideal place to relax and explore, partly since motorised vehicles are banned in a city centre and so a streets are transparent for pedestrians. A vast series of writers and artists have staid in Paraty and in fact it is home to a literary festival in Jul any year. There are countless galleries and boutiques, ideal for selling for strange design and artisanal products.


For those that wish to try serve afield, there are copiousness of options. There is an contentment of islands in a brook surrounding Paraty that make pleasant day trips. Take a vessel out and suffer a picnic, swimming in a brook and relaxing on a beach. Other activities such as stand-up paddle boarding, snorkelling and diving are also renouned and in general, visitors can suffer a accumulation of H2O sports.

The rainforest and plateau behind Paraty offer opportunities for transformation or equine riding, for a change from a beach and a town.

Where to stay

The best hotel in Paraty is Casa Turquesa, a pleasing boutique hotel in executive Paraty. The façade is of an 18th century colonial townhouse and a interior is an superb brew of discriminating wooden floors, uninformed white and bluish and aqua accents. The 9 bedrooms are any singly flashy with art from internal artists. Four print canopy beds and private balconies finish a desirable décor with views out onto a town.


Ouro Preto

The city of Ouro Preto is in a heart of colonial Brazil’s goldmining region. This is where a Portuguese struck bullion and a name Ouro Preto means ‘black gold’. This is another city that has been designated a UNESCO universe birthright due to a fantastic Baroque architecture. The city is positively lifelike with a brew of white facades, terracotta rooves, churches, bridges and fountains all surrounded by a Serra do Espinhaço mountains.

Ouro Preto has a abounding informative story as a plcae for Brazil’s initial autonomy movement. Today it is an critical centre for preparation and a humanities and a narrow, rambling streets play horde to 2 opposite churches and countless excellent examples of a art and design of a region.


Ouro Preto creates a good bottom for exploring a circuitously towns of Tiradentes and Mariana, identical in character and roughly as charming, they make ideal day or overnight trips and finish a ideal channel for anyone meddlesome in colonial story and architecture.

Where to stay

Our favourite hotel in Ouro Preto is a Solar do Rosario. This hotel is housed in an aged colonial palace and offers 41 well-appointed rooms. Decorated in clean, neutral hues with comfortable accents of discriminating wood, any room offers views over a city or a hotel gardens. Other amenities embody an outside pool where guest can suffer a float or relax on a surrounding loungers with a plateau and rooftops in full view. The Lady of a Rosary serves tasty cuisine, accompanied by wines comparison from a hotel’s possess booze attic and a thwart bar is a ideal place to relax with a worldly drink.


Simon Williams is Director of Bespoke Brazil.

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