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Inside a lush hotels of Euro 2016



Euro 2016 is now in full pitch and, in their query for glory, 24 European teams are battling it out in stadia opposite France to be crowned a champions of Europe. But divided from their matches, a stars of a diversion will be kicking behind in lush resorts a length and extent of a country. From magnificent residences, to birthright châteaux, these are a many singular hotels as selected by a inhabitant teams of this year’s championships.

Auberge du Jeu Paume

Situated in a Chantilly kibbutz of Picardy, a English inhabitant side flog off their Euro 2016 debate during a many costly hotel of any other group in a tournament. The uber-glamourous, two-Michelin-starred, £500-a-night Auberge du Jeu de Paume château sprawls opposite 20,000 acres – adequate to fit 10,000 football pitches – and facilities a Spa Valmont, finish with indoor pool.

Roy’s Boys can indulge in all from a French garden designed by Le Nôtre, a romantically-themed jardin anglais — finish with fountain, an “island of love”, and church dedicated to Venus — a obstruction and a second-largest collection of exemplary art in France, after a Louvre. What’s more, England captain Wayne Rooney will be gay by a hotel’s inclusion of competition march on a grounds; England’s tip record idea scorer is an zealous epicurean of racehorses.


Hotel les Tresoms Lake and Spa

Located in a chronological city of Annecy, and unaware a expanded Lac d’Annecy, Hotel les Tresoms Lake and Spa is maybe a many eye-catching hotel of this year’s championships and houses a Icelandic inhabitant squad.

With desirable views of a plateau to a behind and a primitive shores of a lake to a front, a stylish hotel is eminent for a non-identical rooms; any apartment is exclusively personalised and come strewn with domestic engineer rugs. The hotel restaurant’s stylish décor is matched by a menu prepared by luminary French Chef Eric Prowalski and provides lifelike block views.


Hotel Courtyard by Mariott Montpellier

Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Versace; a Italians conform certification have always lopsided towards a complicated and clean-cut. It seems usually right, then, that a inhabitant side should select to stay during Hotel Courtyard by Marriott Montpellier.

Designed by famous designer Jean Nouvel, this four-star Marriott skill in Montpellier France flaunts a state-of-the-art aptness centre, streamlined outside block with loll bar and an award-winning Mediterranean restaurant, Oleo Pazzo Mediterranean Bistro.

Just 10 mins from a chronological city centre, with a slight streets and balmy small squares, there is many to see in a southern city of Montpellier, that lies usually over 4 miles from a Mediterranean.


Hotel Atalante Relais Thelasso Spa

Well-known for a siesta and vital life in a delayed lane, a Spanish have stereotypically opted for maybe a many relaxing of sauna hotels than any other team, a lush Hotel Atalante Relais Thalasso and Spa. The appealing four-star formidable is located on a exhausted island of Ile de Re, connected to a mainland of France by a overpass to a lifelike city of La Rochelle on a west coast.

Nestled subsequent to a Atlantic Ocean, a hotel boasts five-hectares of private vineyards and beaches. The players get full entrance to an on-site thalassotherapy sauna facility, an outside sea H2O pool exhilarated to 32C, underwater jets, a solarium and dual restaurants, including Atalante, that serves excellent uninformed seafood and locally-caught fish.


Château de Pizay

Another of a home nations to make it to Euro 2016, Northern Ireland have opted for a four-star Château de Pizay for their initial vital finals for 30 years. Located in a heart of Beaujolais nation in Burgundy, Château de Pizay is one of a largest estates in a region, built between a 11th and 19th centuries, and is another impracticable French headquarters to exaggerate a French landscape garden designed by Le Nôtre.

The château is surrounded by 80 hectares of vineyard, where guest can suffer a wine-initiation course, and 30 hectares of forest. Inside, a players will find a glorious 1000-metre-squared spa, exhilarated outside pool, tennis courts, a yard restaurant, billiard room and an art gallery.


Château des Tourelles

Helming from a land of parable and intrigue, it is usually wise that Sweden’s inhabitant group staid on easy a four-star Château des Tourelles.

Based on a western French seashore and usually a stone’s chuck from a La Baule, a classic, fairytale-like European castle, with a superb turrets, looks as yet it’s balancing on a cliff-tops of a rocks on a joining beach below.

The hotel boasts dual seawater swimming pools exhilarated to 32C, an outside freshwater swimming pool in high season, cardio-fitness apparatus and a solarium.


Trianon Palace

Only a fitness of a Irish could secure we a room during somewhere like Trianon Palace – a royal woodland shelter nestled on a corner of a willing Royal Domain in Versailles.

The Château de Versailles hotel is steeped in tradition and dates behind to 1682, carrying been built during a ask of King Louis XIV. The 8 block kilometres of drift shaped a centre of domestic energy in France until a series in 1789.

On tip of poignant chronological appeal, a château has undergone a beautiful and suave redesign in new years and facilities an disdainful Guerlain sauna with hammam treatments, meticulously manicured gardens and epicurean dining pleasantness of Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay au Trianon.

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