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The decisive beam to selecting a Halong Bay cruise

The illusory perspective of Halong Bay has desirous many a traveller to revisit Vietnam. With a soaring limestone pinnacles appearing out of a morning mist, Chinese-style junk boats channel to and fro between them, it is a landscape that seems to go some-more in ancient fable than in guidebooks and brochures.

The best proceed to knowledge Halong Bay is, of course, by boat. There is a far-reaching accumulation of tour options to select from, trimming from one-day to several-day, and from low-budget to a tallness of luxury. The problem isn’t anticipating them – it’s determining that to choose. Luckily, we can help!


How do we get there?

You will many expected proceed Halong Bay from Hanoi, a tour that can take 3 to 4 hours by highway depending on traffic. If we cite to make an entrance, a many some-more thespian proceed to transport to Halong Bay is by a new seaplane service, introduced in 2014. The Cessna Grand Caravan seaplane whisks we from a collateral to a seashore in no time (30 minutes, to be exact), and a float can be extended to ring a moody over a brook itself – permitting we to grasp a ideal scale of a landscape below.

Choosing a tour length

Day cruises

For those who are strapped for time, a day outing to Halong from Hanoi is usually about feasible. With a three- to four-hour expostulate any proceed and usually half a day of cruising, this isn’t a favourite choice – though it does yield a good introduction to a region. For a improved day outing and some-more time on a water, spend a night in Halong City previously and arise early for a full day of cruising.

One-night cruises

For many holidaymakers in Vietnam, a one-night tour is a ideal choice. With a night onboard your vessel, you’ll have time to relax and suffer a atmosphere of a area, though eating into a rest of your outing too much. Overnight cruises customarily start around midday, with lunch served usually as we set sail. You’ll stop during a few places of seductiveness in a afternoon, disembarking during floating villages, beaches and caves, before grapnel for a night to suffer dinner. The following morning, your tour will lapse to pier during around 11am.

Two-night cruises

A two-night tour allows we to conduct serve into a bay, withdrawal a bulk of a traveller crowds behind. In many cases, on your second day of cruising we will send into a smaller vessel to revisit some lesser-known corners of a brook – swimming, kayaking and exploring in peace, until we lapse to a categorical boat for a night. This is an glorious choice for those with a tiny some-more time in Vietnam.

Three-night cruises

The Indochina Junk tour association work a three-night tour for those who unequivocally wish to delayed a gait and learn a farthest corners of Halong Bay and beside Bai Tu Long Bay. Our advice? If you’re a tour expert or you’ve got oceans of time to spend, go for it!


Choosing a ship

By direct of a Vietnamese government, all boats handling on Halong Bay are now embellished white on a outward – so during initial peek there might seem to be tiny to select between them. Look a tiny closer, however, and there are indeed a operation of styles, sizes and standards.

Classic wooden junk boat

These Chinese-style vessels with their particular red sails are a many common boats on a bay, and have existed in a identical form given a 10th century. Many companies work regulating this character of ship, and sizes operation from single-cabin vessels (perfect for honeymooners) to many bigger qualification with 20 cabins or more. The customary is variable, encompassing both gentle mid-range and disdainful oppulance vessels.

Traditional paddle steamer

For a ambience of La France, demeanour no serve than European-style paddle steamer, The Emeraude. Owned by a descendent of one of a strange Halong tour operators, a forerunners of this steel-hulled vessel initial glided opposite a brook carrying tourists in 1906. The cabins are somewhat smaller than some other ships on a bay, though this is some-more than done adult for by a atmosphere of colonial magnificence and luxury.

Modern oppulance vessel

There are usually a few boats on a brook that don’t impersonate a character of a normal junk, and a Au Co is one of them. Purpose-built for tourism, you’ll find a cabins spacious, a décor elegant, and a customary luxurious. 30 out of a 32 cabins have private balconies, there is an onboard sauna and Jacuzzi, and a complicated pattern is complemented by normal Asian touches – so we never forget you’re in Vietnam.


What time of year should we travel?

Cruises continue by Halong Bay via a year, and any deteriorate has a pros and cons.

Winter (December to January)

Winter brings tiny sleet – definition reduction possibility of intrusion due to termination – and cold temperatures (15-20°C / 59-68°F). Bring a jacket, and don’t expect many swimming! Beware: a continue has a bent to be cloudy during this time of year, that can possibly be splendidly windy or totally problematic your perspective of a bay!

Spring (February to April)

Still dry, though commencement to comfortable adult after winter – permitting for a bit of sunbathing and swimming. For many people this is a really best time to be out on a bay, though it also means that it can be extremely bustling in a some-more renouned spots.

Summer (May to August)

Summer is breathless in a cities of mainland Vietnam, so a tour on Halong Bay provides a really acquire remit to internal temperatures. The downside is that lots of other people will have had a same idea! There is also a lot of rain, though showers tend to be brief and sharp; not adequate to moderate spirits. Towards a finish of a summer, there is a tiny risk that a gale or vast charge could means your tour to be cancelled.

Autumn (September to November)

Although a charge risk continues into Sep and October, a autumn can be a smashing time to revisit Halong Bay due to pleasing temperatures and reduced rainfall. It is also comparatively still during this time of year (as still as it ever is during Halong Bay, anyway), creation for a some-more pleasing altogether experience.

Alastair Donnelly is Director during InsideAsia Tours.

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