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The many enchanting Selous safari camps

We speak about a Selous all a time, since it unequivocally is one of a many noted areas of Africa one can get to easily, while still being totally furious and remote. The Selous has prisoner a hearts of many a good path-finder via time and we’re unequivocally not astounded – it is truly enchanting and an area that we would like everybody to experience. A safari in a Selous is distant some-more dull and gives we a many improved feel for a bush, and anything we do see will also be exclusively for we as there are unequivocally few camps and unequivocally few people. The running here is many improved than in other tools of Tanzania not slightest since a guides have to lane and use a signs of a brush to find their wildlife. From a Selous one can bound over to Zanzibar and suffer any kind of property, from incomparable oppulance hotels to tiny insinuate beach lodges – there unequivocally is something for everybody – here is a small about a best Selous safari lodges:

Sand Rivers Selous

Sand Rivers Selous sits on a hook of a Rufiji River that is so surreal and so pleasing that we infrequently feel as if you’re in a dream. This board has to be seen to be believed and offers a smashing possibility to unequivocally tumble in adore with Tanzania. It is flattering enchanting and we adore it there. We recently perceived a diversion observation news from a friends during Sand Rivers about a fugitive dual brothers – dual large masculine lions who have been giving a guest some smashing sights. This among elephant, hippo, crocodile and other extraordinary diversion observation creates this one of Tanzania’s tip safari lodges.


Azura Selous

We positively adore Azura Selous, a lush with a illusory sauna and in a good area for diversion viewing. Azura boasts some of Africa’s biggest suites, all of that are private and exclusive. The furnishings are lush nonetheless relaxing and don’t feel too intelligent or pretentious. There’s so many to do – walking, boats and diversion drives as good as a unequivocally good allocated sauna that offers normal African treatments that can't destroy to make we feel great.


Beho Beho

Beho Beho is one of a some-more famous of a oppulance Selous safari properties and won’t disappoint. The immeasurable suites face a morning and so we arise adult each morning appreciating only how special this place unequivocally is. The atmosphere is of one large family and a food is gourmet. Beho Beho is healthy and authentic though impossibly lush and offers an peerless chances to try a remote segment of a Selous that is unpopulated by other safari camps.


Siwandu Camp

Siwandu as in it’s 25th year of operation and is an artistic location, ideally placed for a best wildlife observation in a Selous and has entrance to a pleasing Lake Nzerakera and Lake Siwandu. Founded in 1988 by Charles Dobie a Selous Safari Company (now Siwandu) is one of a oldest many successful safari companies in Tanzania – and that unequivocally shows when we stay during this extraordinary camp, food is epicurean and a guides are fun, accessible and unusually knowledgeable.


Rose Hipwood is Managing Director of The Luxury Safari Company.

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