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6 memorable honeymoon spots in a heart of South America



Your honeymoon is a possibility for we and your essence partner to reduce your bond with any other as we start your life together. To assistance we and your new associate find a ultimate, many noted knowledge for your postnuptial getaway, we have generated a short-list of 6 (6) of a many memorable, regretful and outlandish honeymoon destinations in South America.

Honeymoon Ecuador-Galapagos

These are top-of-the-line honeymoon resorts where intrigue abounds, as you’ll find unconstrained ways to suffer your time together. These are places where we can stay in lush suites, go on sun-drenched cruises, share insinuate candlelit diners underneath a heavens, as good as wander hand-in-hand along primitive white-sand beaches or suffer pampering-for-two amidst a abounding view of pleasing scenery.

But where are these destinations? You might be astounded that all of these can be found in a little South American republic of Ecuador (in a Andean and Amazon regions, as good as in a Galapagos Islands). Here, we can learn forlorn regretful destinations that will be etched in your memories forever.

Let a honeymoon begin!


The things honeymoon fantasies are done of, a Galapagos Islands is a place where you’ll find intelligible waters filled with unusual sea lions, lifelike highlands packed with outlandish wildlife, and oppulance accommodations characterized by their character and ideal comfort. It’s no consternation that this archipelago was recently nominated as South America’s “Leading Travel Destination” for 2016 by a World Travel Awards. For honeymooning in a Galapagos Islands, we have dual suggestions for your accommodations: One formed on land, and a second on house a oppulance engine catamaran.

1. Pikaia Lodge

Given a executive plcae in a Galapagos archipelago, a Pikaia Lodge has grown a “land-based day-tour concept” whereby we spend your nights in clearly upscale accommodations and transport by day to circuitously islands to learn isolated white sandy beaches and outlandish wildlife.

Pikaia infinity-pool  surtrek print bank...

As honeymooners, we can select possibly 3-, 4- or 7-night “exploration packages” (in further to an 11-day “Land Sea Safari). Any one of these will concede we to try all from strange lava tunnels to witty sea lions during your outing on house a lodge’s 100-ft oppulance yacht while led by gifted and associating guides. Notwithstanding a lodge’s vicinity to other islands, we and your new associate can also share in a primitive white-sand beaches circuitously a board itself. In addition, as a Pikaia Lodge has a possess private tortoise haven on a grounds, we will come face to face with furious Galapagos Giant tortoises usually stairs from your room.

2. Athala Motor-Catamaran Galapagos Cruise

As honeymooners, we will wish to equivocate a crowds yet still suffer lots of personalized attention, that means a oppulance Athala catamaran is usually a thing for your Galapagos cruise.

Athala alt

This intimate, 16-passenger oppulance catamaran facilities 8 impossibly atmospheric cabins – 4 with private balconies – that will make it feel a like you’re cruising on your possess franchised yacht. All of a staterooms underline vast design windows and queen-sized beds, while a Athala II’s tip rug facilities a bar and an appealing open area for decrease and al fresco dining. As a couple, we will find a sundeck good for dolphin- and whale-watching, or simply relaxing together in a Jacuzzi. And as a Athala II is one of a fastest ships in a islands, we will have some-more time to suffer all a marvels a islands have to offer. In further to daily hikes to some of a islands’ many fantastic spots, we are invited to paddle a two-seater sea kayak, snorkel with a horde of nautical Galapagos friends (penguins, sea lions and others), or simply widen out together on a beach.


Visiting a jungle eco-community is a hypnotizing experience. For honeymooners who wish to knowledge this – yet yet all a con – a handful of Amazonian lodges exit that yield high-end amenities and services that concentration on a finish comfort of their guests. Two of a lodges that we advise are a “easy-access” Hamadryade Lodge and a some-more remote, yet tip notch, Napo Wildlife Center.

3. Hamadryade Lodge

Hamadryade Lodge

This French-owned and managed board provides a good event to brew an Amazonian knowledge with oppulance and style. Situated during usually a 3-1/2-hour expostulate from Ecuador’s collateral city of Quito, here a integrate can find journey in a heart of a jungle while availing themselves of a pleasures of a lodge’s exclusive, imminently private and atmospheric bungalows. Though located in a Amazonian rainforest, a lodge’s ecosystem is really opposite than those in reduce dish regions, as a meridian stays pleasing all year round: 75°F on average. The bungalows’ atmospheric showers underline healthy stones for a private and balmy experience, while vast windows (with pleasing views), Italian linen and lush bathrooms all minister to blending character and comfort with adventure. Such journey is found in singular opportunities to learn a Amazon rainforest by a far-reaching operation of activities – from hikes underneath a primary and delegate canopy, specialized tours (ornithology, entomology and others) to visits to Kichwa and Waorani communities, in further to shorter walks to learn pretentious jungle waterfalls and lagoons, night walks to learn a nightly wildlife; and canoe, kayaking and whitewater rafting/tubing trips. After a prolonged day spent rafting or exploring circuitously caves and waterfalls, a lodge’s three-course candlelight cooking feels like excellent dining yet served in a center of a world’s many famous jungle. And for those guest requiring deeper relaxation, there’s an on-site massage hut.

4. Napo Wildlife Center

The solitary board on a stately Napo River located within a famed Yasuni National Park (in northeastern Ecuador), a Napo Wildlife Lodge is an award-winning lakeside eco-lodge that’s owned and managed by a internal Añangu Kichwa inland community.

Napo Wildlife

Though assembled according to normal architectural beliefs — yet with all a complicated conveniences — a Napo Wildlife Center Lodge consists of 16 oppulance thatched bungalows, any with a private bathroom, insect screens, butterfly nets, and lakefront and timberland views. The lodge’s amicable areas embody a vast alfresco restaurant/dining area, a reading room and a well-stocked bar. There’s even Internet access, that is conspicuous given a location. To assistance get your conduct around a Amazon, there are also dual regard towers: a15-meter-high (50-foot) observation building and a 36 scale (120-foot) immaculate steel canopy tower, that both will concede a dual of we to observe a wildlife above a timberland floor.


For hopelessly regretful and brave couples, there’s no necessity of hurdles in a Ecuadorian Andes. Trekking, horseback riding, towering climbing, stream rafting, birdwatching and vast other activities can be common in one of a many grand regions of South America. The dual practice we suggest are Hacienda Rumiloma (perched above Quito during an altitude of 2-miles above sea level) and San Agustin de Callo (a operative hacienda located during a feet of a world’s largest active volcano).

5. Hacienda Rumiloma

Situated on a 100-acre estate in an Andean cloud forest, on a slopes of a Pichincha Volcano and unaware a city of Quito, Hacienda Rumiloma is famous for a electrifying brew of Ecuadorian tradition and worldly general tastes – qualities embodied in all from a menu to a heterogeneous interiors, a personalities of a owners, and a regard of a internal staff.

Rumiloma Lodge - Quito

The hacienda has several friendly sitting bedrooms that are ideal for relaxing after a prolonged day of furloughed a city’s ancestral district (only a 10-minute cab float away) or for usually enjoying an after-dinner splash while gazing out over a lights of a city to a Amazon jungle beyond.

You can select from among a Rumiloma’s 7 fantastic suites, any featuring a singular brew of antiques, humanities and crafts from a farthest corners of Ecuador. The bathrooms are overwhelming in that they possess antique bathtubs, bronze sinks and hand-painted lavatories. All suites have vast bedrooms, sitting rooms, indoor gardens and/or terraces and of march a best views anywhere in Quito. The Rumilona is surrounded by scarcely 100 acres of land with walking trails, flora and internal animal life. The categorical building houses an superb grill featuring home-style alloy cuisine, yet a private oppulance dining room is accessible for portion adult to 16 people. The bottom building has been converted into an insinuate Irish/Ecuadorian pub, finish with a walk-in fireplace, while a attic binds some-more than 200 bottles of a excellent selections from Argentinean, Spanish, Chilean and Italian vineyards.

6. Hacienda San Agustin de Callo

Just an hour from Quito circuitously a opening of Cotopaxi National Park, Hacienda San Augustin de Callo lies within a really possess nation estate and was built on a tangible site of an Inca temple. Where else can a newlyweds sup within still-standing Inca walls, finish with a niches that hold statues of their ancestral gods? In fact, this hacienda is a farthest indicate north of Cusco (Peru) that facilities “Imperial Style” Inca construction. In a categorical building (the Inca House) is a dining room and a loll that looks out onto a beautifully tended garden; a bedrooms are located possibly around a yard or in apart lodges tighten by. Plus, there’s a poetic tiny chapel where weddings are hold – that is also an option.

Ecuador Andes Honeymoon

On a transparent day here, it seems as if we could widen out and hold Cotopaxi Volcano, it looks so close. In addition, a car can take we adult to a Cotopaxi bottom stay situated during 4,800 meters (15,700 ft.) above sea level, where we can start an unusual downhill mountain-biking knowledge that ends during a park’s entrance. Similarly, a hacienda is surrounded by páramo (grassland highlands) that are ideal for hiking. Guided movement tours can be organised with veteran guides adult a rather high climb on a southern side of Cotopaxi. Likewise, one of a many sparkling activities offering is horseback riding, suitable for novices as good as gifted riders, and circuitously we can find regretful rose plantations that can be visited by feet or on bicycle.

With all of that said, the idea is to select a creditable debate user that is able of customizing your travels in a approach that we can seamlessly knowledge one or some-more of these noted Ecuadorian/Galapagos honeymoon destinations.

Ecuadorian Highlands

Alfonso Tandazo is President and CEO during Surtrek Tour Operator.

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