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Oh, Canada! 5 reasons to revisit Canada right now

Spoiler warning to any youth girls reading this – Justin Bieber does NOT make a list. Sorry about that. The rest of we can breathe a whine of service and review on, since Canada is where it’s at.

Bears and belugas in Manitoba

To report this unusual connection of wildlife wonders as strange doesn’t come close. Churchill, on Hudson Bay in deepest Manitoba, is famous as a ‘polar bear collateral of a world’ and many visitors make their approach there to see a world’s biggest bear in winter, when they can be seen in their biggest numbers. The shrewd traveller, however, should cruise going in Jul and August, when there are still copiousness of bears, though opposite a backdrop of shining furious flowers rather than dour winter scenery.


Even better, this is when unusual beluga whales quit into Hudson Bay, and these pristine white whales are so extraordinary that we can boat or even snorkel with them. Don’t worry – we will be kitted out with a dry-suit; as we can suppose even in summer a water’s on a cold side. Stay during a remarkably gentle (given a intensely remote location) Seal River Heritage Lodge with a glass-fronted dining area, so we competence even see frigid bears while enjoying your lunch.

Bears and whales, British Columbia-style

Seguing seamlessly to a west coast, any caller to Canada can also see bears (brown and grizzly, this time) and whales (orcas, not belugas) in their healthy medium while staying on Vancouver Island. To give we an thought of a distance of a place, Vancouver Island is a distance of Wales (the rugby playing, choral singing form – we know; it’s terribly confusing) with a little population, including anyone propitious adequate to be staying during one of several severely worldly lodges.

Breaching Killer Whale

Best in uncover is Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, where guest arrive by seaplane and stay in intensely gentle board tents on lifted platforms. Activities on offer kayaking, biking, roving and, of course, whale and bear-watching. Fanatical fishing fans should note that Vancouver Island also has glorious fish and salmon fishing. The topping on this rather pleasant cake? The possibility to mix Vancouver Island with Vancouver City, one of a many courteous cities in North America, and a ideal civic foil to a forest knowledge on a island. Throw in a oppulance of Whistler review and this superb twin centre becomes a ideal ‘triplet centre’ (think we competence have only invented a word there).

The Canadian Rockies

This is compendium clarification Big Country, and during a region’s heart lies a UNESCO World Heritage Site mixing Banff, Jasper, Kootenay and Yoho National Parks, with a Matterhorn-like Mount Assiniboine a focal indicate of what contingency be one of a many photogenic regions of any nation in a world. So what to do when we not papping a landscape and station open-mouthed in astonishment during a ideal scale of a scenery?


Rather conveniently a Rockies are home to some critical sports resorts such as Banff and Jasper. If you’re wanting to trek or towering bike on beautifully confirmed and sealed routes, a best months are Jun and September. For skiers, a winter powder is perfect, and Lake Louise – with Mount Assiniboine as a backdrop – is quite good for intermediates. Whatever a season, design an considerable operation of accommodation, and sharp-witted nightlife in review towns that are good geared adult for après-ski or après-trek fun.

On to Ontario

Somewhere a distance of France and Spain total should substantially get a discuss during this stage, so accommodate Ontario, home to a Canadian collateral of Ottawa, and a provincial (but anything though provincial) collateral of Toronto. It competence not be a edgiest city (Berlin and Mexico City can relax during this point) though a Edgewalk, where we are dangling retrograde off a mouth during a tip of a CN Tower, competence not be one for vertigo sufferers.


Elsewhere in a range are a classical site of Niagara Falls (with under-rated vineyards nearby) and Algonquin National Park where we can see moose, beaver and black bears (no whales this time. Sorry – it’s landlocked).

Quebec (aka the French bit)

So distant so English-speaking, though Quebec’s essential French-ness adds a whole new angle to Canada that means it’s good value including in any itinerary.  The UNESCO Heritage Site capital, Quebec City, was founded as distant behind as 1608, and via a range a French shabby cooking is excellent, trimming from haut cuisine to maple syrup and a inhabitant plate poutine – a comfort food classical of French (naturellement) fries, cheese spread and gravy. Quebec is also a place to see a eccentric Red Bull Crashed Ice skating races and Canadians’ biggest passion of all – (ice) ‘hockey’.

Quebec city

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