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The best place on Earth to watch whales

By Scott Turner on Feb 09, 2016 in Adventure Travel, Attractions, Cruises Boat Travel, Going Out, Hawaii, Leisure Travel, North America, Regions, Speciality Travel, USA   – Read 5313 times

Majestic North Pacific Humpback Whales, or Kohola as they were famous in ancient Hawaiian, start their emigration from Alaska to a Hawaiian Islands around Sep of any year. While a accurate series of Humpback whales visiting Hawaii is unknown, it is estimated to be as high as 21,000. And while their categorical reason for entrance to a islands is to partner and give birth in a peaceful pleasant waters, many of these accessible and extraordinary creatures select to spend their revisit off a seashore of Maui due to a singular topography and miss of predators. In fact, a waters off of South Maui and West Maui are home to a largest populations of Humpback whales in a world.

Sunset whale cruise

Maui whale examination facts

Maui County is comprised of 4 islands: Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe. Their tighten vicinity to one another creates a shoal dish that is about 300-feet in depth. Humpback whales cite shoal waters and indeed spend many of their lives in H2O that is 300-feet in abyss or less.
Humpback whales have few healthy predators though among them are sharks and torpedo whales, that feed on sick, injured, or immature humpbacks. There are few orcas in Hawaii, as they cite colder waters. In fact it is estimated that there are usually about 400 orcas in a whole Hawaiian archipelago.
Did we know that Humpback whales quick while they are visiting Hawaii? That competence be tough to believe, though it is true. There aren’t really many attract fish in Hawaii since of a miss of phytoplankton, that Humpback whales feed upon. During their stay, that can be anywhere from 4 to 6 months, they live off of their weep and can remove adult to 25% of their weight.

Whales from above

The normal H2O heat of a H2O surrounding a Hawaiian Islands averages out to about 75 degrees Fahrenheit (roughly 23 degrees Celsius). Because of a tolerably peaceful heat Hawaiian waters are a ideal sourroundings for Humpback whales to lift their baby calves, that are innate but a protecting covering of weep and need a regard to survive.

Maui is by distant one of a best places to knowledge whale watching, from both land and sea. Whether we confirm to whale watch from sun-drenched South Maui, calm West Maui, or a pleasant North Shore we are certain to have your exhale taken divided by these pleasing mammals. If we go on a whale examination debate don’t forget to move your camera (charged adult and with copiousness of space on your SD card) since these amicable creatures adore to mop for a camera.

Fun Humpback whale facts

The gestational duration for Humpback whales is between 11 and 12 months.
For a initial 6 months of a Humpback calf’s life it will benefit about 100lbs (45kgs) a day. This is due to a fact that they live wholly off of their mother’s milk, that is among a richest divert in a universe during scarcely 50% fat.
Humpback whales have special blood that enclose myohemoglobin, a piece that assists in holding oxygen in a blood afterwards delivering it to wherever it is indispensable a most.

Whale breaching

Whale watch vessel tours are consistently a “must do” activity for visitors to Hawaii. Because there is such a direct to see North Pacific Humpback Whales adult tighten there are many opposite forms of vessel tours available. You’ll have to confirm what form of vessel debate you’re meddlesome in and where you’d like to leave from before we can embark on your Maui whale examination adventure.

Whale examination on Maui by sea

Many boats withdrawal from Maalaea Harbor will offer whale examination and snorkeling journeys. The whale examination usually tours final a integrate hours while a snorkeling tours are between 3-5 hours. Most Maui vessel tours conveniently leave from Maalaea Harbor and they offer a many amenities of any on Maui. Whale examination on house Leilani while we suffer Maui’s famous nightfall over cooking and cocktails is a contingency do. Maalaea is about a 30-minute expostulate from Lahaina and about 10 mins from Kihei.

Whale from raft

While many tours take place on yachts, some companies offer whale examination tours that implement kayaks, piragua canoes, and mount adult paddle boards. All of these tours leave from both South Maui and West Maui, so once you’ve motionless on a debate all that is left is to confirm that side of Maui we wish your journey to start on.

Makena kayaking

For those looking for a bit some-more journey a raft competence be some-more your speed. A Whale Watching Tour utilizes an flexible raft that has an onboard hydrophone for we to listen to a Humpback whales as they communicate. Their groups are some-more insinuate in distance as they extent any debate to a limit of 24 passengers; however, it should be remarkable that due to a adventurous inlet of a tours it’s not suggest their tours for profound women, people with behind or neck problems, a elderly, and children underneath a age of 8. Kihei is about a 40 to 50-minute expostulate from Lahaina.

Whale, Maui

The companies and tours listed above are only a sampling of a many opposite options accessible for a whale examination journey on Maui. If we aren’t peaceful with vessel tours or simply cite to stay on dry land, there are many spots where we can whale watch from land, trimming from your hotel room patio to scenic lookouts. When we are whale examination from shore, be certain to demeanour out for a plumes of H2O that seem to fire out of a ocean. Those plumes are famous as spouts, and Humpback whale spouts are typically high and column-shaped.

Whale examination on Maui from land

Whale watch from your hotel or vacation let balcony. Whether you’re staying in South Maui or West Maui many hotels and vacation rentals are conveniently located on beachfront or waterfront properties. While we won’t be means to see a whales adult close, we have a perk of examination them from your private balcony. That takes a observant ‘a room with a view’ to a whole new level.

Papawai Scenic Lookout in Lahaina is a renouned plcae for whale examination from land. This surveillance is a lift off from Honoapiilani Highway (Hawaii Route 30). It is a ideal plcae for examination a object kindly set into a setting while we watch Humpback whales tail and pectoral slap or declaim H2O as they aspect for air. The upsurge of trade by a Papawai Lookout is flattering steady, definition that we do not have to worry about parking.

If you’re formulation on enjoying silt and object during one of Maui’s pleasing beaches, because not get some whale examination finished during a same time? While there are countless beaches to select from because not do it from those famous for being “America’s Best Beach”? Kapalua Beach was a initial beach to accept a respect of being named as “America’s Best Beach” in 1991 and Kaanapali Beach, that is West Maui’s signature beach, and was named “America’s Best Beach” in 2003.

Whale examination in South Maui

If we find yourself on Maui during a North Pacific Humpback Whale’s migration, we contingency carpe diem (seize a day) and see these peaceful giants in person, regardless of either we select to do it from land or by sea. Due to a inlet of sea life any whale examination knowledge on Maui is truly one-of-a-kind.

Scott Turner is a CEO during Pride of Maui.

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