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Secrets of Spain: Tamariu – a tiny, changed valuables on a Costa Brava



They contend that a best things in life come in small packages, and positively when it comes to a small coastal encampment of Tamariu this is unequivocally true. Smell a wafting aroma of a pines beyond as we distortion on a pleasing horseshoe made beach, and listen to a lapping Mediterranean waves. You don’t need to highlight yourself out to pierce unequivocally far, as this Costa Brava beach is embraced with a choice of bars and restaurants.

Tamariu Catalonia

The Telegraph journal cruise Tamariu to be one of a best beaches on a Costa Brava

The British Telegraph journal cruise Tamariu beach to be one of a best beaches on a Costa Brava, where there are copiousness of beautiful beaches. Surrounded by sensuous pine-covered headlands, a transparent clear waters contrariety ideally with a golden silt and whitewashed buildings that distortion behind.

Whether you’re on a regretful holiday or a family outing Tamariu beach is halcyon – it doesn’t get most prettier or some-more relaxing. For families, a horseshoe figure means that a blue-flag beach is good stable and sheltered. Parents can simply suffer a poetic cold drink (cerveza) during a beach bar while being means to keep a sharp eye on a small ones as a play in a sand. The good thing about a silt is that it is a small gritty, so it isn’t a form that seems to get stranded everywhere!

Tamariu Costa Brava

Explore a fantastic coastline

On a beach like this it’s easy to confirm to go nowhere, solely for a bars and restaurants that are so tighten by. However a seashore in this area is truly spectacular, and it does merit to be explored, possibly on feet or by boat.

Tamariu boats

Take a cruise to Cala Pedrosa

On a vessel or boat we can entrance a smashing smugglers’ inlet – Cala Pedrosa. A remote beauty mark for a tranquil, regretful day on a beach. It’s located around a mile or so south from Tamariu. Make certain to container copiousness of cold drinks and a picnic, as this inlet is small and partial of a attract is a miss of establishments. If we are a small some-more brave we could always ready yourself to stay out for a unequivocally special regretful night in this lovable cove, and be there to see a smashing morning in a morning.

Cala Pedrosa sunrise

A diving wonderland

This small place that still looks like a fishermen’s village, is deliberate to be one of a best diving sites around a area. There are 9 diving sites and a diving centre. Divers can try a series of caves, as good as a Llosa de Cala Nova submerged mountain.

Tamariu Costa Brava diving

Try to take in a smashing Habaneras singing

Lots of coastal towns and villages of a Costa Brava have low informative links with Cuba. This is given many people left from around 1830 on, to try to make their happening in Cuba. Those who succeeded came behind holding with them some of a culture, as good as their newly acquired fortunes.

This informative couple is clear in several locations in a colonial homes that were built during that era. It can also be enjoyed in a Habaneras singing that is distinguished in several spots. If we can tie in your outing to Tamariu for a initial Saturday in September, we can suffer Habaneras singing on a beach.

Tamariu boats on beach

Location, location, location

Tamariu can be found in an halcyon plcae on a Costa Brava, that is in Catalonia, that has unequivocally most a possess identity, as no doubt you’re aware. In terms of removing there, we can fly into Girona Airport, that is around an hour’s drive, or even Barcelona, that is about 1 hour and 40 mins drive. Tamariu is partial of a Palafrugell municipality, so we can also revisit Calella de Palafrugell unequivocally tighten by.

Tamariu Aerial View

Where to stay

Why not stay right on a beach itself in a Hotel Tamariu? This is a family affair, with a hotel being run by a same family ever given 1930. The hotel indeed started off as a pub to offer a fishermen, founded by a family’s good grandmother, Leonor. The hotel is elementary nonetheless charming, splendid and airy, with an unbeatable plcae and it’s good value for money.

Breakfast unaware a beach is a ideal start to a day with views as below, while Catalan specialities and uninformed fish only in from a sea, are some of a foodie options for after in a day and evening. Other engaging offerings are a steep in teriyaki sauce, cooking lamb on skewers, or a strap of pig in a wholegrain mustard crust.

Hotel Tamariu views to beach

With smashing hospitality, regretful views and tasty food in this small square of paradise, we have no doubt that by a finish of your initial 24 hours that you’ll determine that Tamariu is a tiny, changed valuables on a Costa Brava.

Jackie de Burca is Co-owner of Catalonia Valencia.

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