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9 good reasons to revisit Sliema in Malta



Malta, one of a smallest countries in a world, is a genuine paradise, as pragmatic in a name subsequent from a strange Phoenician word, “Maleth,” that means “a heaven”. The Greeks also used to call it “Melite” that means “honey-sweet” due to a prolongation of a singular form of sugar on a Island.

Malta’s amiable meridian and calmness has done it a tiny isolated symbol in a Mediterranean sea, an island secluded by layers and layers of story travelling from antiquity to complicated times. Its cache have done it a aim of seductiveness for all who have come to know of it. It has been enclosed in many of European story from strange Phoenician settlers, a change of Greek and Roman rulers, a bequest of a Arab and Muslim era, a adventures of a Normans and a Knights of St John, a brief Napoleonic duration to a duration of British order that enclosed a drastic purpose in WWII.

Malta is located 60 miles from Sicily between Italy in a north and Tunisia and Libya in a south. An puzzling island surrounded by uninformed sea water, it has acted as a overpass between civilisations overwhelmed by several conquerors over centuries. Europeans, Africans and Arabs have left their symbol in one approach or another in Malta by combining a singular informative amalgamation. The brew of cultures is transparent in a phenomenon of amicable habits and a expansion over time.

The city of Sliema in a heart of Malta used to be a tiny fishing village. Today in a complicated day Malta, Sliema is one of a vital traveller attractions with many peculiarity hotels, restaurants and shops. There are 9 reasons to stay in Sliema.

Sliema Harbour

The lifelike perspective of Valletta

It is a agreeably prohibited summer in Jul and we lay carrying my lunch during a Terrace grill beside a corner of Sliema harbor. The grill is conflicting my hotel, a Fortina Spa Resort, that has implausible views over a city of Valletta and St Paul’s church. It is a lifelike sourroundings of dispossessed city walls in yellowish limestone with high buildings and city houses in a background. The beauty and loftiness of a design engages a eyes of even a coldest observer.


Sliema Harbour

I notice a tiny cavern and a swarming hilly beach to my left, filled with people, some jumping from a tiny cliff, some swimming and snorkeling in transparent seawater and, serve away, we can see tiny cab boats flitting criss-crossing a wakes of newcomer ferries. In a distance, we can hear really shrill song from a Turkish throat vessel packaged with people. On my right palm there is a vast swift of boats of each conveivable size, all moored in a harbour, that extends and stretches conflicting a villages of Gzira, Msida, Ta Xbieta, Pieta and continues as distant as Florina and Valletta. Sliema gulf is a categorical heart for packet ride and all cruises around a island as good as tours to Gozo and Camino. Captain Morgan and Hera Cruises run tours during a day and in a evening. The gulf is a starting indicate for night cruises and celebration boats such as Lazy Pirate. It is also a depot for internal buses and a categorical hire for sightseeing debate buses to go around a north and south of a island.

RockBeach Sliema


The Point, Malta’s biggest selling mall, is usually dual mins away, right behind a Fortina hotel. Across a mall there is Tigne Point Bridge where we can perspective Valletta. Like so many other cities nowadays, there are padlocks on a overpass to weigh a regretful tradition of locking them on railings and throwing a pivotal in a water, wishing adore will final perpetually between a couple.

As we travel conflicting a harbour, we see many some-more shops and restaurants along a Strand (Tariq Ix-Xatt). They embody cafes and some obvious European brands such as MS, BHS, Topman and Mothercare. It resembles a selling streets of London with a exemplary red write boxes on travel corners. As we strech St. Anne Square conflicting a packet terminal, we notice a smart and hilly streets of Torri and Bisazza with some-more boutiques and engineer outlets, that take me to a seaside of Sliema in a prolonged widen heading towards St Julian.

Sliema Shopping Street

Village life

The tiny fishing encampment of Sliema which, in Maltese means peace, became a really renouned traveller end in a final thirty or so years. The civic sourroundings is churned with normal Victorian city houses, mansions and stylish villas embellished with pleasing mill and wooden balconies in middle streets. But a high arise apartments and hotels built along a seaside are a new face of Malta, attracting holidaymakers from all over a world.

The hilly streets of a aged villages of Sliema and Gziera have been designed in a accurate demeanour with cranky sections which, in some places, join 5 or 6 streets. There are many grocery and confectionary shops in smaller streets, that beget some-more interactions among a internal encampment and helps keep traditions alive. The participation of a church in each encampment is a centre indicate in party locals together.

Sliema Village

Nearby nightlife

Nearby Paceville, to a west of Sliema and St. Julian’s, is a many renouned district in Malta for party and nightlife. St Julian’s bay, that used to be a tiny fishing village, has incited into another vital traveller attraction, populated with bars, restaurants and clubs.

Distance View Of St Julian


Our personal healing Spa bedroom in Fortina is a singular judgment in Europe designed to keep us in a hotel like a magnet to relax and tell and forget about all a hum around a island. we wanted to stay all day in a hotel, use all a comforts in Sante SPA of Fortina and a private SPA and suffer a choice of 6 ubiquitous restaurants that we had entrance to. But we was there to try a island and had to go out to fullfil my oddity and learn about a fascinating history.

Fortina Spa Bedroom

Harbour cruises

A two-hour gulf journey around Valletta is a good starting indicate to commence a brief story doctrine and get a glance of Malta’s past. The outing by Captain Morgan Cruises took us around Marsamxett and a Grand Harbours. The commentator forked out a chronological sites, forts and ramparts and explained fast a backgrounds and stories as a vessel sailed smoothly. The highlights of a debate were also flitting by a encampment of Msida and to have a discerning perspective of a famous 3 cities of Cospicua, Senglea and Vittoriosa. One of a engaging stories is about a Knights of St. John and a good encircle of Valletta in 1565 by a army of a Ottoman Empire. Another story was about Malta’s vital position, that led to a encircle of 1940-42 and complicated barrage by Italian and German army conflicting Britain and associated forces.

Three Cities

Bus tours

The red Hop On/Hop off one-day debate buses are another sparkling approach to go around a island to get a glance of a towns and villages and chronological landmarks. Personally, we felt that a train motorist was pushing too quick and it was also tough to hear a available commentary. It is not easy holding cinema on a pierce but, after all, this is one approach to see a lot of a sights in a brief time.

Ground Harbour


Before we left Sliema, divided from my beguiling time there, to knowledge chronological Valletta, we motionless to go diving in a comfortable Maltese water. we had to do it as a amateur since we have not scuba dived for over 20 years. Close to my hotel we found Diveshack (; a long-standing dive centre, that offers diving courses and journey dives for all levels and ages, that is delivered by gifted competent divers.

After examination a video and going by some ubiquitous instructions, we did my initial dive usually conflicting Diveshak in Qui-Si-Sana Seafront. We walked by a hilly beach in full rigging before entering one of a naturally done pools on a seashore.Joolz, my instructor, went by some simple techniques, before we over a pool and dived into open waters. we solemnly descended down to 4 metres and continued down removing to 6 metres to learn underwater flora and fauna. As we uniformly floated on intelligible waters, we kept my eye out for for sea life and eventually saw a reserve of tiny fish speed pass me as they sought cover underneath a rags of vegetation. An hour of diving upheld so fast though me even seeing a thoroughfare of time. My second dive in a afternoon was during a renouned diving site called Maori subsequent to Valletta where you’ll find a WWII mutilate of HMS Maori.

HMS Maori was a destoyer sank by German aircrafts in 1942. She was partial of a swift fortifying vital Island of Malta while it was during moorings in a seaside of Valletta.

I dived during a abyss of 14 meters to see a mutilate in tighten vicinity of Grand Harbour. Although a continue was really nice, a prominence was opposed and not as good as my prior dive due to pale water. It was an engaging impulse when we reached a chronological site and dived around a outrageous steel structure. The sea life lonesome a mutilate , though we could recognize a crawl of a ship. we dived conflicting Maori and couls see fishes swimming by holes and passages.

Maori Diving Site

Just a taster!

I usually had a tiny ambience of Malta during my stay in Sliema. My subsequent journey is to stay in Phoenicia Hotel, a chronological building built as a country’s initial oppulance hotel in 1947 and that is subsequent to a gates of a city of Valletta. we will be there to knowledge a Malta Jazz Festival that takes place in Jul each year. we adore to learn some-more about a Maltese enlightenment and traditions and wish to learn a story from a opposite angle and in some-more depth.

Phoenicia Hotel

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