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Stunning properties for a warm-weather winter vacation



By Paolo Macchiaroli on Oct 14, 2016 in Accommodation, Africa, Asia, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Costa Rica, Guadeloupe, Oceania, Pacific Islands, Regions, Seychelles, Thailand, Turks and Caicos, Vacation Rentals   – Read 1043 times

As a initial leaves fall, many start blank a regard of a sun. However, there is no need to wait for a subsequent summer to suffer a fever and a sea. The tropics offer a possibility to indulge in some comfortable continue even in a center of a winter, with pleasing properties in a Caribbean, Indian and Pacific oceans.

Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Luxurious and designed to offer each comfort, Over Yonder Cay has it all: private beaches, forever pools, Jacuzzis and many opposite sitting areas, both indoors and outdoors, to suffer a beauty of a property’s surroundings. The villa is a ideal starting indicate to suffer a vast series of fun activities, including watersports, golfing and sailing.


Musha Cay, Bahamas

David Copperfield’s private island, Musha Cay, is usually as enchanting as a owner: over 700 acres of healthy beauty wait guest who collect it as their home divided from home in a Bahamas. Secluded and quiet, this estate has all one can wish for: from a forlorn views of a sea to a pool, all sum emanate a halcyon sourroundings where to relax and forget about bland life and routine.


Manzu, Costa Rica

Built on a Papagayo Peninsula in Costa Rica, this illusory villa is surrounded by century aged pleasant trees and sensuous gardens. Designed to emanate a relaxing environment, a skill is dotted with hammocks, chairs and sitting areas that entice guest to lay behind and suffer a views and sounds of a pleasant forest. The swimming pool, unaware a sea, is a ideal mark to rest after an brave day in a midst of Costa Rica’s overwhelming nature.


Bora Bora One, Bora Bora

The many sensuous villa on a island, Bora Bora One boasts a plcae that overlooks a transparent clear waters of a Pacific Ocean and that can usually be described as paradisiac. The pleasant gardens are ideal for strolling and for enjoying some still time, while a indoors and outside vital areas are ideal for party around with friends, enjoying cocktails and admiring a overwhelming sunset.


Sea Monkey, Seychelles

It’s unfit not to tumble in adore with Sea Monkey, a overwhelming skill located on a hilly peninsula with undeviating views of a Indian Ocean. This oppulance villa is surrounded by sensuous foliage and is a stone’s chuck divided from fanciful sandy beaches and coral reefs. The skill also comforts an implausible series of facilities, from tennis list to an forever pool. Guests can select several relaxing activities, from yoga sessions to vessel excursions.


Palm Point, Antigua

Simply gorgeous, this oppulance beach skill offers remoteness and remoteness for those who wish to spend a relaxing vacation in one of a Caribbean’s many pleasing islands. Featuring a swimming pool, a Jacuzzi, and a pavilion on a water, Palm Point has extraordinary views over a sea and is tighten to all we competence wish to strech to make your holiday even some-more fun.


Kalyana, Koh Samui

If we are looking for a celestial plcae for your subsequent holiday, this private pleasant alcove is ideal for you! Located right on a beach and built in normal Thai style, this vast 14-bedroom villa is surrounded by sensuous inlet and overlooks a blue waters of a Gulf of Siam. The pool, outside sitting and dining areas are a property’s crowning jewels.


Sand Club, St Bart

Ideally located along a Flamand beach, a pleasing Sand Club Estate is a quintessentially sensuous shelter for those who wish to relax and admire a pleasing surroundings. The open devise vital area overlooks a swimming pool and terrace, that is lined with palm trees and furnished with sunbeds.

Sibarth Villa Rentals Photos

Tamarind, Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos

The pleasing views of a Caribbean Sea will take your exhale divided during Villa Tamarind, located in a isolated mark right on a beach. Built in teak timber and marble, this skill offers copiousness of privacy, a smashing swimming pool and approach beach access. The object deck, is a ideal place to relax and take in a healthy beauty of a area.


Fah Sai Samsara, Phuket

Striking and elegant, this villa is simply unique, as it comforts pattern elements of a famous designer Frank Lloyd Wright. The skill also comforts overwhelming views over Naka Lay Bay that can be enjoyed while sipping a cocktail in a forever pool. The party room, a Jacuzzi and a ethereal vital areas make it a ideal choice for those who wish to suffer a good vacation in Thailand with family and friends.

Villa 8, Samsara private estate, Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

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