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Bon bini to Bonaire – my tip 5 to dos



Bonaire, that is partial of a ABC islands, is an underwater bliss and an unblemished jewel. Though many competence design to find a country’s many valued treasures low within a sea, explorers will be gratified to know that a resources of annuity awaits them above H2O too. Prepare to debate with me  to a well-preserved land, where locals pronounce Papiamento and Dutch and hail we with an forlorn warmth. “Bon bini,” Which, means “welcome”- to a Southern Caribbean Island of Bonaire.


1. Island tour

Touring Bonaire, in all a protection brilliance, is a contingency do. From ancestral Rincon adult north, to a peace of a Pekelmeer Flamingo Sanctuary and a gracefulness of a lustrous pinkish H2O of a salt flats down south, this Dutch beauty is filled with dark treasures during any turn. Also located in a southern apportionment of a island are petrify huts along White Slave and Red Slave beaches. These well-preserved shanties once housed Dutch owned slaves, charity visitors a glance into pre-abolition days. In other tools of a island, Native American inscriptions have also been discovered, holding visitors behind to another obsolete duration in time. There is so many to spy in this untroddened eco-friendly territory that it would take months to expose it all. Additionally, there are several other outward activities to enjoy; like hiking, kayaking and of march snorkeling and diving, that pull many new and learned divers to a island annually. Bonaire is truly an untried masterpiece from tip to bottom, giving tourists a choice to venture out around vehicle or bike, as partial of a organisation or independently. My private debate was phenomenal!

Salt Flats

2. Diving/snorkeling

Bonaire is one of a best places in a universe to snorkel and dive, sketch hoards of H2O expeditionists from opposite a globe, to this breathtakingly beautiful, underwater oasis. Eager explorers set out on nautical adventures any trip, in hopes of capturing something some-more pretentious than what they witnessed on a prior dive. Marine life is so diverse, that sea creatures ranges in color, distance and kind. Bonaire also boasts of beautiful reefs and traditionally ease and transparent waters, origination for an well-developed subaqueous time. Swimmers are mostly left in awe, during a extent of shades and hues of life within a sea. While in Bonaire, we encountered my initial snorkeling experience with Divi Dive Bonaire and was blown away, by both the distinguished colors of  the sea, as good as by their premier service. Their well- seasoned and studious staff, underneath a guidance of their Belgium innate owner, are clever in their instruction and exchange with any diver/snorkeler, regardless of level. They also offer daily dives and an array of classes to compare any person’s ability set. They are located during Divi Flamingo Casino Resort, a PADI 5-star dive resort. For some-more information, revisit


3. Jibe City

Calling all windsurfers! Come one, come all- for one of a many implausible practice of your lifetime. Suit adult and conduct over to Lac Bay, to Jibe City to join a movement. Positioned within a inlet reserve, a area boarders mangroves and separator reefs. Due to a solid trade wind, Bonaire offers some of a many fascinating conditions for a sport. Both pledge and veteran windsurfers alike, group to this stunning locale, in hunt of a stirring time. Jibe City offers design ideal views with a transparent transparent and blue coloured waters, roller shops, apparatus sales and rentals, a Hang Out Bar for famished and parched H2O enthusiasts and lessons for everyone, from beginners to some-more seasoned windsurfers. The appetite in a area is relaxed and soothing, and a colors that approximate a calm environment are vibrant. Jibe City is so pacific and visually sensitive that we had a formidable time departing. Visitors can also snorkel, boat and scuba dive (advanced divers) in the area. Visit for some-more info.


4. Cadushy Distillery

Cactus liqueur anyone? Yes, we pronounced cactus. Located in a oldest allotment on a island, Rincon, is an impossibly singular distillery. The Cadushy Distillery, that was started by Holland natives, a Gietmans, is one of a many sui generis in all a world, since of a singular selection. Their signature creation, a Cadushy of Bonaire, is a premium, graphic liqueur with a silky taste, subsequent from a internal cadushy cactus. The Cadushy of Bonaire is partial of a full line of flavors, trimming from sharp to sweet, that compensate loyalty to a Dutch Caribbean islands; including Kukul of Aruba, Calbas of Curacao, Gold of Statia, Spices of Saba and Orange of Orange, that was produced to “bind a islands together.” A season for St. Maarten is still in question. What’s many remarkable, is that the owners have managed to emanate a singular and well-spoken line of liqueurs that will interest to a progression of palates. I savored my time during a distillery, learning all about the ”liquid cactus”  and a implausible process. Visit for some-more info.


5. Donkey Sanctuary

A revisit to a Donkey Sanctuary is a illusory approach to spend time with a accessible four-legged residents of a island, while assisting to support a good internal cause. The merciful founders, who are Dutch Nationals, non-stop a trickery to assistance these mostly ignored creatures who openly ramble a land. The refuge so courteously provides safety and a protected place for wounded, bum and orphaned donkeys. Guests can debate a skill by car, scooter or bike and declare a honeyed animals adult tighten and personal, as they are nursed behind to full strength. Through a inexhaustible donations of donors, sponsors and adopters, a refuge will continue to make strides to safety a race of donkeys on a island. To learn how we can assist this good beginning revisit to adopt a donkey, make a donatation or to assistance by sponsorship. Guests can also squeeze  items from a present shop, that also helps to support sanctuary efforts. This is the ideal tour for singles, couples and families.


While on a brief holiday in Bonaire, we stayed during Divi Flamingo Casino Resort. This poetic skill is a exhale of uninformed air, resting on a sea. Their amenities embody dual freshwater pools, dual restaurants and a bar, a sauna salon, object shelters, piers with approach H2O access, a aptness center, a casino, a PADI 5-star Resort Dive Center Scuba School International, giveaway wifi, hospitable staff and many more. we happily dined any day on luscious fruit, crisp salads and/or uninformed fish during Divi’s alfresco Chibi Chibi and pureocean  who have tasty dishes on a menu and even themed nights with postcard ideal views. The review atmosphere is so pacific and willing that we found myself descending defunct before or after cooking oceanside on a  couple opposite occasions. Divi is also a brief travel into town, where internal vendors showcase equipment nearby a journey boat pier on days when ships come in (which is usually like once a week,) as good as where a shops and boutiques are located. After shopping, we can cold off during Gio’s over a dip of gelato and dump off your souvenirs and postcards during a internal post bureau on a travel behind to a resort. From a acupuncture sounds of a sea waves outward my room any night, to a affable natives who unselfishly share their dear land, Bonaire is blithe in any probable way. As a result, this destination, that is only a brief 15 min moody from Curacao, has turn one of my new favorite refueling locations. If we are looking for a special place, we would highly recommend Bonaire for your subsequent holiday.


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