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9 adrenaline thrills for a daredevil in you

By Daniel Moran on Jul 31, 2014 in Adventure Travel, Africa, Asia, Australia, Bahamas, Caribbean, Central America, Nepal, Nicaragua, North America, Oceania, Regions, South Africa, Speciality Travel, USA, Worldwide   – Read 14477 times

Seeking out risk is not everyone’s thought of a oppulance vacation nonetheless for many a week or dual of tranquillity in a poetic hotel is primary time for a disturb or three, if usually usually to reaffirm usually how many we suffer a feel of a marble building underneath your feet and a finely done cocktail in your hand! I’m not here to speak about jet-skiing or banana-boating, I’m here to speak about a kind of things you competence knowledge once in your lifetime. The kind that you’ll be revelation people about in 20, 30, 40 years. The kind that will put we in an disdainful organisation of people to have gifted some of a world’s many singular and adventurous thrills.

Read on, we daredevil.

1. Skydive Mount Everest, Nepal

There’s skydiving, and afterwards there’s extreme skydiving. Have we ever wanted to see a tip of Mount Everest yet not certain we have what it takes to stand to a top? Do it a easy way and burst out of a helicopter during 29,500ft. Whether it be a fulfilment of what we are doing on a approach up, a stomach churning burst from a helicopter or a steer of a world’s tallest towering shutting in during over 100 miles an hour this is an adrenaline rush usually few will ever feel. Dives accessible usually in October.

Skydive Everest

2. Bloukran’s Bridge bungy, South Africa

Whilst a Macau Tower bungy and Switzerland’s Verzasca Dam bungy competence be somewhat aloft during 233m and 220m respectively, it is a world’s third tip bungy burst on a Bloukran’s Bridge in South Africa that should be during a tip of your list. Perched 216m above a belligerent jumpers contingency travel over a vertigo inducing handle filigree usually to get to where we jump. Ideally located if travelling between Johannesburg and Cape Town what creates this burst glorious is a flexibility. You can dive forwards, dive retrograde and even take a ‘running jump’ charity adrenaline junkies a accumulation of opposite thrills. The groundrush is indescribable!

Bloukrans Bungy

3. MiG flight, Russia

If you, like me, have Top Gun resolutely in your tip 5 films of all time afterwards this is a one for you. Head to Russia and join an gifted commander in a cockpit of a warrior jet! You’ll be taken to a ‘edge of space’, a cold 21km above sea level, mangle a sound barrier, perform roles, loops and straight dives all while exposing yourself to adult to 9G of force! With a video of your moody accessible for squeeze we can take divided with we genuine explanation that we have ‘great balls of fire’!

MiG Flight

4. Dragster racing experience, USA

Heading over to a States this summer? Be certain we to check out Pure Speed Racing and pointer yourself adult for a event to get behind a circle of a drag automobile and knowledge firsthand a rush of doing 0-140mph in usually a few seconds. With 800 horsepower and a energy to weight ratio not to be matched by any highway automobile in a universe this in a singular event to knowledge finish thrill-seeking madness.

Dragster Racing

5. Zero sobriety experience, USA

Once on a time a feeling of lightness was usually for astronauts however that is now changing with blurb 0 sobriety flights. Available in America we can bound aboard a mutated Boeing 727 while it performs parabolic arcs (read plummeting behind to Earth and afterwards pulling out of a fall) to follow in some really famous ‘footsteps’. A stomach churning experience, yet one distinct anything else on this planet.

Zero Gravity

6. Volcano boarding, Nicaragua

If you’re an zealous snowboarder yet we wish to do something a small opposite with your holiday this summer afterwards have no fear! Well, actually, have a lot of fear as we house down a live volcano with a hazard of 800C fiery lava(potentially) prohibited on your heels. Not for a fool encourage this adrenaline rush is for a some-more gifted boarder. Your volcano of choice, a Cerro Negro, has erupted 7 times in a final 50 years yet with a final one entrance 15 years ago it competence be due another one soon.

Volcano Boarding

7. The Cage of Death, Australia

Diving with good white sharks is so last year. In 2014 those wanting to get adult tighten and personal with natures many fearsome creatures can dive with a usually vital thing to have been around when dinosaurs roamed a planet; a crocodile! Sharing a H2O with these 5m+ monsters is not everyone’s thought of a summer holiday yet with a transparent enclosure as your insurance it offers an implausible event to see these man-eaters adult close.

Cage of Death

8. Hoverboards and jet packs, worldwide

Formerly zero some-more than a unconventional anticipation we too can now knowledge a prodigy of solo flight. Water powered jet packs have exploded in recognition given they launched and are now accessible to try everywhere from Singapore to a Caribbean. Hot off a press however is a float board. Still really uncommon, design to see a event to learn and try your palm during these open adult opposite a universe this year. Water powered like a jet packs, a float house gives a user a singular knowledge of ‘surfing’ by a air!


9. Scuba dive ‘Dean’s Blue Hole’, a Bahamas

Even for a bravest among us a thought of being in a sea and peaking over a shallow that plunges 202m to a sea building doesn’t lay well. There is no approach of meaningful what is down there and usually a few metres into a dive we are surrounded by darkness. For gifted scuba divers only, if we wish to brew your Bahamian tranquillity with some bone tremor adrenaline highs afterwards burst right in!

Dean's Blue Hole

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