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Minimal Luxury: Monumental Concrete Hotel by Tadao Ando

Minimal Luxury: Monumental Concrete Hotel by Tadao Ando

setouchi aonagi 6

Master of minimalist design Tadao Ando has remodeled a tiny boutique hotel on Japan’s Shikoku island in a refreshingly gangling nonetheless lush aesthetic, with few distractions to mangle adult his heading expanses of petrify and glass. The seven-room Setouchi Aonagi perches on a towering disremember gazing out onto a slick aspect of a Seto Inland Sea, a slight rooftop swimming pool fluctuating in a conflicting instruction like a telescope to concentration on a apart skyline.

setouchi aonagi 1

setouchi aonagi 2

setouchi aonagi 4

setouchi aonagi 13

In new years, a Setouchi International Art Festival has brought tourists and press from around a universe into this still dilemma of Japan, with a executive venues all resplendent examples of Ando’s work, so it was usually healthy for a Setouchi Aonagi to ‘join a lineup’ as another architectural masterpiece. The building formerly functioned as an art museum and private residence, and was given with interior furnishings a designer deemed unnecessary. His mutation strips divided all distractions, giving any atmospheric apartment a possess pointed theme.

setouchi aonagi 3

setouchi aonagi 5

setouchi aonagi 7

setouchi aonagi 8

In further to a cinematic rooftop pool, there’s an indoor pool dubbed ‘The Cave’ that can be indifferent for private use. The hotel records that a ‘luminous light’ that pours into a building, as good as a perspective of a sea, are art in and of themselves – though that a preference of minimal contemporary art is also on hand, sparingly displayed to keep a concentration on a design and surroundings. One instance is a mossy garden designation by Yutaka Ono, mimicking a demeanour of a islands when seen from afar.

setouchi aonagi 12

setouchi aonagi 11

setouchi aonagi 10

setouchi aonagi 9

The bedrooms operation from about $820 per night for a Garden Suite on a bottom building to $1450 for a Aonagi Suite, that competence sound a bit high until we cruise a ubiquitous cost of transport in Japan and a fact that any room sleeps 3 to 5 guests.  Plus, staying in a Tadao Ando origination is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience, after all.

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