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Australia’s coastal stories – a internal perspective



When travelling, infrequently we only need to put down a guidebook, switch off a laptop and ask a internal for a bit of advice. Because surely, they’ll know improved than anyone what’s value seeing, and they competence even let we in on some insider tips.

It’s a tactic that we’ve attempted to adopt in a 2016 explorations of coastal Australia, in all a golden sand, blue sea, quirky beach-city glory. So yes, while this is another classical tip 3 feature, this time, all we’ve listed is entrance true from a horse’s mouth (the horses in this instance being an artist in Melbourne, a cook in Adelaide and a photographer in Sydney).

Welcome to a beauty of Australia as told by a locals themselves. And if you’re feeling inspired, there are copiousness some-more Stories in a Sand from ardent Australian locals on a website.

Artist Adrian Doyle: Melbourne character and some-more healthy wonders

Melbourne is a Australian city that everyone falls in adore with. Boasting an addictive café culture, an definite atmosphere of creativity and an enviable beach-front location; really, what’s not to adore about this colourful and accessible metropolis? Our adore for this end runs deep, so we sought out someone that knows a city, and is unequivocally many a partial of a artistic stage to give us some tip tips. Adrian Doyle is a internal artist that runs judicious travel art tours around a city, and here’s what he thinks each caller to Australia should make time for:

  • Be certain to only get mislaid down Melbourne’s heaps of lanes. You’ll find yourself in dark bars and cafes and vital a genuine internal experience. Brunswick Street Fitzroy for a qualification drink and a coffee is always a winner.
  • If you’re here with a organisation of friends, sinecure a vessel and cruise down a Yarra with some good song and a picnic.
  • Other than Melbourne, you’ve got to revisit Tasmania’s West Coast, and of march a Great Barrier Reef and a seashore of New South Wales, north of Sydney.


Chef Maggie Beer: The flavors of Australia

South Australia is famed for a thespian seashore and unconstrained stretches of overwhelming wilderness; though it’s a food and booze stage here that always gets us excited. Home to a Barossa Valley nearby Adelaide and a farm-to-table genius when it comes to cooking – South Australia is many unequivocally a place to revisit if we cruise yourself a culinary aficionado. And we don’t have to take a word for it, as we were propitious adequate to have a impulse with acclaimed cook Maggie Beer to ask her for her personal Aussie recommendations:

  • South Australia is a end of pleasing walking trails and anniversary produce, so unequivocally we only need to go outward and ramble to learn a beauty. The Flinders Ranges in sold presents an illusory landscape, so it unequivocally is a must-see.
  • You can’t skip a Barossa Valley and we only have to try a Adelaide and Willunga farmer’s markets. Spend your days eating just-picked vine-ripened fruit and sipping unconstrained eyeglasses of wine. There’s zero like it.
  • If you’re looking for a unequivocally singular Australian experience, afterwards conduct to Broome in Western Australia. The view there will blow we divided – it’s where a Coral Sea meets a Outback.


Photographer Eugene Tan: The beach captured

Australia is one of a many lifelike places on a planet, and Sydney, with a iconic Sydney Opera House, rolling waves and implausible sunsets is a photographer’s dream. What’s more, from Sydney you’re within easy strech of some of a country’s many sought-after hot-spots (think Byron Bay and a Blue Mountains). We had a discuss with veteran photographer and surf-fanatic Eugene Tan to see what he would advise for travelers to Australia:

  • Sunrise during Bondi is a must. we fire it flattering many all year turn and will never get bored. The coastal travel from Bondi to Bronti is flattering fantastic too.
  • One of my favourite beaches outward of Sydney is Tallows in Byron Bay. It’s a pleasing widen of beach with overwhelming headlands and sea life.
  • If you’ve got one day in Sydney, squeeze some Pizza during Da Orazio, a crater of Coffee during Earth Food store before finale with a nightfall float during a iconic Icebergs (the coastal pool you’ve all seen on a internet during Bondi Beach).


Tom Marchant is Co-founder of Black Tomato.

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