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Sniffer cats to reinstate dogs in airfield confidence trial



Sniffer dogs are carrying to step aside for their sly counterparts during a Papua New Guinea airfield and, if trials are successful, we could shortly be saying sniffer cats – rather than sniffer dogs – during airports all over a world.

Sniffer cat

It has prolonged been famous that cats have in a segment of 200 million smell receptors (compared to only 5 million in humans) – some-more than many breeds of dog. But new investigate during a Feline Olfactory Observation Laboratory in Port Moresby has also identified that a cat’s clarity of smell can be adult to 4 times some-more strident than that of a dog, so creation them some-more matched to phenomenon prohibited goods. Understandably, dogs are not tender during this spin of events!

Sad dog

But it is accurately for this reason that from currently sniffer cats will be given a hearing during Papua New Guinea’s Apr River Airport (IATA code: APR). Until now, a problem has always been how to sight a cat – a domestic animal eminent for ‘having a mind of a own’ – to do precisely what we want, though with advances in training, this has mostly been overcome and now cats meant business.

Cat that means business

Commenting on this spin of events, Dr. Kitty Stroker, an consultant in sly poise from a University of Papua New Guinea, pronounced “Cats are notoriously eccentric but, with clever coaxing, they can be lerned effectively. Unlike dogs, they do not respond good to praise, though can be encouraged by a right kinds of treats and respond good to a use of training clickers that re-enforce good behaviour.”

Cat inspecting luggage

Meanwhile dogs are not too happy and will no doubt feel threatened should a hearing infer to be a success. Which would we rather entrust with a charge of sniffing out bootleg products during airfield security… a dog or a cat?

Please expel your opinion in a comments and make certain to tell us why!

Unhappy dog

Images: Shutterstock

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