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The tip 5 remote and lush South Luangwa Lodges

The South Luangwa in Zambia is substantially a best place in a universe to see leopard in a wild. The medium here is a leopard’s bliss and as such they live here in abundance, and have turn accustomed to a vehicles that take guest on oppulance safaris. The South Luangwa has turn a tiny bustling in certain areas that is because we’d like to pull courtesy to a following oppulance South Luangwa safari camps that still offer an off a beaten lane oppulance knowledge with illusory diversion viewing. The South Luangwa will sojourn one of a many pleasing and enchanting safari locations in Africa, here are a tip 5 oppulance remote South Luangwa camps:

Tena Tena

Tena Tena is run by famous safari association Robin Pope Safaris and a safari here will positively not defect – a guides and staff are a best in a business and it’s plcae in it’s possess private Nsefu Sector ensures that we will not see another soul. In fact a plcae is so good for diversion observation that a BBC mostly film in a area, and use a private Robin Pope camp. The tents here are almost permanent and really luxurious, with quirky and gentle décor that creates we feel now relaxed, and during one with a bush.


Puku Ridge

Puku Ridge is intensely lush and really wild, with views of a plain dotted with diversion all a time. The board is run by Sanctuary Retreats who offer a many enchanting oppulance safari camps and lodges opposite Africa. Puku Ridge is tiny and insinuate and offers a private and disdainful safari knowledge for perceptive travellers who like a brew between complicated and authentic décor. Puku Ridge reall do get it right when it comes to oppulance South Luangwa safaris.

Chindeni Bushcamp

Chindeni is really special and located in a distant South of a park – here we have overwhelming views of a firth with a Chindeni Mountains in a behind belligerent – a forehead is mostly dotted with elephant and other diversion species, and we will mostly here baboons alarm job during some secret cat. The stay is really lush with celestial hammocks ideal for relaxing. It is really tiny during usually 6 oppulance tents built on lifted decking – and we will not see another essence for miles around.


Zungulila Bushcamp

Zungulila Bushcamp is taken on disdainful use usually and is intensely lush and quirky, with pleasing fabrics used during each event and a importance being on genuine privacy, in a genuine safari camp. It feels furious and remote and is certainly one of a many disdainful private safari options in all of Africa. Even for a smaller organisation this stay is possibly and can meant that your South Luangwa knowledge is one of a many singular you’ll ever have on any travels.


Bilimungwe Bushcamp

This stay is quirky and singular too, as are a sister camps of Zungulila and Chindeni – a plcae again is really furious and in a distant south of a South Luangwa. It has usually 4 bedrooms and this creates it a really insinuate and singular knowledge in itself. Its atmosphere is really loose and spontaneous and we will feel partial of a family as shortly as we arrive – a genuine oppulance brush stay that doesn’t concede on comfort, or a feeling of being in a wilderness.

Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company.

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