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Beyond a Glass Ceiling: 14 Houses & Hotels Made for Stargazing

Beyond a Glass Ceiling: 14 Houses Hotels Made for Stargazing

iceland igloo hotels 4

Watch for sharpened stars and brand constellations from a comfort of a gentle and friendly bed in bedrooms designed to yield scarcely unobstructed entrance to a sky, with pure roofs blurring a lines between indoors and out. From hotels in some of a world’s primary stargazing locations like Finland and Chile to homes versed with observatories to a tree residence that literally rises a lid, these see-through structures inundate a interiors with object during a day and offer extraordinary views during night.

Starlight Room

starlight room

starlight room 2

starlight room 3

starlight room 4

starlight room 5

Set on mistake skis, with a potion roof and walls, a Starlight Room looks out onto a Dolomites in a northern Italian city of Cortina d’Ampezzo for high-altitude views distant from light wickedness and noise. The small hotel room accommodates singles and couples, and contains small some-more than a double bed and television. Guests arrive around snowmobile or sleet shoes, and room use is delivered, yet it looks like exiting a cabin to go to a lavatory in a sleet competence not be a many pleasing knowledge in a center of a night.

The Sky Den Literally Lifts a Lid

sky basement 2

sky basement 4

The roof of this tree residence by designer George Clark opens to a sky, swelling a space so it can be used as a stable indoor preserve or an alfresco observatory. Located in England’s Kielder Water Forest Park, a Sky Den has flat-pack seat built right into a mobile walls, so guest can lift down and set adult whatever they need to be comfortable, from beds to stools and benches.

Camouflage House

camouflage residence 1

camouflage residence 2

camouflage house

A habitable greenhouse, Hiroshi Iguchi’s Camouflage House blends into a landscape, with an middle core of private spaces surrounded by a potion enclosure. Almost totally transparent, a residence in Nagano, Japan incorporates an interior garden around openings that concede trees to grow true adult a pointed roof from a courtyard.

Transparent Ceilings and Floors

glass roof house

glass roof residence 2

glass roof residence 3

glass roof residence 4

This four-story residence in Shanghai by designer Yung Ho Chang of Atelier FCJZ facilities a potion roof as good as pure floors on 3 levels, so we can see a interior of any building in further to a sky. Designed as a petrify box with no windows, a home gets all of a illumination from a ceiling. Talk about radical clarity – a toilet is even manifest from only next a dining room.

Bob Hope’s UFO House

bob wish ufo house

bob wish ufo residence 2

bob wish ufo residence 3

bob wish ufo residence 4

bob wish ufo residence 5

Designed by John Lautner in 1973, a residence Bob Hope lived in for decades with his mother Dolores facilities a thespian oculus for illumination and stargazing. The bizarre-looking structure was nicknamed ‘UFO House’ and ‘Volcano Home’ for a surprising figure when noticed from afar. Lautner refused to explain a plan as his possess work, reportedly since Dolores Hope demanded changes to a interior that didn’t fit his artistic vision.

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