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Open-Air Hotel: Infinite-Star Accommodations on a Swiss Alps

Above and over your standard five-star hotel, this alfresco room sits during scarcely 6,500 feet in a plateau of Switzerland with breathtaking views of a Alps.

wall giveaway bedroom

A bed, side tables and lamps are not utterly all visitors need to suffer their stay during Null Stern (translated: Zero Star), yet bathrooms are only a few mins down a slope and dishes are delivered by a butler. The name is a small misleading, given in many hotels one would have severely reduced entrance to a gigantic stars in a night sky.

boutique towering hotel

At around $250 per night, a space and a amenities are a take and reservations are refunded in box of severe weather. The wall-and-ceiling-free room is accessible in open and tumble yet sealed during a winter.

wall giveaway hotel

The Null Stern is partial art examination and partial boutique hotel, regulating a sky as a roof and plateau as walls.

alps breathtaking view

“Even yet this chronicle is radically opposite from a initial one in a chief bunker,” a prior plan by a same creators, “the hint and a suggestion of a judgment stays a same,” pronounced one of a artists behind Null Stern “To put a guest during a centre of a knowledge and to concentration on a unsubstantial by shortening all else to a minimum.”

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