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Special feature: Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites, Elounda, Crete, Greece



By Paul Johnson on Jun 30, 2016 in Accommodation, Attractions, Europe, Featured, Food and Drink, Going Out, Greece, Hotels, Leisure Travel, Regions, Resorts, Restaurants, Special Features, Speciality Travel, Travel Miscellany, Videos, Western Europe   – Read 859 times

Equidistant from Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece’s largest island is 260 kilometres prolonged and anything from 12 to 56 kilometres wide. It is alpine in parts and offers huge variations in both landscape and climate. Welcome to a island of Crete where olive groves and vineyards are interspersed with brief towering ranges, and where a north of a island’s mouth-watering bays and ports contrariety with a some-more imperishable seashore of a south.

This was my seventh time on a island and my sixth revisit to Elounda and on any prior revisit I’d stayed somewhere different, such is a resources of oppulance accommodation in this halcyon enclave. But this time was opposite – I’d so desired my stay during Elounda Gulf Villas Suites final year that I’d returned to suffer it with family. Led by owners and Managing Director, Anna Kadianakis, and managed by Dimitris Lentzos, a hotel offers a unequivocally personal hold that eludes some of a bigger oppulance hotels in a town.


On this occasion, we stayed in dual opposite places, both belonging to Elounda Gulf Villas Suites. The bulk of a villas and suites are to be found during a categorical resort, yet a hotel also has a possess private beach usually a other side of Elounda where they have another skill that is where we spent a initial few nights. Elounda Villa can nap adult to 8 people in 4 bedrooms. It’s spacious, with a contemporary pattern and layout, and usually yards from a beach.

Elounda Villa

The master bedroom has a bold, striped underline wall behind a bedhead, a possess loll area and en apartment bathroom.

Elounda Villa master bedroom

The bedspread, separate cushions and ornaments offer a acquire dash of colour.

Elounda Villa master bedroom vital space

Elounda Villa master bedroom bathroom

Olivia toiletries are supplied.

Elounda Villa lavatory amenities

The accommodation has a possess loll and kitchen beyond.

Elounda Villa vital space and kitchen

Additional seating can found subsequent to a grate usually off from a categorical loll area.

Elounda Villa vital space

There are 4 bedrooms in total, any beautifully presented and with a choice for bedrooms to be configured as twin or double beds.

Elounda Villa bedroom

The vital area comes finish with 3D TV – 3D eyeglasses are supposing and DVDs can be borrowed from reception.

Elounda Villa 3D TV

A passageway building houses a investigate area and additional seating. It should be remarkable that WiFi works good on all floors within a accommodation as good as outside. (I’ve stayed during places before where less-than-reliable WiFi entrance has been blamed on primitive write systems on a island yet this clearly can’t be a box as it was glorious here!)

Elounda Villa office

Outside a villa has a possess towering patio with a perspective of a beach and sea, and a private pool that is a good distance and with lots of object loungers around it.

Elounda Villa pool

There’s also an outward list and seating with discretionary shade. Although a grill is behind during a categorical resort, we can sequence snacks here.  On a initial morning, given we had arrived late a night before, we indeed had breakfast brought to us during a villa that was a poetic approach to start a holiday.

Elounda Villa breakfast

The beach is exclusively for a use of a guest yet a handful of times any year it is used for weddings. It usually so happened that a stay co-incided with one of these occasions.

Beach wedding

As we can see, they do a good pursuit of salsa adult a venue for a occasion. This is a good venue for tiny weddings and is means to support for marriage parties with adult to around 40 guests.

Beach marriage from a ground

So that we can get a feel for a blueprint and peculiarity of a accommodation, we shot a brief video to give we a some-more finish overview.

For a residue of a stay, we stayed during an Aegean Villa behind during a categorical site of a hotel – Villa Erato, with 3 bedrooms and sleeping adult to 6 people.

Villa Erato steps

There are dual double bedrooms and one twin, any with a somewhat singular style.

Villa Erato master bedroom

A sham menu is supposing should we have sold mandate in that regard.

Villa Erato bedroom

Once again, there is an open devise kitchen, dining list and loll area.

Villa Erato vital space

And outside, there was a untrustworthy area that was ideal for when a object usually got a small too hot.

Villa Erato outward space

Alternatively, a possess pool with a perspective was ideal for cooling off!

Villa Erato pool

As during Elounda Villa, there is giveaway WiFi and atmosphere conditioning via and, once again, we put together a brief video in sequence to yield readers with a better understanding of how all is pieced together.

So that of a dual accommodation options did we prefer, we hear we ask?  Well, we indeed desired them both and it was unequivocally too tighten to call – we favourite a space that Elounda Villa afforded us, along with a beach setting, yet we also unequivocally appreciated a remoteness and carrying all a amenities ‘on site’ when staying during Villa Erato. At full occupancy, a hotel can accommodate adult to 120 guest yet this frequency happens given families of 4 competence accommodate a villa that can nap adult to six, or couples competence find a additional space that a villa sleeping 4 offers.

At a time of a visit, occupancy was during around 70% yet it felt many quieter. This is covenant to a approach that a hotel has been designed. Suites and villas are deftly perched on a bank in a approach that it never feels as yet we are unaware someone else, or indeed being overlooked, and a categorical open spaces are all open plan. Combine this with a inexhaustible dish times (see below) and you’ll find it never feels busy, even in community areas such as a grill and bar.

Regardless of that we choose, make certain we stay a while and you’ll be treated to some internal delicacies that will be left in your accommodation such as these Cretan cakes.

In-room treats

…which brings me easily on to a food. The food during Elounda Gulf Villas was something that stood out for me on my final visit, and once again they delivered. Led by Executive Chef Manolis Kokolakis, many dishes are served during a hotel’s Argo grill where we can sup al fresco. Breakfast, lunch and cooking are all served here, yet for those looking for glorious dining, there is also a Daphni epicurean grill to sample.

Elounda Gulf Villas al fresco dining

Meal times are inexhaustible with breakfast served until 11.30am, lunch from 12pm until 4pm and cooking from 7.30pm to final orders during 10.30pm. Table d’hote and a la grant menus showcase regionally-inspired contemporary Greek and Mediterranean cuisine – elementary dishes with an importance on flavour. The peculiarity of a food is glorious and I’m here presenting we with cinema of a preference of a dishes so we can during slightest get a feel for during slightest a presentation, if not a taste!

Trilogy – aubergine salad, beetroot salad and tzatziki with pita bread, Knossos cucumber and kalamata olives.

Elounda Gulf Villas trilogy

Sautéed scallops in hazelnut butter served with honeyed and immature beetroot cream, Cretan Summer truffle and fungus air.

Elounda Gulf Villas scallops

Grilled octopus with tawny houmos, tomato marmalade, sharp rocket leaves with a lemon and olive oil dressing.


Fried calamari with uninformed immature salad and lemon marmalade.


Greek salad with a Cretan turn with dakos.

Cretan salad

Warm cuttlefish leaves cooking in marjoram oil served with a poetic couscous salad with homemade cuttlefish ink mayonnaise… one of my favourites!


Lobster spaghetti with delicately selected proposal lobster pieces and uninformed tomato sauce.

Lobster and spaghetti

Steamed monkfish strap in lemon thyme and orange with celery purée, tomato confit and basil oil.

Elounda Gulf Villas monkfish

Lamb strap lonesome in a immature membrane of uninformed Cretan spices served with citrus fruit flavoured bean purée and thyme sauce.

Elounda Gulf Villas lamb

Chocolate fondant with ice cream.

Elounda Gulf Villas chocolate dessert

Creme brûlée with uninformed vanilla and hiss mousse.

Elounda Gulf Villas creme brulee

Special Greek dishes on a menu embody moussaka, soutzoukakia (homemade meatballs with cumin and tomato sauce, served with a potato purée), gemista (another favourite of cave – tomatoes and peppers pressed with rice and vegetables), kebabs and souvlaki.

There’s also a healthy children’s menu and choice of ‘mocktails’ – a boys desired a Little Manhattan (cranberry juice, orange juice, cherry juice, lemon juice, orange bitters and cherry) and a Mock Champagne, and were even given an unpretentious doctrine during a Argo bar and taught how to make them themselves! This was a poetic ‘extra touch’ and in line with a knowledge of a staff via a stay – always smiling and fervent to please.


The hotel binds tighten relations with informal farmers and winemakers, and a sommelier is usually too happy to share his imagination with you. The booze list is endless and includes some glorious Greek white wines including some from a island’s Lyrakis Estate where certain grape varieties have been saved from extinction.

Stay a while and a chances are that you’ll get to suffer a Cretan night with live music, dancing and normal Cretan cuisine (some Sundays during Argo restaurant).

Greek night music

These are fun evenings and, if a mood grabs you, we can even get concerned with a small Greek dancing yourself.

Greek night dancing

Other comforts during a hotel embody a Elixir Spa Gallery where there is a gym room, sauna, steam bath, outward Jacuzzi and massage room, or – if we cite – in-room treatments are available.  And for those travelling with immature children yet looking for a small remit now and again, there is a kids bar towards a tip of a review where we can also suffer some pleasing views.

Elounda is around an hour’s expostulate from Heraklion Airport, and you’re around dual miles from a centre of a city when staying during Elounda Gulf Villas. Although a hotel is happy to offer a convey use to a city and beach, I’d advise employing a automobile for this reason. We hired a new BMW X5 from Rental Center Crete – graphic here with a island of Spinalonga as a backdrop – that gave us a autonomy to try during a possess leisure.

Crete automobile hire

Although Elounda has lots of places to eat and splash around a harbour, for a some-more composed knowledge and a some-more engaging and, brave we contend it, classier preference of shops, I’d advise venturing that small bit serve to Plaka where a tavernas are a small reduction forward in perplexing to secure your custom.

Plaka cart

Plaka shop

Plaka products

Along with Agios Nikoloas and Elounda, Plaka is one of 3 places from that we can take a vessel outing to Spinalonga. From here it’ll set we behind just 8 euros per chairman (or half that for children 10 years aged and younger).  Spinalonga has a fascinating story – home to a Venetian outpost is a late sixteenth century and a leper cluster as recently as a late 1950s.


Other places of seductiveness circuitously include Agios Nikolaos itself and a Lasithi Plateau, and for those looking to try serve still, there are countless archaeological sites to excavate into: a Palaces of Knossos and Phaestos, Gortina, and a Toplou and Areti monasteries. Whether we wish to object loll or sightsee, during Elounda Gulf Villas Suites there are positively copiousness of opportunities to do either…

Disclosure: Our stay was pleasantness of Elounda Gulf Villas  Suites.

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