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6 things to do for a relaxing weekend on a Montreux Riviera



By Olivier Templar-James on Apr 21, 2016 in Accommodation, Attractions, Europe, Events, Food and Drink, Going Out, Hotels, Regions, Switzerland, Travel Miscellany, Western Europe   – Read 791 times

If we are looking for a roving end that will be means to assistance we grasp that Zen-like feeling of relaxation, demeanour no serve than a desirable Montreux Riviera. Located usually a small ways from a pleasing Lake Geneva, a area is partial of a canton of Vaud, one of a many particular informative poles in a nation of Switzerland. The area is also located usually an hour divided from Geneva’s general airport, creation it unequivocally easy to strech a Riviera from abroad. We gathered a list of things to do in this smashing location. Read on and don’t skip a following hotspots.

1. Arrange your stay during a Mirador Resort Spa Vevey

The Mirador Resort is unequivocally one of a many acclaimed and distinguished liberality establishments within a area, and justly so. This hotel is not simply distinguished since of a peculiarity of a rooms, comfort and amenities it offers—it is also located in a prestigious environment that treats guest to a unusual demeanour over a lake. The Givenchy sauna is unequivocally pleasing with a overwhelming indoor pool with a perspective of a mountains’ skyline. This hotel is a ideal place to start your scrutiny of a Montreux Riviera, and it is also charming, lush and elegant. Rooms are classic, nonetheless complicated and versed with a latest state-of-the-art features. Breakfast equipment are always fresh, healthy and with a concentration on locally sourced ingredients. It is also flattering candid to transport around and strech your preferred destinations from a hotel.

Mirador sauna and review Givenchy Spa, Vevey

2. Visit a newly non-stop “Chaplin’s World” museum

Iconic British actor Charlie Chaplin is positively one of a many distinguished artists of all times. Known for cinema such as “The Kid” or “Modern Times”, Chaplin motionless to retire in a pleasing nation environment of Vevey, in Switzerland, where he owned a pleasing estate and spent his final days with his family. Today, Chaplin’s palace has been incited into a comprehensive, enchanting and singular museum dedicated to a life, art and memory of this undisputed master of his craft. The newly non-stop open muster also amenities newly built facilities, such as a grill and present emporium dedicated to Charlie Chaplin. This desirable carnival isn’t usually an discernment into a scandalous actor’s work and style, though it is also a jubilee of a desirable beauty of Vevey. No consternation Chaplin motionless to call this place home and staid down right here!

chaplinworld, Vevey

3. Enjoy an dusk during a Casino Barriere de Montreux

Switzerland is roughly synonymous with pleasing and prestigious casinos. The world-famous Casino Barriere de Montreux unequivocally belongs in that category, located in a desirable building that treats guest to a overwhelming perspective over a whole Lake Geneva and a circuitously Alps. The casino amenities a classiest, many undying games, and players can suffer a watchful and superb atmosphere with all a amenities they competence design from one of a best casinos in a world. The investiture is also a ideal place for private functions, receptions and parties, given a coherence of a many muster halls and rooms.

casino Barriere, Montreux

Casino Barrière – Rue du Théâtre 9, 1820 Montreux

4. Get a ambience of story during a Chatelard Castle

One of a many ancient Castles in a region, The Chatelard Castle, located in Montreux Heights, is maybe one of a many particular in a whole region, braggadocio origins that can be traced behind to 1440, when a horseman Jean De Gingins consecrated a construction. The palace showcases a unequivocally particular late prime aesthetic, and it is a clever square of informative birthright and temperament of a area, highlighting a prolonged and sundry story of internal settlements dating behind centuries ago. This is usually one of a many castles that can be visited in a area. The Blonay Castel is even older, dating behind to 1184, shortly after a Crusades.

Chatelard Castle, Montreux

Chatelard Castle – Planchamp-Dessous 1, 1815 Clarens, Suisse

5. Enjoy some universe category song during a Montreux Jazz Festival

Although “jazz” is deeply embedded within a name and character of this festival, this chronological eventuality developed to a indicate of hosting artists representing opposite genres and expressions. Internationally acclaimed cocktail and stone stars achieved here, including David Bowie, Carlos Santana, Phil Collins and Pharrell Williams. The festival is also a good venue for fashionable musicians and innovators a likes of Bjòrk or Herbie Hancock, usually to name a couple. Music has always been a defining square of art and party within a Montreux Riviera, and this festival unequivocally represents a comprehensive highlight.

6. Sample some of a world’s best booze and excellent internal dining

The Montreux Riviera segment is eminent for their internal food delicacies, as good as for a epicurean wines that are constructed in a area. The area is home to a horde of authentic bistros, eateries and restaurants that follow a lovely “from plantation to table” ethics, definition that guest are treated to a freshest, excellent foods, as prepared by chefs who follow traditions with an innovative spirit.

Fourchette Vevey 2015

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