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6 stately things to do on Lake Malawi



Nearly a distance of Belgium, Lake Malawi is a third-largest lake on a African continent and a ninth-largest in a world. For your subsequent relaxing escape, here are a do not skip activities in that to extract during your stay in this singular and truly African freshwater paradise.

Soak in a Malawian warmth

Malawi is famous as “the comfortable heart of Africa.” Not usually since a object shines around a year, though since a people are gentle, kind and friendly. The attentiveness of staff and genuine appreciation of a locals make a stay as a traveller feel genuine.

kaya mawa door

Although infrastructure is bad in areas, Malawi has a really low crime rate, no story of polite fight and is one of a safest nations for unfamiliar transport on a continent.

Snorkel and scuba

The crowning valuables of Lake Malawi is a universe famous pleasant fish. “Cichlids” are famous for their bright, surprising tone patterns and a farrago within their species. You can select to snorkel along a lake seaside to see these gorgeous creatures or we can also uninformed H2O scuba dive! Lake Malawi even has several shipwrecks and islands that offer singular opportunities for uninformed H2O scuba!


If your relaxing holiday includes jaunty activities, all resorts offer abundant kayak, paddle boarding, sailing and H2O skiing for each level.

Kayak Lake Malawi

Most tools of a lake are utterly ease and offer as a ideal mark for perfecting these skills.

Spend a few nights on Kaya Mawa Resort on Likoma Island

Nuanced and gentle, ease and attentive… Kaya Mawa is in remote in plcae though one is never truly alone. Instead, you’ll be in a association of baobab trees, ideally developed mangos and happy cichlids (small pleasant fish). You’ll swoon in a world-class candle illuminated beach dinners and a boundless pleasant waters.

Kaya Mawa bedroom

And, during night, we can tell in pristine oppulance and peace while enjoying a potion of Malawi solitaire (see series six).

Chat with locals and try a villages

Nearly all resorts and oppulance locations work to directly support a partner village in that they are located. This gives a traveler an event to possibly debate a surrounding villages with a internal beam or try out on your own. Women rinse their garments in a lake, fisherman count on a waters for their provision and a children are always peaceful to give an unpretentious Chichewa denunciation lesson.

Volunteer Cape Mac

It is unfit to omit a low suggestion of a Malawian people and it is truly special to know that your stay is creation a certain impact on a incomparable community.

Drink Malawi gin

Malawi is not famous for it’s internal cultivation or preference of internal brews. However, there is one splash we contingency have before your departure. Malawian solitaire flows plentifully and is by distant a many affordable alcoholic beverage. All others bevvies are alien (mostly around South Africa) though this sweet, uninformed gin- interconnected with tonic, orange and a splendid orange African nightfall will indurate your everlasting adore for this small, accessible and volatile nation.

With world-class resorts speckled along a seashore and islands, little-known Lake Malawi makes a ideal post-safari decrease escape. Each with singular informative differences, a lake has many special spots to explore. Although transport around a lake can be a goal for a oppulance traveler, there are private airlines that can mostly take we directly to your end from any of a surrounding cities or incomparable diversion reserves.
That is, of course, if a bit on Malawi solitaire didn’t already win we over!

Javier Luque is a Co-Founder and Director of Your African Safari.

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