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Our favourite Winter escapes

By Tom Marchant on Oct 19, 2015 in Asia, Attractions, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Florida, Going Out, Jamaica, North America, Philippines, Regions, USA   – Read 28437 times

As we prepared ourselves for a entrance months that need scarves, coats and executive heating, we mustn’t forget that there’s copiousness of winter fever watchful for us elsewhere. From a colourful shores of Jamaica to a pretentious coastlines of a Florida Keys; here are a few of a favourite destinations for that ideal winter getaway.

Florida Keys

Whilst we prepared ourselves for a cold temperatures that are already creation their approach to Britain, a Florida Keys will be basking underneath a object that keeps a shores splendid via a winter. These pleasing islands are a ideal choice if you’re looking to shun to sunnier climes with a sharp-witted Floridian atmosphere. Here we can get tighten to a willing healthy beauty of Marathon, or let yourself lax in a colourful celebration spots of a bustling Key West. Whether you’re holding on scuba diving journeys down to constrained shipwrecks and pretentious synthetic coral reefs or kayaking a night divided on a comfortable waters of Islamorada, one thing is for certain – we won’t need to container a jumper. We theory there’s reason behind a “American Caribbean” nickname.

Sailing in a Florida Keys


Say goodbye to that breeze wrecked powerful and flog behind with a rum punch to authentic reggae beats in Jamaica. If, like us, your Caribbean journey won’t be finish until you’ve tucked into some burning jerk chicken, afterwards conduct over to Scotchies grill on Montego Bay for a best in internal cooking. Then, to damp your middle disturb seeker, welcome a heights as we stand a implausible Dunn’s River Falls or soar above healthy springs, banana trees and forests swinging from a zip wire. More endangered about returning home with a indian mettle this winter? Then simply make yourself comfy on a hammock and kindly pitch above a white sands of Bloody Bay.

A Jamaican Beach

The Philippines

Dotted with fantastic beaches, a Philippines are an ideal winter escape. Whether we wish to representation internal delicacies or remove yourself among unenlightened greenery, this Southeast Asian gem has an contentment of unspoilt landscapes only watchful to be explored. Although a Philippines mostly humour with torrential sleet from Jun to September, we can positively design boiling temperatures between Nov and April, when we can learn a rolling Chocolate Hills, float beside turtles, and boat to tip beaches, among many other things.

The Chocolate Hills

The British Virgin Islands

For a mid-winter getaway, few places can kick a British Virgin Islands. Home to primitive beaches, isolated island retreats and universe category scuba diving spots; we truly meant it when we contend a BVI is a ultimate paradise. Whether it’s a cooking of creatively held lobster or juicy low boiled plantain, a day spent on a beach or in a spa; you’ll fast realize life on a BVI is slow-paced and addictive. Crack open a bottle of bubbly as we cruise around these islands and soak adult a rays on your possess private yacht. Just gangling a suspicion for a people behind home that are in hunt of their warmest winter coats.

The Baths of a BVI

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