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Travel Tips

Lost Travel Luggage Tips

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Lost Travel Luggage Tips

A Few Helpful Lost Travel Tips Luggage

After carrying a family member recently redeem a mislaid transport container that had been blank in movement for over 3 months, we suspicion we would offer a few useful tips on how to assistance forestall your luggage from going blank in a initial place, and presumably redeem that blank luggage as well.

This goes for any form of travel, possibly by air, sea and or land.

First, check out this brief video on some of a new high tech gadgets that make recuperating luggage so many easier!

View on …

Our Lost Luggage Story

Airport Bus Shuttle

My son was on his approach home from a United Kingdom after spending a tenure as an sell tyro in University. He had dual pieces of complicated luggage, one square done it home, a other was mislaid on stepping off a train on attainment during a airfield in a UK.

It was apparent a train motorist had private a bag during a initial of dual airports in a London area while en route. The motorist was immediately told and after a hunt during a prior airfield a bag was Gone!  A explain was done with a train association immediately and my son boarded his craft for home, reduction one bag. 🙁

Lost Travel Luggage Tips

* Note *

Airlines are not compulsory by law to repay passengers for behind luggage. Most however, do concede a daily stipend to support in purchasing clothing, incidentals and so forth. So it is critical to review a airlines policies and procedures delicately before travel. This is fundamentally a same when roving by sea and or holding any form of land transport as well.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that when roving by land such as train transportation, always keep an eye on your luggage during train stops, as companies can always use a forgive that someone else contingency have private your bag that looked a same as yours!

Back to a story …

Story Telling Cartoon

After countless emails and write calls to a train company, a bag could not be found and a explain for a bag was denied since of a probability that another chairman contingency have taken a bag from a curb, so holding a censure divided from a driver.

Needless to say, though fixing a train association involved, we will never advise this association to any of a family or friends in a future. After meditative about this over a duration of time, it afterwards occurred to me that a infancy of airports around a universe have a Lost and Found Department!

Knowing that my son’s bag was …

Clearly noted with a name tag;

Had some identifiable features;

Name of a manufacturer and tab on a baggage;

Color and material.

I afterwards began to hunt on a internet a dual airports mislaid and found departments.  As fitness had it, these departments were so orderly that it was easy to lane a day in question, form of essay and so on, creation a hunt for a luggage simple.  There it was, sitting during a wrong airfield for months! 😯

To make a prolonged story short, we contacted a train association and they supposed censure for a mislaid luggage and had it soon shipped home to a door.

Help Prevent and Recover Lost Luggage

Canada Luggage

Ensure your bag has a name tab inside and outward a bag! (Name, email and phone series only)

Add some form of simply identifiable singular feature. (Colored straps, lock, musical cover and so on)

Know a bags manufacturer name and if a tab is attached.

Know a tone of a bag and element (cloth or tough case)

Immediately news a mislaid bag to a suitable officials and obtain a explain number.


I always try to container a few necessities and a change of wardrobe suitable for my final end in my carry – on luggage.  If we your transport skeleton are a week or more, afterwards we would strongly advise including some form of transport word that includes a mislaid luggage process with a prompt mislaid container and essence deputy stipend coverage.

Imagine nearing on your fanciful all thorough vacation to some pleasing Caribbean Island wearing and carrying usually a garments on your back! No shorts, no showering suit, no nothing! Again, a primary instance since we container a few garments in my lift on during all times. Losing your luggage and all your belongings can positively means a good understanding of highlight and stress for many people.

On Average 10,000 Bags a Day Go Missing

Lost Travel Luggage Tips

That’s right! 🙁

Around a universe a towering volume of luggage does not arrive with their owners during their final destination. Luckily, many people’s luggage is returned within 2 days to their legitimate owners. This is usually since many bags are scrupulously marked, identified and simply tracked.

In final this article, here are a few additional tips to assistance forestall mislaid or behind luggage.

If we are a visit traveler, generally by air, do cruise some of a new high tech tracking transport gadgets accessible on a marketplace as summarized in a video above.

Be certain to remove all prior end labels, tags and or stickers as to forestall any difficulty in a container doing areas.

Again, immediately news and finish a mislaid luggage claim during a suitable counter, either roving by land, sea or air. Always obtain a explain and hit series before leaving. This will be required for word functions as good as for reclaiming your mislaid luggage in a future.

Continue to check with mislaid and found departments where it might be probable your luggage has arrived.

Make your luggage easily identifiable and be creative!

Take a photo of your luggage. With today’s dungeon phones and digital cameras, there is no reason not to!

If we have costly equipment and wardrobe in your mislaid luggage, afterwards it is advisable to keep a minute list of any object in a bag and a value. Again, this will be required for word companies and/or traffic with your transport provider for compensation.

Losing luggage is a drag, though above all, try not to let it hurt that prolonged awaited vacation. Remember, it happens to thousands of people any and each day! Taking a few stairs to assistance forestall detriment and ready yourself forward of time in a eventuality of loss, will make things a small bit easier to understanding during a time.


Below, are statistics collected display a categorical reasons luggage gets mislaid during atmosphere travel. Not surprising, a whopping 45% of mislaid bags are when travelers are holding approach or stop over flights. This is when your bags have to be taken off a initial aircraft and afterwards found their approach onto your subsequent flight. Other reasons embody container tagging errors, overweight bags an so forth.

Lost Luggage Update

Safe travels!

+Rob Tellier

Have we been a plant of mislaid luggage? Did we redeem your luggage or is it still missing?

Your comments are always Gr8tly Appreciated! 🙂
Please corkscrew down to a bottom of this page where we will find a Comment Box.

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