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Austria in 6 Cakes: Poppy Seeds are Popular

Pakistan is a world’s largest writer of poppy seeds, though a Austrians are no slouches, they furnish about 1,000 metric tons, annually. The technical tenure for that is a whole lotta poppy seeds. Poppy seeds uncover adult all over Austria baking – powdering a tip of your bread rolls, sprinkled over butter smothered dumplings, and inside your cake.

Recently, a EU upheld new menu labeling guidelines, permitting diners to know if their choices enclose dairy, nuts, wheat – many of a dishes that set off a allergic and intolerant. The labeling guideline includes a stream knave of choice, gluten.

This hasn’t been as bad as you’d consider for a Austria cake landscape. Lots of cakes are done with a bulb flour base. (If that’s your allergy, there’s always cheesecake.) And a good mohntorte – poppy seed cake – is done with belligerent poppy seeds. The simple mohntorte has no flour in it (except what a baker uses to dirt a pan, and that’s optional) so it’s a accessible choice for those who have genuine gluten allergies. The cake has a surprisingly chocolaty season for something with no chocolate in it – maybe it’s all a eggs. Some classical recipes have as many as 9 eggs in them, and some use usually a yolk. Gluten might be out, though cholesterol is approach in.

Waldviertel Poppy Fields by Welleschik around Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

Waldviertel Poppy Fields by Welleschik around Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

Mohntorte originates in a Waldviertel, that is also where most of Austria’s poppy seed crops are grown. It’s adult during a tip of Austria and borders a Czech Republic, a place where they’re also lustful of regulating inexhaustible amounts of poppy seeds in their desserts.

Poppy seed get used as a stuffing in a series of other cakes and pastries, too. The seeds are belligerent with sugar and boiled in milk, they make a gummy honeyed pulp used in rolled adult coffee cakes and in Hamentaschen, a provide done for a Jewish holiday of Purim.

Poppy seed pulp is also used in fachertorte, an over a tip 3 covering unsteadiness of a cake. The reduce covering is yellow cake boiled in sugar and milk, a center covering is poppy seed paste, a tip covering is apples sautéed in butter and apple schnapps. The whole thing is wrapped in a brioche like crust. It’s a kind of cake we wish to eat alone, in still place so we can distortion down and have a fume afterwards, though it’s also so good to eat it in a over a tip rotunda of Vienna’s Art History Museum. The environment is usually outdone by what’s on your plate.

It’s substantially best to revisit a art galleries before we indulge, since after we have licked a unequivocally final crumbs of a behind of your fork, a antique paintings of ladies with dimpled thighs or fat cherubs or giant, drastic defense fluttering group will seem a bit dark compared to additional of your recently consumed cake.

It’s all about a order, art first, cake after, and aren’t they unequivocally a same thing?

Top image: Kunsthistoriches Museum, Interior, Vienna around Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

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