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Beautiful Begur: Spain’s tip jewels



By Jackie de Burca on Mar 15, 2016 in Accommodation, Attractions, Europe, Food and Drink, Going Out, Hotels, Regions, Restaurants, Spain, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe   – Read 746 times

Beautiful Begur is where we will find some of a best beaches and coves that a Costa Brava has to offer. Imagine bright waters, embraced by sprouting immature pines, that puncture their roots into a precipice face. Their aroma is seductive, as we try a illusory vicinity of this chichi Catalan town. Cast your eyes over a stimulating Mediterranean sea, to take in a perspective of a Medes Islands, where a diving and snorkelling are superb.

Begur Costa Brava Sa Tuna

Majestic Gothic castle

Standing proudly guarding a city is a stately Gothic palace of Begur, that was creatively mentioned in 11th century documentation. It suffered from a ravages of opposite wars, though replacement work was carried out in a 20th century.

Begur Castle unaware town

Begur beaches and coves

The beaches and coves of Begur were voted in during position no. 3 in a Skyscanner consult for a best beaches in all of Spain. The primitive H2O that laps adult opposite a shoreline, in a enchanting Mediterranean landscape, where a rocks and hunger trees make their approach down to a sea, and fishermen’s houses are dotted here and there. Sa Riera is a biggest beach and a fishing encampment within a possess right, though be certain not to skip out on a smashing coves of Sa Tuna and Aiguablava.

Begur beaches

The Guardian Telegraph newspapers also expel their votes

Begur gets a opinion of dual of a UK’s many critical newspapers – a Telegraph and a Guardian. The Telegraph rates Begur as one of a Costa Brava’s tip 10 attractions, while a Guardian describes it as having: “a widespread of illusory restaurants and boutique hotels charity a stylish Spanish beach holiday.”

Begur Beach Cosa Brava Views

Old entertain architecture

The aged entertain is desirable with lots of engaging design and monuments. You can feel an aged universe attract there, suffer lifelike views and some upmarket shopping. Narrow, circuitous cobblestone streets take we by mouth-watering restaurants as a story story unwinds before you. Before exploring a aged town, do be wakeful that it can be utterly high in parts. A special form of design is really most partial of a impression of Begur, that has links to Cuba. You can see many examples of this around a town.

Begur View Over Village

Don’t skip some mojito prompted merriment

Some of a smashing colour and design that is partial of a beauty of Begur currently is since Cuba left a outlines on this Catalan town. In a 19th century around 25% of a residents left to try to make their fortunes in a Americas. Many of a Begurencs (people from Begur) non-stop tobacco factories in Cuba. Later many returned to their hometown carrying done their fortunes and built pleasant colonial impression mansions, that supplement to a chichi impression of Begur today.

The chronological links with Cuba are distinguished in Sep during a Fira d’Indians – a fiesta that transforms a city into a small dilemma of Havana, for 3 days. Many of a colonial style, magnificent mansions open their doors to a revellers and turn spontaneous bars during a fiesta. People dress adult in white, while a operation of activities take place to applaud a story and a Cuban informative connection. Of march there’s havaneres singing and copiousness of partying, with mojito prompted merriment, infrequently into a diminutive hours …In 2016 a dates for a Fira D’Indians are 2nd to 4th September.

Begur Colonial Style Houses

Romantic coastal trail walks

There’s a preference of coastal trail walks to take from Begur, that are regretful with illusory views. These paths were historically used by tradition officers on a demeanour out for tobacco smugglers, as good as sailors and fishermen.

Begur regretful precipice walks

Colonial-style boutique hotel – Hotel Restaurant Aiguaclara

To entirely welcome a suggestion of a city and a links with Cuba, because not stay in a rarely rated colonial-style boutique hotel, Hotel Restaurant Aiguaclara. Set adult in 2000 by a integrate from Barcelona, Clara and Joan, a hotel is a lovingly easy mansion, creatively built in 1866. The finish outcome is a stylish, desirable boutique hotel in a good location, where guest feel like they are visiting friends in their home. It is also home to one of Begur’s best restaurants, that ideally balances Catalan cuisine with imagination and creativity.

Hotel Aiguaclara Begur

The hotel and grill have copiousness of charms, including an endearing quirkiness, though even so, it we were to select usually one part that creates it a star of Begur… it would be a fact that all is Fet Amb Love – Made With Love!

Hotel Aiguaclara Begur guest room

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