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Tanzania’s tip 9 Indian Ocean getaways

East Africa’s seashore is lined with bluish waters, powder-soft beaches and some of a planet’s many pleasing pleasant islands. Nowhere is this some-more in justification than in Tanzania’s Zanzibar archipelago. Here are a tip 9 beach properties off Tanzania’s seashore for a many ideal halcyon getaway.

Mnemba Island

No list of tip Zanzibar properties would be finish though Africa’s flagship beach board – Mnemba Island. The smashing island of Mnemba is usually 10 minutes’ vessel float off Zanzibar itself and is good reputable as one of a planet’s glorious private islands. Surrounded by coral embankment and some of a best beaches in a world, Mnemba Island is a initial board I’d advise as an appendage to a top-end oppulance safari. With usually 10 bedrooms widespread out among a timberland in a centre of a island, Mnemba epitomises a ‘no boots no news’ philosophy. With an eye-watering cost tab of over $3,000, a night during rise deteriorate in this place is distant from cheap, though if no-frills beach vital is your thing afterwards there are unequivocally few lodges worldwide to kick Mnemba.

Mnemba Island

Chumbe Island

This place frequency creates it onto a tip beach skill list, though Chumbe is a truly singular end that is surrounded by some of a glorious coral reefs in Africa. It might not have one of a region’s best beaches, though there are unequivocally few places as charming, as good labelled and as engaging as this. Located off a seashore of Zanzibar’s collateral Stone Town, Chumbe is a board that receives few beach enthusiasts nonetheless stays one of a many sparkling properties in Africa for snorkelling. The beach itself is small, though a brief stay here enriches your bargain of a brilliance of these waters and puts Zanzibar on a map for some of a best reefs in a world. I’d book it with time spent during a board where a beach is a focus.

Chumbe Island

Fundu Lagoon

This remotely located board sits on Pemba Island, a northern island in a Zanzibar archipelago. Most famous for being a oppulance choice divided from a crowds nonetheless still on Zanzibar itself, Fundu Lagoon has prolonged been ideal for honeymooners and adventurers who are looking for something different. With entrance to a overwhelming picture-perfect Mesali Island as good as some of a unequivocally best diving waters in a whole region, Fundu Lagoon offers a horde of activities alongside usually lazing around on a beach. Suites are expensive, since customary bedrooms offer severely good value for such a top-end lodge. A good choice if a blurb side of Zanzibar is not to your liking.

Fundu Lagoon

White Sand Luxury Villas and Spa

White Sand is a sincerely new serve to a Zanzibar board scene, though it has done utterly an impact with a grand pattern and still plcae on a pleasing widen of beach on a island’s easterly coast. With usually 11 rooms, this premier board provides a guest with a private and personalised high-end knowledge that not many other properties on Zanzibar can rival! Despite a comparatively tiny size, White Sand’s room categories are stretchable – 5 one-bedroom villas, 5 two-bedroom villas and a five-bedroom presidential suite. This accumulation allows a board to support for a extended spectrum of holiday goers – from honeymoon couples to incomparable families. White Sand also offers a guest a far-reaching operation of activities, including kite surfing, diving, snorkelling and a use of beach bikes!

White Sand

Pongwe Beach Hotel

Situated on a still south-eastern side of Zanzibar, Pongwe Beach Hotel can arguably be deliberate one of a best value-for-money properties on a island, while providing consistently high-quality food and service. Pongwe Beach Hotel has a possess private beach, that is a monument on Zanzibar. Due to this privacy, Pongwe doesn’t have to contend with a bother of hawks and touts, distinct many other lodges. The removed beach is ideal for guest who usually wish to relax on holiday. Whilst Pongwe doesn’t have a possess watersports centre, snorkelling and diving excursions can be organised around Reception – good news for some-more brave visitors to Zanzibar!


Kilindi Zanzibar

Kilindi is utterly simply a ultimate honeymooners’ getaway. Each of a 12 pavilion bedrooms is removed and boasts an undeviating perspective opposite a Indian Ocean. The Pavilions include of a large, ethereal bedroom and a lavatory with a perspective to die for. These bedrooms are separate by a square and dipping pool – and there is positively adequate space for guest to while their days divided though ever carrying to go to a community areas! With a high standards of use and an glorious kitchen, Kilindi though doubt earns a place in a premier difficulty of lodges. It is also located a tiny 20-minute travel opposite a beach from Kendwa, that is arguably a best beach on a island!


Matlai Boutique Hotel

Matlai Boutique Hotel is in many ways utterly singular on Zanzibar, both in a character and in a approach. There are now usually 4 rooms, nonetheless a serve 4 are being built and are due to be finished in a entrance months. This tiny scale allows Matlai to unequivocally compensate courtesy to a guest’s each need. Flexibility is a normal here – and as a result, dish times and dish locations change according to what a guest wants to do. Like many lodges on Zanzibar, Matlai does not have a possess watersports centre, though guest wishing to snorkel or dive can do so by a dive centre on a nearest beach. The hotel is also located usually a stone’s chuck from The Rock, a famous grill that sits on a tiny coral outcrop off a beach and can usually be reached by boat.


Ras Kutani

Located some 40 kilometres to a south of Dar es Salaam along a Swahili coast, Ras Kutani offers an halcyon and removed beach getaway. With a restful, laidback atmosphere, this board is ideal not usually before a safari after a prolonged general flight, though also after a rigours of early mornings and game-viewing activities. Watersports activities are rather singular here, with usually snorkelling and canoeing available, so Ras Kutani is best matched to guest who are happy reading a book and generally relaxing.


Pole Pole

Pole Pole is located within a Marine Reserve on Mafia Island, that creates adult a partial of a Zanzibar Archipelago. While Pole Pole does not have a best of beaches, it does offer what can be deliberate a ultimate diving along a East African coastline, along with a good series of other activities – both on a H2O and in a form of excursions to beside islands such as Chole. The board itself is insinuate and comfortable, and a glorious food is truly a cherry on a cake!

Pole Pole

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