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Cuba’s Golden Triangle



The name Havana evokes opposite images for opposite people, though generally silken ones. Many associate it with movies, others with Caribbean comforts. It is a apparent entrance indicate for a initial revisit to Cuba though in this square we wish to extend your stay with visits to dual other bases on a south coast; to Trinidad de Cuba and afterwards loop behind around Cienfuegos. Let’s call this a ‘Golden Triangle’ to opposition others around a world.



Havana comes in opposite forms. For many tourists Havana Vieja will browbeat a itinerary.This is a aged city with a overwhelming colonial architecture. A some-more picturesque knowledge is to be had in Havana Centro. This is a city of a locals, and a place to learn a Cuban lifestyle in a raw. Some counsel is compulsory so best take along a internal beam who will know a streets.


Havana Vedado is a some-more complicated waterfront area renouned with American tourists adult untilthe mangle in family behind in a 1960s. With new developments this is expected to bang again. Now would be a time to see it, a bizarre portal onto ended days.


A some-more decadent tender is Havana Miramar. This area is serve along a seashore and boasts a operation of upmarket opportunities. Not surprisingly, this is where many tactful residences are located.


Nearly 5 centuries of colonial sequence and good resources from a sugarine trade has left Trinidad de Cuba with an implausible architectural legacy. The aged city contains some-more than 50 blocks and good over 1000 buildings which, collectively, form a UNESCO World Heritage site. Motor vehicles are not available in this section adding to a feeling of a days left by.


The circuitously Valley of a Sugar Mills creates for an engaging excursion; one that offers a some-more farming knowledge and some superb forest scenes.


Known as a ‘Pearl of a South’ Cienfuegos was determined as a French enclave. It has one of a many considerable fortresses on a island, a required prevision opposite pirates, as good as a horde of pleasant colonial buildings. These have also been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and could keep we dreaming from a glorious waterborne activities, for a while during least.


Ian Ford is Operations Manager during Photo Tours Abroad.

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