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Puerto Rico Enlists Leading Epidemiologist to Fight Travelers Zika Concerns

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A heading epidemiologist says, unless we are profound or formulation to conceive, we can have a worry-free vacation in Puerto Rico. Echoing Puerto Rico Tourism Company’s (PRTC) ongoing efforts to teach visitors about Zika, Dr. D.A. Henderson, Distinguished Scholar during a UPMC Center for Health Security in Baltimore, Maryland, urges travelers to learn a contribution about a Zika pathogen to overcome fears and hype.

Dr. Henderson, who helped lead a module that eradicated smallpox, encourages travelers to take a common clarity proceed when evaluating trips to Zika disposed areas. “Unless we are profound or formulation to conceive, there’s no reason to equivocate roving to destinations where Zika might be present. If we use common clarity precautions to equivocate butterfly bites, like requesting insect repellent and wearing protecting clothing, any hazard of Zika infection can be simply managed. The over-reaction and hype about Zika is not fitting or helpful.”

Dr. Henderson continued, “The medical attention and a laboratories have a lot to advantage from a several billion dollar distillate for investigate and control efforts and I’m not observant that’s a bad thing, and in fact many unprotected populations will truly benefit, however it helps us know a conditions and keeps a Zika hype in perspective. we see no justification to advise that Puerto Rico is a epicenter of a Zika conflict nor do we see signs that it will turn an widespread in a U.S.”

“We are operative diligently to teach and strengthen a visitors to Puerto Rico so they can have a worry-free experience,” pronounced PRTC Executive Director Ingrid I. Rivera Rocafort. “By pity a opinion of medical experts like Dr. Henderson, we are swelling contribution not fear about Zika, calming visitors they can continue to suffer a pleasing island, a climax valuables of a Caribbean.”

The PRTC is operative closely with Dr. Henderson, a CDC and a internal Department of Public Health to safeguard visitors are sensitive about Zika in Puerto Rico. The PRTC and a Puerto Rico Hotel Tourism Association (PRHTA) are holding each prevision probable to discharge butterfly tact drift during hotels and resorts, and teach visitors about preventing butterfly bites. For some-more information about a Zika pathogen in Puerto Rico, revisit

Puerto Rico Tourism Company,

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