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Indulge in Brazil’s tip 5 festivals



By Luiz Silva on Jul 05, 2016 in Accommodation, Attractions, Brazil, Events, Going Out, Hotels, Regions, Resorts, South America, Travel Miscellany   – Read 741 times

Brazil, famous for a energy, beauty, life, and passion, is a tip place to travel, and an even improved transport finish for celebrations. Between a music, food, decorations, and dance, celebrations showcase a country’s culture, so there is no improved approach to knowledge a life and enlightenment of Brazil than by participating in one of a celebrations. Don’t worry, Brazil is not lacking in celebrations! And Brazilians know how to party. The nation celebrates tons of holidays and festivals via a year. Of all of a celebrations, here are a tip 5 Brazilian festivals that are guaranteed to move out a country’s energy, beauty, life and passion.

1. Carnival

The many renouned jubilee in a world, Carnival is distinguished in many countries, though it is in Brazil that we find a world’s biggest celebration. The universe convenes, Brazilians and foreigners take over a streets in outrageous parades, over a million people dress in costumes, musicians play on a streets, and famous, lush facade parties are hold in a parlors of a best hotels in Rio. Lasting 5 days, this jubilee offers copiousness of places to see and be seen.


Luxury tip: Book a private box for a Carnival Parade (Sambodromo). From a private box, called a Camarote in Portuguese, we can suffer a perspective from a tip in a special air-conditioned space divided from a throng below. The boxes embody a best of Brazilian cuisine, themed decorations, and opportunities to mark and maybe association with celebrities by entrance to a V.I.P. organisation spaces.

2. The Opening of a Rio 2016 Olympic Games

If we had a eventuality to watch a shutting rite of a 2012 Olympic Games in London, we might remember a small bit of Rio’s teaser proof and can start to suppose how stirring a opening rite of a 2016 Olympic Games in Rio will be. Sure to be full of shining colors, samba, pushing rhythm, happiness, and stories of a immeasurable and resisting regions of Brazil, a nation is fervent to to share 500 years of extraordinary story with spectators. Be in a pleasing newly renovated Maracana track to knowledge a energy, excitement, and fun artistic to examination this eventuality of a lifetime during home.

Opening Olympics - Maracana

Luxury tip: After a extraordinary renovations, a Maracana track now offers implausible views from private boxes where we can suffer Brazilian cuisine, indifferent areas, remoteness and sophistication.

3. Réveillon de Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

This hulk New Year’s Eve jubilee during Copacabana Beach hosts roughly 2 million people each year for a reason. Friends and families from all over accumulate to acquire a new year together on this warm, pleasing night on a beach. The celebration, sponsored by a city of Rio, facilities a theatre on a beach with bands from a accumulation of genres, and during midnight, spectators astonishment during a fireworks that camber a whole coastline, synchronized to strenuously evocative music. Everyone celebrates a new year together and many stay during a beach until a object comes adult to also contend hello to a initial morning of a year! Welcome a object with a bottle of champagne accompanied with family, friends, or a desired one.

Belmond fireworks

Luxury tip: Book an Oceanfront apartment during a 5 star hotel in Copacabana. From here we can disremember a jubilee from a patio of your accommodation or applaud on a rooftop of a hotel. Many exquisite, chic, private parties are hosted during a hotels and prepared for this special occasion.

4. Festa Juninha, Campina Grande, Sao Joao

The 2nd many critical and renouned jubilee in Brazil after Carnival, Festa Juninha (June Festival), also called Saint John’s Party, is a normal festival that commences a Brazilian winter in June. The festival also commemorates some of a many famous Catholic saints (Saint Anthony, Saint John and Saint Peter). The festival honors rain, a collect season, and marital union. Visitors applaud from mid- Jun until a finish of Jul and in some cities, festivities even continue until late August. If we attend in a festival, be certain to eat one of tasty categorical dishes and drinks prepared generally for this season. Dress adult like a farmer, suffer a bonfire and dance “the quadrille” (a dance to remember and re sequence a humorous Brazilian folktale involving a bride that gets profound before a matrimony and her father, a Major, who army a inebriated husband to marry his nauseous daughter and save a family’s honor).This festival is full of culture, history, and fun! More at:

Festa Junina rancher costumes

Luxury tip: Book a oppulance Oceanfront bungalow during Nannai Beach review and a private beam to take we to this extraordinary party. After a jubilee and dancing all night long, suffer a pool inside your bungalow to relax and recover.

Nannai bungalow and pool

5. Festival Parintins in a Amazon

This incredible, 3- day jubilee happens in a center of a Amazon Rain Forest. Always distinguished a final week in June, in a city of Parintins (in a Amazon), a jubilee is a folk festival noted by a opening foe between dual associations. The eventuality takes place in Bumbódromo track with a ability for 35,000 spectators. The uncover revolves around themes connected to a stories and rituals by a natives. The tract always involves an ox, a pitch of a party, and a few other informal figures. The ox is killed by Father Francisco to prove a enterprise of his wife, Mother Catirina, who is awaiting his child. His master finds out what happened to a animal, a many pleasing of a flock, and sends for a servant. Both a clergyman and shaman are called, and revitalise a animal. Francisco and his mother accept redemption and everybody celebrates! Tourists are fascinated not usually by a parties, though with a internal culture, handicrafts constructed by a natives, and specific dishes from this region.

Ox Festival Parintins

Luxury tip: Book a oppulance apartment on a private yacht to transport to Parintins and knowledge a sharp-witted festival for 3 days in a Amazon. The oppulance Amazon yacht provides all a amenities and comfort we merit to have an memorable journey and informative knowledge in a center of a rainforest in Brazil.

Luxury Amazon yacht

If we wish to shun all and douse yourself in a colorful, vivid, sharp-witted culture, revisit one of a Brazilian festivals and be a partial of a celebration. Brazilians adore to share their enlightenment and will be happy to share their special day with you. Whether we confirm to take partial in a rhythms of Carnival, characterizations of Festa Junina, soak in a sights and sounds of New Year’s Eve on Copacabana Beach, or put them all on your bucket list, we are certain to knowledge copiousness of fun, culture, and sparkling memories.

Champagne on Copacabana Beach during New Year

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