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Africa’s tip 5 oppulance sleep-outs



By Julian Carter-Manning on Sep 15, 2016 in Accommodation, Adventure Travel, Africa, Botswana, Camping, Hotels, Kenya, Regions, South Africa, Speciality Travel   – Read 1156 times

There are few some-more fantastic sights than a African night sky and sleeping outward underneath a sweeping of millions of stars is a truly enchanting experience. The African brush has small light pollution, that creates star-gazing all a some-more fantastic – it seems that a African sky has several times some-more stars than a sky many people are used to! There is no sound wickedness either, save a rustles and calls of nightly animals to bond we with inlet and peace we into a pacific sleep. Several safari properties offer this noted experience, though increasingly a importance is on enjoying it in character and comfort – oppulance treehouses, lifted sleep-out decks, or star beds trustworthy to your wealthy suite. It creates a smashing regretful further to a honeymoon, or an memorable prominence of any safari.

Here are a tip 5 picks of a many lush sleep-out practice in Safari Africa:

1. Lion Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

There are indeed 3 oppulance treehouses during Lion Sands, any with double bed, full lavatory facilities, and overwhelming views over a immeasurable African plains. All are towering above belligerent and have a radio for we to promulgate with a categorical lodge.

The strange brush bedroom, a Chalkley Treehouse, is built in a leadwood tree on a strange site where hunter Guy Aubrey Chalkley once set adult his stay to shun roaming predators. The knowledge starts during nightfall with a cruise and sundowner drinks unaware a plains and their proprietor wildlife. The treehouse is illuminated wholly by wink whirly lanterns for an impossibly regretful atmosphere.


At Ivory Lodge, there is a stylish Kingston Treehouse. Constructed from timber and potion and featuring a palette of black, white, purple, and grey shades, this is a unequivocally worldly sleep-out option. It is designed to accommodate dual people and comforts a four-poster bed, ideal for a small romance. Guests can even suffer a champagne-and-tapas cooking come sunset.


If we are travelling with youngsters, we suggest a Tinyeleti Treehouse. This is situated on a banks of a scenic Sabie River and is amply atmospheric to nap dual adults and dual children. As a treehouse is open air, we will feel unequivocally tighten to inlet via a night, listening to animals entrance to moisten their lust during a river. As during a Chalkley, a Tinyeleti is illuminated by lanterns, that unequivocally enhances a experience.

Tinyeleti Treehouse Sleep-Outs

2. Ol Donyo Lodge, Chyulu Hills, Kenya

Rather than enjoying a one-off night underneath a stars, during Ol Donyo Lodge we can nap out for any singular night of your stay if we so wish. Each of a lush suites has a possess rooftop star-bed, that is accessed from a verandah, charity finish remoteness and glorious views over a categorical waterhole and over to Mount Kilimanjaro in a distance. The beauty of this arrangement is that all comforts are accessible in your apartment only next – lounge, verandah, indoor and outside showers, double washbasins, toilet and bath… and your bed, should there be a remarkable zephyr or sleet shower.

Ol Donyo Lodge Sleep Outs

3. Loisaba Star Beds, Laikipia, Kenya

The dual star beds during Loisaba, called Kiboko and Koija, are designed for a limit of 4 people each, so they are good matched to families. The Kiboko is only 20 mins from a categorical board and has a pleasing environment amidst a stone kopje with views of a waterhole. The Koija is half an hour from a board and is cantilevered above a rushing waters of a Ewaso N’giro River. Both star beds include of a handmade wooden platform, lonesome in partial by a thatched roof. You can opt to nap underneath a roof or to hurl your bed into a area of a height that is open to a night sky. The accommodation includes an en-suite lavatory with shower. You will be looked after by Maasai warriors from Laikipia and Samburu, who will prepare for we in a normal kitchen. Loisaba is an glorious choice for brave souls.


4. The Malori Sleep-Out Deck, Tswalu Kalahari, South Africa

Comprising 100,000 hectares of semi-arid grassland and open savannah, Tswalu Kalahari is South Africa’s largest private diversion reserve. The word ‘Malori’ means ‘dreamer’ in Tswana and a stay here is a truly unreal experience. The lifted rug includes a king-size bed done adult with Aldoni linens and a choice of stay beds for children. There is a cot too, as good as a list and chairs. A fur overhang and blinds offer preserve from a elements if required, and a aflame corridor leads to a peaceful WC and showering room. Towelling robes and slippers supplement a small oppulance to your stay. Come sunset, it’s time to penetrate sundowners while your beam prepares a tantalising brush meal. The views from Malori are panoramic, stretching opposite miles on miles of rippling plains.

Tswalu Kalahari Sleep-Outs

5. Abu Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Abu Camp is famous for a flock of hooked elephants, who we can accompany by a brush on rides and walks. For a finish elephant experience, we can also sleep-over with these peaceful giants, on a vast lifted star bed that overlooks a elephant boma. What some-more relaxing lullaby than their low rumblings and snores to peace we to sleep? The sleeping rug is also versed with a lavatory and open showering on a reduce level, for finish comfort divided from your room. This is a truly singular knowledge – luxury, stars and elephants to boot!


Julian Carter-Manning is a Co-founder and MD during Yellow Zebra Safaris.

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