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Recipe of a week: Steamed red snapper, preserved mustard greens, orange butter



This is a simple, purify dish. It is desirous by a normal Caribbean rice and peas and also showcases a greens and spices that are grown on a island. Snapper pairs good with a rice and herbs. Preserved limes and a butter salsa brings a tiny oppulance and brilliance to a dish.



4 x 175g portions red limp strap (seabass is a good alternative)

Steamed rice

120g brief grained rice
50ml honeyed ginger vinegar
30ml orange juice

Preserved orange butter

50g sliced shallots
50ml white booze vinegar
100ml white wine
50ml cream
100g butter, cold, diced
100g Preserved orange (or lemon) pureed in a blender and upheld by a excellent sieve

Marinated shallots

50g finely diced shallots
75ml decorated flower vinegar

Pickled mustard greens

200g mustard greens, picked, pale and chopped
50g pickled capers

To finish

100ml pure coconut oil
Handful Dill flowers
25g Baby kale
Handful dill fronds


Macerate shallots in decorated flower vinegar overnight. (Tarragon vinegar is a good substitute)

Steamed rice

Wash rice until a H2O runs clear. Drain and place in a pan, only covering with water. Cover vessel and prepare on a low feverishness until H2O has been engrossed and rice is cooked. Spread on a tray and shower uniformly with a ginger vinegar and orange juice. Leave to cool.

Lime butter

Put a shallot, booze and vinegar in a tiny pan, and revoke by ¾. Add cream and revoke by ½. Over a low heat, drive in a butter a tiny during a time. Add orange puree to taste.

Pickled greens

Devein and blanch a mustard greens in copiousness prohibited pickled water. Refresh in ice water. Drain a mustard greens, squeezing out as most H2O as possible. Chop finely. Mix greens with capers and macerated shallots. Allow flavours to brew for 20 mins before use.

To finish

Steam a limp fillets for 6-8 minutes, depending on thickness. Meanwhile, feverishness a frying vessel until and supplement a coconut oil, rice and mustard immature mix. Stir over a high feverishness until piping hot. Season to ambience (we use a smoked chilli salt)

Divide rice between 4 plates. Spoon over a tablespoon of orange butter and set a fish on top. Finish with dill flowers, fronds and baby kale leaves.

Thank we to Andy Turner, Head Chef during 13°/59° during Port Ferdinand, Barbados for a recipe.

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