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Top 10 safari camps for elephant viewing

By Rose Hipwood on May 06, 2015 in Accommodation, Adventure Travel, Africa, Botswana, Camping, Kenya, Leisure Travel, Regions, Resorts, South Africa, Speciality Travel, Zambia, Zimbabwe   – Read 18784 times

Elephants reason a outrageous pull for people on oppulance safaris, and it’s no warn – these extraordinary animals have perplexing family ties, and tellurian like emotions. Much investigate has been finished on a elephant and it stays one of a many fascinating animals to see on any oppulance safari. Elephants are now being heavily persecuted for their ivory, and now is a time to revisit Africa and see these peaceful giants. There is roughly zero improved than examination baby elephants purpose around in a mud, or play with their siblings. African elephants are incomparable than their Indian counterparts and this can make examination them both humbling and astonishment inspiring. They pierce by a brush roughly silently and are a genuine undisputed kings of a jungle. There are hundreds of charge projects now operative on over expostulate to strengthen these enchanting beasts from poaching, though a conflict is still unequivocally many ongoing. Here are a tip 10 oppulance safari properties from that one can watch elephants.

1. Sirikoi, Lewa, Northern Kenya

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Northern Kenya is breath-takingly pleasing with rolling hills, views of Mount Kenya, open plains and marshes surrounded by yellow heat trees. Sirikoi is an unusually special oppulance safari stay braggadocio both tents and dual private houses. From Sirikoi we can mostly watch family groups of elephant come down to splash during a waterhole in front of camp, and once we conduct out onto a plains with your private Samburu beam we will be treated to outrageous vistas mostly dotted with family groups of elephant.

Sirikoi elephants

2. Saruni Samburu, Samburu, Northern Kenya

Samburu National Park has prolonged been famous as one of a best places to see elephant and this is due to a Ewaso Nyiro River that runs by it. Sometimes we will be propitious adequate to see immeasurable groups of elephant come together to play, ridicule quarrel and merriment in a ghastly stream waters. Saruni offers a loyal bliss of a board with well-developed guides, food and some of a best views in all of Kenya.

Saruni Samburu elephants

3. Richard’s Camp, Masai Mara, Southern Kenya

Richard’s Camp is owned by Richard Roberts who started a Mara Elephant Project, so if we do wish to see elephants we can go with one of a Richard’s Camp guides, all of whom unequivocally know their things when it comes to a elephants of a Masai Mara. This oppulance tented stay is quirky and singular with a loose and gentle atmosphere, and we will mostly have well-developed diversion observation from your possess oppulance safari tent.

Richards Camp elephants

4. Sausage Tree Camp, Lower Zambezi, Zambia

Sausage Tree is unequivocally special – we competence even strike into an elephant on your approach from your immeasurable tented apartment to a categorical area, as it creates a approach down into a Zambezi River to feast on a prolonged grasses and suffer swimming (trunks make a illusory snorkel). There are elephants everywhere here and we will not go for longer than a few mins though saying one.

Sausage Tree elephants

5. Tena Tena, South Luangwa, Zambia

Tena Tena is set in a possess private conservancy with a Luangwa River separating it from a South Luangwa National Park – smashing scenes will play out before we while on drives or in front of camp, with elephants streamer down to a stream to drink. When a waters are shoal we can watch them strengthen a tiny ones from entrance crocodiles. Tena Tena is run by a famous Robin Pope Safaris and has positively all we could wish in a oppulance safari camp.

Tena Tena Camp elephants

6. Chindeni Bushcamp, South Luangwa, Zambia

Chindeni is set in a furious and remote area of a South Luangwa – your oppulance bedrooms are towering above a firth below, and we can while divided a day examination elephants next from your comfy hammock. From this oppulance stay we can also see a Chindeni Mountains, that make a many extraordinary detailed backdrop when there are elephants browsing underneath them. Chindeni is called a bushcamp, though feels unusually lush and boasts smashing guides and tasty food.

Chindeni Camp elephants

7. Chief’s Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Chief’s Camp is one of Botswana’s many lush safari camps and is impossibly spoiling. Everything here is ideal and that goes for a diversion observation too. Chief’s Island is maybe one of a many famous diversion observation destinations in Africa and of march a elephant observation here will not disappoint. Often we will be examination herds of elephants from a comfort of your verandah or a categorical area. You don’t have to go distant here to see abounding elephant.

Chiefs Camp elephants

8. Savute Under Canvas, Savute, Botswana

Savute is positively pumping with diversion and this includes elephant. Savute Under Canvas is an authentic though gentle oppulance safari stay that unequivocally feels as if it is truly in a wilds. Here we can suffer a mobile stay though carrying to compensate a reward to take it exclusively. Savute Under Canvas has a many enchanting plcae that will positively perform all your desires when it comes to diversion viewing, and experiencing a intrigue of a oppulance tented camp.

Savute Under Canvas elephants

9. Somalisa, Hwange, Zimbabwe

Somalisa has a classical magnificence to it that comes naturally, and this oppulance safari stay positively delivers when it comes to elephant. There are many famous photographs of elephant entrance right adult to a rug in front of a stay – this is since immeasurable herds of elephant rally on a vessel that is directly in front of this extraordinary camp. With usually 6 oppulance bedrooms we will positively feel as if we are in one of Africa’s many disdainful camps, that indeed we are.

Somalisa elephants

10. Madikwe Hills, Madikwe, South Africa

Madikwe Hills is impossibly lush though has such a gentle and accessible atmosphere that we feel as if we can chuck your boots off and travel around in your sauce robe (which they wouldn’t mind about during all!). There is a waterhole in front of a board that attracts elephant each day, though Madikwe itself is only illusory for elephant, everywhere we spin there will be tiny family groups or incomparable herds, and a red dirt and extraordinary sunsets make for some enchanting photographs.

Madikwe Hills elephants

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