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Meet Haimark Line’s Onboard Experts for Summer 2015 Coastal Expedition Itineraries On MS Saint Laurent

Embarking on a lass excursion May 30 – Jun 8 from Montréal, Quebec to Portland, Maine, a all-new MS Saint Laurent will underline an ongoing rotating register of onboard experts who will share their endless believe associated to a ship’s 4 opposite 9- and 12-night itineraries via a Summer 2015 sailings in North America.

Beginning with award-winning publisher Dan Rather as a special guest consultant on a initial sailing, these experts will any join name cruises that revisit America’s Five Great Lakes, New England colonies and French-Canadian Maritime provinces. They will rivet in infrequent chats as good as benefaction ominous scheduled talks in a ship’s Compass Lounge that move to life all from a different story of Victorian towns abounding with naval story and archaeological investigations of shipwrecks to fascinating insights into internal cultures and remote islands with fantastic wildlife viewing.

During this initial MS Saint Laurent sailing that includes explorations of Quebec City, Gaspe Peninsula, Prince Edward Island, a reversing watercourse of Saint John and Acadia National Park, Mr. Rather will benefaction sessions that embody Fact vs. Fiction in Journalism: Misinformation a Internet; and An Evening with Dan Rather.

Dr. Bill Cogar, a published author and former U.S. Naval Academy professor, is an enchanting orator on a subjects of naval and nautical story and a target of a 1988 U.S. Navy’s Meritorious Civilian Service Award. Departures: Montréal to Portland, May 30 – Jun 8, 2015; Chicago to Montréal, Aug 28 – Sep 6, 2015.

Dr. John Odin Jensen is an historian, archaeologist and process highbrow who has participated in some-more than 50 underwater archaeological investigations of shipwrecks in a Great Lakes, He is also a Research Associate Professor of Coastal/Maritime Heritage during a University of Rhode Island. Departures: Chicago to Toronto, Aug 1-10, 2015; Toronto to Chicago, Aug 10 – 19, 2015.

Dr. James Robertson is a target of each vital endowment given in a Civil War field, and a techer of inhabitant acclaim. He is now an Alumni Distinguished Professor during Virginia Tech. A local of Danville, Virginia, Robertson has authored countless books, including Tenting Tonight: The Soldier’s Life, Civil War! America Becomes One Nation, Soldiers Blue Gray, as good as an considerable autobiography of General “Stonewall” Jackson. Departures: Portland, Maine to Nassau, The Bahamas, Oct 30 – Nov 11, 2015.

Frederick Stonehouse is a author of some-more than 30 books on nautical story and an “on-air” consultant for National Geographic and a History Channel, Fred is a clergyman of nautical story during Northern Michigan University and a target of a 2014 Northern Michigan University Distinguished Alumni Award. Departures: Chicago to Montréal, Jul 14 –23, 2015; Montréal to Chicago, Aug 1- 10, 2015

Bob Tagatz, proprietor Historian Concierge for a Grand Hotel on Michigan’s Mackinac Island, has some-more than 29 years of knowledge in chronological preservation. He was obliged for convention a Grand Hotel’s initial archives, and published a book and DVD on a hotel’s history. Departures: Montréal to Chicago, Jul 5 – Jul 14, 2015; Montréal to Chicago, Aug 1 -10, 2015; Chicago to Montréal, Jul 14 – 23, 2015

Jay White is a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based historian and a former clergyman of troops story for a Royal Military College of Canada, who has also taught courses in Canadian, U.S. and tellurian story during universities in Canada and a United States. Departures: Portland to Montréal, Jun 8 – Jun 17, 2015; Montréal to Portland, Oct 21 – Oct 30, 2015.

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