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Austria in 6 (or More) Cakes: The Pistachio Problem

For reasons that are tough to lane down, a Mozart Kugel – Austria’s famous Mozart Ball chocolate – is filled with pistachio marzipan. Theory: Mozart done several journeys to Italy as a immature male and while there, he became lustful of pistachios that were ordinarily used in Italian desserts.


The pistachio has been in trade given biblical times; it was a rarely valued crop. So it’s also probable that pistachio is some-more pointless choice that relies on a nut’s temperament as a oppulance object – we’ll use pistachio given it’s fancy! Mozart is fancy! So, Mozart equals pistachio!

Maybe. Maybe not.

It’s not only about chocolates, it’s also about cake. There are dual front runners in a Mozart-something cakes race, a Mozarttorte and a Mozartbombe. Both embody that tangible pistachio immature marzipan.

Aida Vienna by Original uploader was KF during en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia; send was settled to be done by User:Closedmouth.. Licensed underneath Public Domain around Wikimedia Commons -

“Aida Vienna” by KF around Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

The Mozarttorte during Café Aida doesn’t go overboard with a pistachio marzipan, it’s used as a layering component between dual slabs of abounding chocolate cake, and a whole thing is wrapped in a mocha ganache-like icing.

Aida is a sequence though an aged one: It’s been in business given 1913. They have 30 locations in Vienna, simply speckled by their pinkish neon signs. It’s tantalizing to boot them for their prevalence, though that does an misapplication to their baking. Aida’s coffee isn’t a best in Austria, though their cake is quality, authorization or no.

At a Café Schwarzenberg, a specialty is a Mozartbombe. The Mozartbombe is on a chocolate base, identical to that of a Sachertorte, and it’s got chocolate cake between layers of pistachio churned cream. The cake is architecture made and lonesome in splendid immature marzipan. It’s beautiful until we get your flare into it and then, it’s a tasty mess.

Cafe-schwarzenberg-innen-viennaphoto-at by Andreas Poeschek, - Own work. Licensed underneath CC BY-SA 2.0 during around Wikimedia Commons -

Cafe Schwarzenberg by Andreas Poeschek, around Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

The Café Schwarzenberg non-stop in 1861 and there’s only one. The room has lofty ceilings and dim timber seat and a fritter box right by a front doorway that facilities not only a Mozartbombe, though a accumulation of other imagination cakes too. The cafeteria is renouned with tourists, though that doesn’t seem to keep a locals away. As a result, there’s a genuine general vibe, what with all a opposite languages floating around.

Mozart himself we can find 3 blocks divided – a Vienna Opera House is only adult a highway – and while it is probable to hear his work, he stays wordless on a emanate of pistachios.

Top image: Mozart torte during Cafe Aida by Pam Mandel

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