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Meet Puerto Rico Launches Meeting Matchmaker Campaign

Meeting Matchmaker, Meet Puerto Rico’s latest amicable media campaign, is a answer planners have been seeking to arrange a ideal meeting. Planners have in mind a thought of a ideal assembly style, amenity, hotel distance and plcae – though does it exist? Meeting Matchmaker says yes, and creates it a existence with a appropriate and a assembly planner is on their approach to creation their “dream meeting” a reality.

The new debate was launched currently by Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and will run via a month of June.

“Meet Puerto Rico tries to stay forward of, and on tip of a trends and we offer what a planners need, before they ask,” pronounced Milton Segarra, President and CEO of Meet Puerto Rico.

The app’s designed for mobile users and a blueprint is transparent and it’s elementary to use. How it works Meeting Matchmaker is a user accessible app. Planners start by swiping right or left when shown a accumulation of images reflecting assembly styles and activities in Puerto Rico– vast group, beach, casino, adventure, etc. Each print preference is related to a organisation of MPR partners formed on a amenities, products or services they offer (that compare a selection). When a user swipes to name a style, a pointless partner from a organisation will be shown as an instance of Puerto Rico’s charity in that category. After a user completes their selections, some-more information will be shown about all of a partners in a comparison grouping, including special offers. Once a planner receives a assembly recommendations, they will be asked to enter for a possibility to win one of some-more than 10 prizes, including a five-day day outing to Puerto Rico that will embody hotel stay, Meet Greet during a airport, airline present label with a value of $500, and a tour. Second and third prizes embody a three-day hotel stay and tour.

Meeting Matchmaker,

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