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Argentina: Ibera Wetlands Holds Birds & Wildlife Fair


Ibera Wetlands, Argentina, located in a core and center-north of a range of Corrientes 800 km divided from Buenos Aires, is most some-more than usually wetlands. Iberá is a provincial inlet haven and is famous for a biodiversity. In fact, 4 class have been announced “provincial healthy monuments”: a otter, a maned wolf, a pampas deer and a mire deer. But there many others inhabitants in a area: a capybara, a yacaré caiman and a broad-snouted caiman, 357 local birds, that includes a rhea americana, among others extraordinary spices. All a local spices are being recovered; a subsequent step is a reintroduction of a jaguar (yaguareté), that will be really critical to keep a balance and peace of a ecosystem.

The segment has also implemented a reintroduction of yaguarate. A private beginning with a behind of central authorities has combined a conditions to move a citation from a zoo in sequence to restart a race underneath tranquil reproduction.

This, among other hundreds of subjects, was discussed during a 5th Birds and Wildlife Fair of Ibera, that took place final month.

Argentine biologic, ecologist and tourism professionals were benefaction for a talks during a fair. There was place for local enlightenment workshops too; “gauaraní” language, normal dances, among others.

One of a categorical targets during a satisfactory was to benefaction studies, investigate and practice about inlet life and refuge in an sell sphere, in that we all learn a small more. But there was also space for handicrafts, informal food, normal song and dances. This way, a beginning of a Municipality of Colonia Carlos Pellegrini authorised participants of all ages to dialog and learn.

Ibera Wetlands,

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