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Special feature: Skandika Hurricane 12 tent



By Paul Johnson on Jul 05, 2016 in Accommodation, Camping, Europe, Family Travel, Featured, Regions, Special Features, Speciality Travel, Travel Equipment, United Kingdom, Western Europe   – Read 1148 times

I know camping is distant from many people’s suspicion of luxury, yet that’s not a approach we see it. On a contrary, camping provides a ideal event to be during one with inlet – arguably a oppulance in itself – and gives families a ideal event to spend peculiarity time together, mostly divided from a record that dominates a daily lives.  Far from being an oxymoron, oppulance camping is unequivocally most alive and well… so prolonged as we have good quality gear.

We were gay therefore to hear from German aptness and outside company, Skandika, who asked us to try out their Hurricane 12 tent. We’d been watchful for an accessible weekend from a bustling report – total with a mangle in a continue – yet were mostly out of fitness so motionless instead to representation a tent in a garden and exam it out that way, something that is indeed endorsed anyway before  you take it divided on your initial trip.

For a tent that can nap adult to 12 people, it packs adult rather easily into a stout bag that’s usually a tiny bit bigger (but admittedly a lot heavier!) than a dog.  Of course, tents always fit easily into their sold bags when we initial squeeze them, yet infrequently it’s a onslaught removing them behind in after their initial use; thankfully, that wasn’t a box during all with this one – a vast bag has a inexhaustible drawstring that allows we to place a loosely folded tent behind in, with plenty space, before pulling on a cord to make a essence secure.

Skandika tent

Not being one to review instructions, we laid out a several tools of a tent to see what we had: a categorical canvas, a array of poles, compartments for any finish of a tent, a groundsheet, man ropes and correct kit. The poles are easy to arrange and done of shatter-proof fibreglass so both clever and flexible. The board has good peculiarity waterproof seams, and re-inforced eyelets and tabs to give it additional longevity. It’s also done with a glow retardant material, of course.

Skandika tent laid out

It all looked unequivocally candid to arrange so we resisted a titillate to impute to a instructions. Unsurprisingly for such a vast tent, it was most easier to arrange with a assistance of a second adult and we had it entirely erected within about half an hour (I daresay we could do it faster still with some-more experience).

The initial thing that me struck me about a tent – compared to tents we have had formerly – is a palliate with that we can go in and out.  It competence sound an apparent requirement but, with me being around 6 feet tall, a tent carrying a limit tallness of 200cm unequivocally creates life a whole lot easier and allows for a incomparable leisure of transformation once inside.

Skandika tent erected

The compartments inside were easy to shave in and authorised for apart sleeping areas, or a storage compartment, or whatever pattern suits we – one vast cell during one end, with an discretionary divider and dual apart zipped compartments during a other finish (one a tiny incomparable than a other).

Tents will mostly explain to sleep a sold series on a arrogance that we suffer being packaged like sardines and have no effects with we – a explain that this tent could nap 12, though, was realistic; it could absolutely do that yet I’d advise it’s best matched to a vast family that likes to have plenty space, tiny groups of friends or even dual families travelling together… so prolonged as they are good friends also!

Skandika tent inside

Useful interior filigree storage pockets can be used for reading element or any other equipment of your choosing.

Skandika tent pockets

As night fell we done ourselves during home and put a tent to a test.  No doubt helped by a fact that we are in a semi-rural location, a tent offering a good night’s sleep. The breeze wasn’t all that strong, yet the tent some-more than stood adult to a conditions with usually a few of the guy ropes granted being used.  I’m certain with a hovel figure and with all man ropes in use, it could withstand an awful lot more.

Skandika tent sunset

A integrate of days after we did confront some rain, yet once again a tent was some-more than a compare for any conditions being thrown during it. we unequivocally favourite some of a delicately suspicion out sum – for example, simple rigid sections above windows and doorways that forestall H2O from using behind into a tent. We live in Cumbria – one of a wettest tools of a nation – so it’s re-assuring to have a tent that can comfortably mount adult to a elements. A 5,000mm H2O mainstay – a top accessible peculiarity for family tents – provides additional insurance from a elements.

Skandika tent rain

This is a high peculiarity product that we would unequivocally most suggest and am certain would offer as a good investment for many years to come… for any associate readers who trust that we can stay in oppulance afterall!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Skandika.

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